Social Security "Wards"

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Social Security "Wards"

The historical development of social security is covered in our advanced lesson on social security and will not be repeated here. It should suffice to say that social security is a tax to pay for a gigantic scheme. It is not insurance, and any benefits received therefrom are subject to change at the whim of the state. To understand social security, a reading of Fleming vs Nestor, 363 US 603, is a necessity.

There is no private security in social security -- only social insecurity. Those who partake of the system become voluntary slaves of the state. The holder of a social account number is, in effect, a WARD OF THE STATE. See "Wards" under Corpus Juris Secundum, in Words and Phrases and Bouvier's Law Dictionary of 1914.

"Ward" comes from feudalism. A seaman is a ward of admiralty. A seaman applies for his seaman's papers, and upon their issuance, the seaman becomes a ward, eligible for all of the benefits accruing to a seaman.

This feudal system has been extended inland, and is being applied to the natural person by and through the social security program. The law of "Wards of State" provides that when one has become incapable of caring for himself, whether young or old, crippled, insane, infant, feeble, or otherwise incapacitated, his total estate escheat to the state on liquidation of the cost of that care and ward!

Therefore, all holders of social security numbers, as a matter of law, forfeit the ownership of their total estate and are redUCED to being mere trustees in equity over that property.

The federal government and Federal Reserve Corporation is the true OWNER of all properties in which social security number holders have an interest. This applies to all real and personal property.

The government, through social security, is attempting to provide for the security of the people of the nation in their old age; to prevent poverty, to provide for the welfare of those who have lost a spouse, job, etc. As such, the government is providing a benefit and service, and must receive funds to pay for those expenditures.

Any time government provides a service or a benefit, the class of people receiving, or subject to receive said benefits, can be taxed to support those benefits (see 275 F2d 424; 81 SCt 48; 323 F2d 316; 308 F2d 719)

The power of government to tax, regulate, control, etc. is unlimited whenever any class of people benefit from the GENERAL FUND, rather than from a fiduciary program or trust. As the US Supreme Court has stated:

"It is hardly lack of due process for the Government to regulate that which it subsidizes. "Wickard vs Filburn,317 US 111 (emphasis added)

We also know that taxation is a reasonable means by which "regulation" may be effected (see Veazie bank vs Fenno, 8 Wall 533, 1869)

The fact that those benefiting from public funds can be compelled to pay for the program, is more than reasonable. The law intends only that those who want to give up their status as FREEMAN voluntarily by going to work for a corporation, and thus becoming a public largesse getter through social security, may be compelled to pay a tax into the general fund from which they or their survivors will be paid. See Wickard vs filburn, supra.

Those applying for and receiving a social security number have applied for and received a privilege from government upon which an excise tax can be levied. Proof of participation is the social security account number and the signature on the application is the evidence of voluntary consent. The applicant has entered into a contract and when contracts are made the police powers of the state become an implied part of the contract and are subject to federal statutes.

Therefore. the social security number is a civil law quasi-license/contract to work, for all those who want to work for the state or one of its corporations, and has the effect of extending the state franchise to the employee.

participation in the social security welfare system, as well as the privilege to receive entitlements such as unemployment insurance, welfare, food stamps, aid to dependent children, etc. , are congressionally granted benefits/privileges accruing to participants. Any privilege granted by governments a proper subject of taxation. The cost of the benefits can be levied upon such privileges as indirect (excise) TAXes. The benefits are, in effect, subsidies of certain privileges.

There are no property rights in social security, and where there are benefits or entitlements without property, there must be a franchise (a contractual arrangement with government or one of its entities). The social security account number operates as a taxable franchise, and application and receipt of a social security number by a person is the admission of jurisdiction of the IRS over the property, interest, or endeavors (subject matter or cause) of the person.

An excise tax is a tax on a privilege to do something or receive something that is granted by government. That is why workers' wages are taxed. It is the entitlement programs that the workers are paying for. The courts recognize this principle of law. It is the social security wards who do not understand the law and who are confused about the income tax.

Social security entitlements are not property (Fleming vs Nestor, supra). The employee who has the social security number has converted his property into income, which is subject to taxation. In case after case we see over and over again the same doctrine. Wages are property, but property may be converted into income. Anyone who has a social security number is entitled to certain benefits and, as a potential recipient, may be required to pay for potential entitlements.

