What is a human being, a.k.a. natural person?

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What is a human being a.k.a. natural person?

Just exactly what is a human being or a natural person? There are no listed definitions for "human", "being", or "human being" in Black's or in Webster's law dictionaries. We even looked them up in Oran's Dictionary of the Law (published by The West Group ©2000), and they weren't defined there either. Isn't it extremely odd that the same law dictionaries which define a person as a human being don't define any of the words used within their own definition? If we were to stop right here, then according to the most recent and authoritative law dictionaries available, we have no legal definition of a human being and, therefore, do not know what a natural person is. Since the "law" of the

United States is supposed to be so specific and exact, how can this be?

In order to find the legal definition, we had to dig deeper. Each current collegiate and standard desktop dictionary we looked into all had definitions for the word human. Only the law dictionaries were void of these word definitions.

Here is a definitive example that was mirrored nearly word for word in the other dictionaries, including medical reference dictionaries: Human - noun, circa 1533: a bipedal primate mammal (Homo sapiens): MAN; broadly: any living or extinct member of the family (Hominidae) to which the primate belongs. --Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, New World Edition 1998.

This seems somewhat clear. A human is a MAN. A MAN is a bipedal (walks on two legs) primate mammal. A primate is the highest order of mammals. It includes man, together with the apes and monkeys. Primate: any of an order (Primates) of mammals comprising humans, apes, monkeys, and related forms (as lemurs and tarsiers) --Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, New World Edition 1998 [underlining added].

It seems logical to conclude that a human being is scientifically defined as the top group of the species of two legged mammals. But what has this to do with the current American "law" or the legal defining of a person? The key that ties the scientific and legal definitions together is the word MAN or mankind. The following definitions are found in Black's Law Dictionary, Seventh Edition, The West Group ©1999 [underlining added]:

Man. 1. An adult male. 2. Humankind. - Also termed mankind. 3. A human being. 4. Hist, A vassal; a feudal tenant.

Mankind. See MAN (2).


noun. [Law Latin vassallus] Hist, The grantee of a fief, feud, or fee; a feudal tenant. Cf. FREEMAN.

Vassalus. noun, [Law Latin] Hist. A feudal tenant.

Freeman. 1. A person who possesses and enjoys all the civil and political rights belonging to the people under a free government. 2. A person who is not a slave. 3. Hist. A member of a municipal corporation (a city or borough) who possesses full civic rights, esp. the right to vote. 4. Hist. A freeholder. 5. Hist. An allodial landowner. Cf. VASSAL.

Now we're able to tie things together within the authoritative law dictionaries. According to the legal definitions shown above, a person is: 1. a human being, 2. a MAN, 3. mankind, 4. a feudal tenant, 5. a member (individual part) of a corporation. Also note that a person enjoys the rights of the people. These words are not the same. The plural of person is persons, not people. Notice how most of the definitive words and phrases immediately above are also found in the law dictionary definitions of person at the beginning of this article. Compare them all and see that they are the same. Let what is written and recognized speak for itself.

Feudal tenancy?

This all seems to fit quite well with the law dictionary definitions of a person. But now, we also have the added definitive fact that a human being - a person - is a feudal tenant. This defines a specific element of a person that appears to have been hidden from the law dictionaries by their own exclusion when defining a human being - person. A feudal tenant is a term from the English Feudal Law of land ownership and tenancy.

Feud. n. Hist. 1. An inheritable estate in land conveyed from a feudal superior to a grantee or tenant, held on the condition of rendering services to the superior. 2. An interest [not ownership] of the tenant in the land conveyed. 3. The land itself conveyed. - Also termed (in 1, 2, & 3) fee; fief; feod; feude; feudum. --Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, New World Edition 1998 [underlining and bracketed notes added].


A human being is the tenant to a feudal superior. A feudal tenant is a person who pays rent or services of some sort for the use and occupaton of another's land. The land has been conveyed to the tenant's use, but the actual ownership remains with the superior. Since this applies to modern "law" in America, the implications of fact cannot be ignored. If a person does not own what he thought was his land (he's legally defined as a feudal tenant, not the superior owner), then a superior person owns the land and the feudal tenant - person pays him to occupy the land.

Welcome to your introduction of the hidden Feudal Law in America. When a person ( a.k.a. human being, corporation, natural person, partnership, association, organization, etc.) pays taxes to the tax assessor of the civil county or city government (also a person), it is a payment to the superior land owner for the right to be a tenant and to occupy the land belonging to the superior. If this were not so, then how could a local government sell the house and land of a person for not rendering his services (taxes)?

We used to think that there was no possible way Feudal Law could be exercised as "law" in America, but since 1865, the facts have proven otherwise. Now, the modern law dictionaries are telling us that we're correct in our assumption of the facts. It's no wonder they hid the definition of a human being behind the definition of a man. The next time you enter into an agreement or contract with another person (a legal entity), look for the keywords person, individual, and natural person describing who you are. Are you the entity the other person claims you are? When you "appear" before their jurisdiction and courts, you have agreed that you are a person unless you show them otherwise. You will have to deny that you are the person and state who you really are. Is the flesh and blood standing there in that court room a person by their legal definition?

The Christian Man vs. a legal person

If you're a Christian, are you also a person?

Man was created by the immediate hand of God and is generically different from all other creatures --Genesis 1:26, 27 and 2:7. Man was created in the likeness of God and the perfection of His nature in knowledge -- Col. 3:10.

Man was created in His righteousness and holiness --Ephesians 4:24.

Man was created with dominion over all the inferior creatures --Genesis 1:28.

God created man in His own Divine image --Genesis 1:27.

Is this Man God created the same as the legalistic MAN who is defined in our present law dictionaries as a human being, a natural person?

The legal terms human being and natural person arenot found in the Bible. They are not created by God. They are legal titles for entities created by a "law" which is not the Law of God, the Lex Ecclesia.

"And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. --Genesis 2:7.

It was the breath of God Himself that gave Man -Hebrew, Adam- Divine inspiration, a soul, and spirit life. Why are the words inspiration, soul, spirit and life not within the current legal

definitions of MAN?

Because the legalistic "law" now prevailing in America does not recognize the Law of God and does not recognize that Man is Divine life. If the corporate and governmental persons were to recognize the superior and allodial authority of the Lord God, they would have to admit that the Law of God was superior to their "laws" - mere legalisms. How could they collect their feudal tenant servitude from the Christians who occupy God's land since the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof?

Legally, MAN is a superior creature and nothing more. Their legal definitions say so. Lawfully, Man is a spritual creation in and of God's image, separate and distinct from the other animals. Man was created by and has inherent life from the Lord's breath -Hebrew, neshâwmâh-, but a MAN is created by the civil laws of an entity and owes it's existence to a mere legal person who creates more legal persons. Whereby, the Man of God's image has life, but a MAN has no life outside of the legal realm that created it.

How do you choose to call yourself now that you know the truth?

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