Author name: Carys Morales

I'm Carys Morales, an advocate and analyst dedicated to exploring how politics and education intersect. My interest in US politics has grown to encompass the effects of political decisions on education. I focus on understanding how legislative and policy changes can enhance our educational systems. By analyzing the impact of political dynamics on educational equity and innovation, especially through the outcomes of elections and policymaking, I aim to uncover and discuss the critical role politics plays in educational reform. Through my writing and contributions to various discussions, I advocate for policies that further learning advancements, believing in the power of informed policy to transform education.

Carys Morales
News & Updates

College Aid Officials Say Problems with FAFSA Could Postpone Many Grant and Loan Offers until May

College financial aid leaders are criticizing the Education Department for the issues with this year’s FAFSA process. They’ve warned that the delays are causing schools to take longer to give out financial aid packages, which many students rely on to make their college decisions. Justin Draeger from the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators … Read more

senior labour figures
News & Updates

Senior Labour Leaders Advocate for Transformative Sure Start Initiative

Key figures from Labour’s past, including former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, are urging Keir Starmer to champion a new program similar to the acclaimed Sure Start initiative in his election manifesto. This call to action comes on the heels of research underscoring the program’s significant benefits for underprivileged children. Gordon Brown, who initially launched Sure … Read more

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