People Complain about the Federal Reserve but love to accept and use their notes – debt notes that identify them as insolvent upon national bank credit. Every time you use a federal reserve note, buy and sell stocks or bonds, use master charge or visa cards, write checks, deposit money in interest bearing bank accounts, license a business or profession, or sign up for seaman's papers on land (social security account number), you are practicing the civil law and are, therefore, subject to its rule.

Perfection of the Socialization of America

"Why need we trouble to socialize banks and factories? We socialize human beings."

On August 5, 1983, a process begun exactly 74 years earlier on August 5, 1909, was completed to socialize nearly every American citizen -- to force every man, woman, and child in America into the status of public property, the legal class of person called "Taxpayer. "A United States "taxpayer" is a person who's entire estate, cash flow, property, and property rights are a matter of public concern, to be reported, recorded, argued, and taxed however wished by the public as represented by Congress and its minions and bill collectors, the Internal Revenue Service arm of the U. S. Treasury Department.

This article reviews the history of the socialization process and pinpoints the exact time the private citizen transforms himself into public property. A surprisingly simple plan for reversing the process is identified here. The August 5, 1983, legislation is analyzed to show its deadly intent and prove that it is the final brick in a legal equivalent of the Berlin Wall. Plain language is used to deal with highly technical revenue law.


The socialization of was begun on August 5, 1909, with the enactment of the Corporation Excise Tax. This tax was to pay off the Spanish-American war debt and control 's corporations. A tax on "income" was not yet possible because the Supreme Court had earlier ruled in the landmark Pollock vs Farmers Loan (157 US 429, 39 Led 759) case that a tax on "income" was a direct tax that required "apportioning" among the states. Congress settled for the time being with an excise tax laid on each corporation's privileges measured by "net income" after deducting "expenses" and "allowances. "Fiduciaries, individuals having personal custody and authority over the corporation's property, were likewise required to treat themselves as if they were corporations -- file "returns of income" and pay taxes.


In the same series of debates that led to the Corporation Excise Tax, an amendment to the

Constitution of the United States was passed by both houses and sent out to the States for ratification. Its thirty words granted an exemption from the apportionment direct taxes are subjected to (Const. , Art. I, Sec. 9, Clause 4). The exemption was needed because "income" is property. It is the profit or gain derived from using property (labor or capital or both together). A tax on "income" is a property tax -- direct.

This requisite exemption from apportionment was ratified in 1913 and the Sixteenth Amendment was put into effect to start the Income Tax. The 1913 Revenue Act included a new Section II -- the Income Tax. It absorbed the 1909 excise on corporations.


In August, 1935, Roosevelt's regime succeeded in enacting the Social Security Act of 1935. This was designed as an insurance styled, old age pension supplement. The participant had to volunteer himself into the program and agree to a wages tax check-off, like the newly won rights of labor unions to have dues deducted from wages and paid over directly to the union.

The tax that went into effect in 1939 to fund the pension plan was called the Federal Insurance Contribution Act. Paychecks show this as a "FICA" deduction. Because the only direct tax that can be assessed and collected without apportionment is "income" tax, thanks to the 16th Amendment, the "insurance" check-off required the tax be laid on the worker's "income. "

Thus was born the concept that a man's wages are his "gain or profit" without any other fiduciary circumstances as required since 1909 for an individual's tax liability. This is the precise point at which a worker's labor was converted into his profit or gain, and is the basis for the other tax on a worker's "income wages," the 1943 wartime Withholding Tax. No such concept had ever existed before, especially in .

Additional explanation is needed here to drill home the realization that this is the turning point in the balance between freedom and non-freedom. It is one thing to pay taxes to support your government -- a requisite to civilization -- but it is an entirely different matter to turn over your property rights to the great grey mob hired by your government to administer its property rights, the Internal Revenue Service.

When a wage/salary/commission/fee/tip earner admits or fails to properly deny that all the money he earns is "income," he legally binds himself to the edict that all his money and whatever he does with that money is of public interest. "Income" is a special kind of property subject to regulation and taxation. It is a public matter. If you have some of that "income" stuff, you are handling public property.

