About Us

We aim to help people understand how politics affects education and to encourage them to get involved and push for better education laws. We want to start conversations about how decisions made by politicians can change education for the future. We look at how things like elections and social media can make a difference in making education fair and up-to-date. Our goal is to create a community that values education as a key part of democracy and where everyone can help make a difference.

Our Story

Freedom School is the result of a group of teachers, legal professionals, and activists who care deeply about connecting politics with education. We know that political choices have a big impact on education, so we made a place that explains this link and encourages people to support changes in education. We believe that knowing how politics affects education can help people push for a fairer and more creative education system.

Our Expertise

Our diverse team, with experience in educational law and teaching, focuses on policies that can make a real difference in schools and classrooms. We’re dedicated to understanding and sharing knowledge about how these policies work in practice, not just in theory. Our goal is to make sure that everyone has a better educational experience, and we work hard to turn complicated ideas into something everyone can use and learn from.

Meet the Team

Darren Salinas - About US

Darren Salinas brings his passion for teaching and justice to our community. He’s all about making sure the law supports great education for everyone. Darren’s work lights the way for us to see how smart laws can make learning better and more fun.

Carys Morales - About us

Carys Morales is passionate about making sure politics helps schools. She keeps an eye on how political choices can make a real difference in classrooms across the country. Carys helps us connect the dots between what happens in government and what happens in school, always pushing for the best for every student.

Our Values and Mission

We see education as a basic right that can help democracy grow. We work with clear, open, and fair principles to give our community what they need to push for real changes in education.

Building Trust

We’re all about being honest and accurate, double-checking our facts, and only using information we can count on. We’re committed to being open and quick to respond, creating a place where our community can feel safe to learn, talk, and make a difference.

Why Us?

Freedom School is where education meets politics, providing key insights and support for those who want to understand or shape how political decisions affect education. It’s a place for everyone, whether you’re deeply into educational policy or just care about our schools. Our platform is a rich source for diving into the big issues that matter in making schools better.

Join the Freedom School family—a mix of thinkers, doers, and learners all working together for an education system informed by thoughtful and caring political action. Use our resources, interact with our content, and take an active role in improving education.

We’re always updating what we do and what we share, using the latest research, tech, and what you tell us, to make sure Freedom School stays ahead in the ever-changing mix of politics and education.

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