Editorial Policy

At Freedom School, we take pride in creating engaging content that focuses on US politics and interesting occurrences in worldly policies as well. Of course, creating the content goes through several filters that are presented here.

Content Creation Process

Content is researched and written by contributors with expertise in political science, civic engagement, and democracy. We prioritize originality, accuracy, and relevance, ensuring our works provide valuable perspectives on democratic participation.

Editorial Standards

Articles are held to the highest standards of factual accuracy, with claims supported by reputable sources. We strive for clarity and accessibility in our writing, making complex political concepts understandable to a broad audience.

Source Material Adherence

Reliable and credible sources are the backbone of our content. We rigorously cite all sources, providing readers with the opportunity to explore the material further.

Review and Verification Process

A multi-tier review process, including fact-checking and editorial oversight, ensures the integrity and accuracy of our content.

Corrections and Transparency

We commit to promptly correcting any inaccuracies, with updates documented to maintain trust and transparency with our readers.

Conflict of Interest

Contributors disclose any potential conflicts of interest, ensuring unbiased and impartial content.

Content Updates and Archiving

Content is periodically reviewed for currency and relevance, with outdated articles archived or updated as necessary.

Feedback and Complaints Process

We welcome feedback and address complaints swiftly, ensuring our content continues to meet the high standards our readers expect.

Advertising and Sponsorship

Editorial content is kept strictly separate from any advertising or sponsored content, safeguarding our editorial independence and integrity.

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