Read the Sixteenth Amendment:

"The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration. "

Follow the logic: If all the money you take in is thus public property of which enough is granted you for you to maintain yourself, then your labor (mental or physical or both) is likewise public property. This last statement should help you understand the theory behind the automatic exemption or "allowance" granted each individual and each of his dependents from "taxable income" and the rest of the complications of the income tax, Subtitle A, of the Internal Revenue Code.

If your labor is thus public property, then you are public property, and the material wealth you think you "own" is an illusion. You really are a mere tenant, using public property for as long as you treat it well and are permitted to do so by the authorities. If you look around you soberly, the validity of this argument should be self-evident. What else can explain the power of Congress to order you to part with as much of what you produce by your sweat as it wishes?If, in fact, you have any property rights, how and why does Congress have any power over you? . . . . "rights" being un-regulatable.

It is true, that if you earn your keep as the result of having obtained some privilege, license, franchise, or grant from the corporation United States, to do business across its borders and interior States' borders, or have possession of some physical material, some Thing that is itself taxable, then you are required to report and pay. The Internal Revenue Code lists all the Things that are taxable to the original owner; a subject alone worthy of a long dissertation. This principle is well settled. And, it explains and corroborates the theory of the preceding discussion.


Few people have ever seen the actual FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) tax law as it is on the books and is enforced. See its first section:

"Sec. 3101(a). In addition to other taxes, there is hereby imposed on the income of every individual a tax equal to the following percentages of the wages (as defined in Sec. 3121(a)) received by him with respect to employment (as defined in Sec. 3121(b)) . . . "(emphasis supplied)

To participate in the Social Security scheme requires application for "welfare benefits. "The word "welfare" has a legitimate definition which does not include charity nor free lunch. The Roosevelt regime's socialists twisted its Constitutional meaning to enable the enactment of their socialization programs. This is how the word was used in 1787:

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the General Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. "

The application requires executing a form SS-5 asking for a "welfare benefits" account number. The number is routinely assigned as a series of nine digits. This becomes the enrollee's life long identification number for all federal charity, grants, free lunches, favors, franchises, special deals, and taxes to pay for the goodies -- for there is no free lunch. The number and its corresponding name (your name) is kept on the rolls for 75 years without further renewal.


In August, 1950, the part of the Social Security Act pertinent to the connection between wages and "income" was amended to tighten the screws as far as they could go. Chapter 809, Act Aug. 18, 1950, 64 Stat. 518, Sec. 108(b) amended Sec. 205(c) of the Social Security Act to tie "wages and self-employment income" together as one to be "derived income;" language needed to maintain the facial legality of the taxes.

It is in Sec. 205 of the Social Security Act that the procedures for obtaining an account number are outlined for the Commissioner to promulgate rules and regulations. The Social Security Administration was shifted into the Health, Education and Welfare Department when the government was reorganized. It is the Secretary of Health and Human Services (as it is now called) that assigns the welfare benefit account numbers today. These laws are easiest found in Title 42 of the United States Code, Health and Welfare. Section 405 of Title 42 corresponds to Sec. 205 of the Social Security Act. There you will read that assignment of an account number is the Secretary's duty for those who wish "to establish the right to benefits hereunder."


On August 5, 1983, Congress closed the last gap in the collectivists' encirclement of PL 98-67, Aug. 5, 1983, 97 Stat. 369, the Interest and Dividend Tax Compliance Act of 1983, amended the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. Most of this law can be found as the new Sec. 3406 of Title 26, U.S.C. It is not likely that more than a handful of the 535 men and women in Congress who voted on that bill had the slightest notion of what they were doing.

This Act makes it illegal for anybody to pay anybody else:1) interest, 2) dividends, or 3) compensation for services rendered unless first the payee (receiving the payment) swear an oath to the accuracy of his Tax Identification Number (TIN). The TIN is defined in the law as being defined in another section, Sec. 6109. The potential penalties for disobedience are substantial for the "payor" who pays without first trying to get that TIN from the payee.

The so-called "underground economy," a black market operating in off the books, paying cash, and not reporting to the IRS nor paying taxes is the target here, to be flushed out in the open. On the surface, the law is preoccupied with corporate dividends and interest.

If the payee refuses to provide a TIN, the payor is required to withhold 20% of the remittance this year, and treat the withheld sum as if deducted from a paycheck. Thus, a penalty of at least 1/5 of a man's property is to be seized from him by ordering the payee's customer to short change his payment and turn it over to Congress' bag men and enforcers. It is likely that each state will enact piggyback rules to expropriate their own "fair share" of this bonanza. When this happens, the average bite will rise to 30% this year. This will not destroy the black market, just drive it deeper underground as buyers and sellers actively cooperate to effectively nullify the law. For there is an easy way to de facto defeat this perfection of the socialization.

There is no provision in this law for a person to certify that he is not a public person, not in possession of "income" nor of any other Thing that is taxable. He must either come up with a TIN or suffer a 20% expropriation, or raise his prices 25% to his customer to recoup the seizure of his property. He has no remedy at law or equity. He has nobody to sue.


To make matters even more confusing, the "payor" is made responsible for assessing a tax on unidentified parties whereas the law is explicit in granting this power exclusively to the Secretary of the Treasury and his employee-delegates (26 U.S.C., Sec. 6201). It is fundamental tax law that before a tax can be collected, it must be assessed. Deposits can be accepted against future assessments, but a "collection" cannot take place without there first being an official notice of assessment. The back room tax writers hope nobody will notice this facially illegal act demanded of "payers."


To understand the full import of the preceding several paragraphs, you must discover the pertinent definition of "TIN:"

Section 6109 Identifying Numbers(d) "The social security account number issued to an individual for purposes of section 205(c)(2)(A) of the Social Security Act shall, . . . . be used as the identifying number for such individual for purposes of this title. "(Title 26, Internal Revenue Code)

Title 42, U.S.C. , Sec. 405(c)(2)(A) is the same as Sec. 205(c)(2)(A) of the Social Security Act as follows:

"On the basis of information obtained by or submitted to the Secretary, and after such verification thereof as he deems necessary, the Secretary shall establish and maintain records of the amounts of wages paid to, and the amounts of self-employment income derived by each individual, and of the periods in which such wages were paid and such income was derived and, upon request, shall inform any individual or his survivor, or the legal representative of such individual or his estate, of the amounts of wages and self-employment income of such individual and the periods during which such wages were paid and such income was derived, as shown by such records at the time of such request."(emphasis supplied)

To have a social security number means to give the Secretary the authority to keep track of your "income" (profits and gains) derived from wages and "self-employment. "And, the reason for this chore is outlined in a preceding section of the law:

42 U. S. C. , Sec. 405(a). "The Secretary shall have full power and authority to make rules and regulations. . . . in order to establish the right to benefits hereunder. " (emphasis supplied)

Unlike ordinary language, revenue or revenue-like law language imparts heavy or special meanings to each word, to words that otherwise have common meanings. "Self-employment," for example, is one such technical phrase. "Derived" is another, for without derivation, the FICA tax could not be collected, for it would be a direct tax unprotected by the 16th Amendment.


To have a social security number also means that you admit to having "income," which in and of itself makes you liable for the reporting of it (income tax return) and paying taxes if owed. In addition, the holding of the number as "your" social security number thus fits you into Sec. 6109, Title 26, U. S. C. , above, as having a Taxpayer's Identification Number.

Since only a "taxpayer" can have such a number, the word "taxpayer" should be understood. Congress enacted a special definition for that word in 1919. Title 26 U. S. C. , Sec. 7701(a)(14) is its current definition. Sec. 7701 calls a "taxpayer" any person who is subject to the Income Tax. And, then Congress enacted another definition, 26 U. S. C. Sec. 1313(b) which defines a "taxpayer" as anybody who is subject to any U. S. revenue law.

If you are "subject to" the revenue laws of the United States, then you must be doing something which is controllable, ie. , regulatable by Congress pursuant to its granted powers to regulate interstate and international commerce (Constitution, Art. I, Sec. 8, Cl. 3). So, what is it that you do for a living that makes you regulatable?Do you need Congress' permission to earn your daily bread?The probable answer is; no, you do nothing that requires a license or special approval. If it meant being immune to Congress' regulation and taxation, you would quickly dissolve your corporation to kill off the fiduciary relationship with it which by itself bestows "taxpayer" status.

For most Americans, the fundamental fatal move was signing on for future free lunch in the co-insurance scheme called Social Security. It was that single act that put them into the hands of Congress' bill collectors. Having your name attached to their nine-digit number is proof that you have turned over all your property rights, your property, and your paycheck to your masters and acknowledge their authority -- Congress.


A reader seeking a discussion like this for the first time is justified in blinking and wondering how much of this is factual and how much is plain nonsense by some unbalanced "protester. " Unfortunately, none of this is nonsense. This author wishes it were. It would be nonsense if any rational contrary argument could be raised. The turning point in this essay is what the word "income" really means. "Income" means "gain or profit. "That is how the law dictionaries define it. That is how the U.S. Supreme Court has always defined it. This author has published a special report analyzing and reproducing the actual library reports on sixteen landmark "income" defining cases by the U.S. Supreme Court from 1870 to 1955. The meaning of the word in its revenue law context is beyond rational argument.


For most legal purposes, you are a "creature of the State. "You are fully socialized. The facade of the operation of the Bill of Rights (do you know what the Bill of Rights is?) is maintained so long as you do not challenge the Social Security scheme, the legal basis of the coercive utopians' socialization of each individual man, woman, and child in America into being instruments of their wild dreams of heaven on earth -- their servants. That legal basis is now being challenged.


A class war has begun in , albeit quietly and non-violently. The so-called "underground economy" is its proof. The enforcement arms of the establishment have acknowledged this with its highly advertised property seizures and criminal prosecutions of ordinary hard working family men. Full scale federal criminal trials and expensive imprisonments are being waged against ordinary men and women for the "crime" of refusing to execute oaths attesting to the truth, accuracy, and completeness of official reports of property they believe they do not have -- "income. "The offense?"Willful failure to file income tax returns," Sec. 7203 of Title 26, Internal Revenue Code. The so-called "Illegal Tax Protester" movement, reported in this article, has been operating in for ten years and grows. It is the precursor to very dangerous times ahead. Serious, sometimes hysterical efforts to break it up are not succeeding. Times like these preceded the armed rebellion that launched this country in 1775.

Today, the potential rebels are far better educated, armed, trained, organized with modern communications, and have the first Revolutionary War for ideological support. Many of them wear business suits and command considerable resources. Most of them voted for Reagan on ideological grounds, and now fully realize no redress is possible from the mainstream political parties.

The "protestors" challenge is formally acknowledged by the overseers and administrators of this so-called "welfare benefits state. "Interested scholars should obtain a copy of the GPO printed minutes of the hearing before a subcommittee of the Committee On Government Operations, House of Representatives, 97th Congress, First Session, June 10, 1981, "IRS Response To The Illegal Tax Protester Movement. "A few choice quotations are provided here to give the reader a bit of the flavor of that incredible hearing:

"In recent years because of the growth of the protest movement IRS has taken some positive steps to deal with the problem nationally. The most significant of these was its establishment in November, 1978, of its priority illegal tax protester program, which was designed primarily to identify and control protester returns and documents.

"Through its efforts, IRS identifies more illegal tax protesters each year and has had some success in obtaining convictions against important protest leaders and in bringing protesters into compliance. However, IRS needs to improve its procedures for identifying and bringing illegal tax protesters into compliance. In addition, it can make other programmatic improvements to better focus its limited resources on a spreading problem and have a greater deterrent effect. "

The witness offering the above commentary is a high officer of the GAO (Government Accounting Office), a direct arm of Congress. The Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Mr. Egger, also had quite a bit to say in that hearing that is worthy of study.

This author has been involved in the defense of more than a dozen of the criminal prosecutions mentioned above, as legal researcher, paralegal practitioner, and non-bar licensed Sixth Amendment common law counsel, including the appeals process up to and including petitions before the U. S. Supreme Court. The socialists, by whatever other names they call themselves (liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican) are well aware that their authority is being challenged. The courtroom antics of the federal prosecutors and judges in some of those cases indicate a sense of hysteria is spreading through the more knowledgeable elements of the welfare state operators.


This essay pinpoints the precise element upon which the entire edifice teeters, that single signature, if not by you, then by your parent or guardian when you were underage, even pre-school. By identifying the problem, the escape plan leaps off the page. That plan is merely to rescind your original application for a government charity (welfare benefits) account number, and then change your lifestyle from that of a government donkey laboring for your Utopian masters to that of an American freeman fully in charge of his own life.

Rescissions have already been filed by this author and his friends, and more are being served on the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services daily. Litigation to force the HHS's Social Security Administration to expunge the record -- to remove several hundred names from their connection to nine-digit numbers is in the works for filing in June, 1984. The testing to see if it can be done peaceably through the legal process will begin shortly.


Now read the following one-page excerpt from one of several books written in the early 1940's by an early high officer in a European political party who bailed out as soon as he could, once he fully understood what he was involved in. In this particular book, he quotes at length from many dinner table behind-the-scenes conversations in 1932-33 that he himself was a party to:

"Why bother with such half-measures when I have far more important matters in hand, such as the people themselves?The masses always cling to extremes. After all, what is meant by nationalization, by socialization?What has been changed by the fact that a factory is now owned by the State instead of by a Mr. Smith?But once directors and employees alike have been subjected to a universal discipline, there will be a new order for which all expression used hitherto will be quite inadequate.

"The day of individual happiness has passed. Instead, we shall feel a collective happiness. It is the happiness of sharing. Only the early Christian communities could have felt it with equal intensity.

If we feel and experience this great era thus, then we shall not be disturbed by details and individual failures. We shall know then that every road leads us forward, no matter how much it seems to go in another direction. And above all, we shall then maintain our passionate desire torevolutionize the world to an extent unparalleled in history. It gives us also a special, secret pleasure to see how the people about us are unaware of what is really happening to them. They gaze fascinated at one or two familiar superficialities, such as possessions and income and rank and other outworn conceptions. As long as these are kept intact, they are quite satisfied. But in the meantime they have entered a new relation; a powerful social force has caught them up. They themselves are changed. What are ownership and income to that?

"Why need we trouble to socialize banks and factories?We socialize human beings. "Adolph Hitler, 1933. The Voice of Destruction (p. 192) by Hermann Rauschning, Putnam Bros. NYC 1940, Lib. Congress DD247. H5R3.

Can it happen here? IT ALREADY HAS!

The only question worth answering about all of this is whether there are enough Americans with brains to understand the seriousness of this, courage not to cower in fright, and physically and emotionally strong enough to join with other like-minded citizens to effectively begin the reversal of this anti-American, alien, European master-slave philosophy. The reversal has already begun; this article is itself proof of that, and its publication here for you to read is proof that there are others who are like-minded.

The freedom we take for granted today, has already been usurped, but we "gaze fascinated . . . . at possessions and income and rank. . . "The reversal process requires a lifestyle change. For one thing, it requires you learn how to read and then use that skill. Then teach what you have learned to others, such as your own family and close friends. This incredible Hitlerian-like socialization process took fully two generations to creep upon us. At every turn a smattering of knowledgeable and sincere Senators and Congressmen opposed it, but were overcome by the ignorance and apathy of "we the people. "First our fathers and then we were too busy "gazing fascinated" at a new car, new house, new anything to feel the water getting slowly hotter each year.

Even if the great majority of Americans prefer to leave things as they are, content to be forced at the point of a gun to turn over half or more than half of the fruits of their labor to "support the government," which actually means to support others all over the world who do not, or cannot produce their own living, it ought to be legally possible for those who prefer not to be the world's donkey, to be let alone; to be able to live quietly and peacefully earning their own living without interference;supporting charity voluntarily, not in fear of prosecution and imprisonment; not as the vassal of a faceless corporate master administered by swaggering bill collectors carrying gold badges.

The reversal process has already begun. It is mostly peaceable with relatively few casualties, perhaps 50 or 60 good men prosecuted and imprisoned for six months to a year each year in low security federal prison camps. The socialists brand such freedom fighters as "tax cheats" who do not want to pay "their fair share. "Another several thousand suffer partial seizure of their wages and other property each year, to feed, clothe, house, and entertain others who will not or cannot do it for themselves.

In this manner, a form of terrorism is spread over all of us that is strikingly similar to what was done in Europe in the early thirties. A good citizen is a citizen who obeys his government, shuts up, and takes whatever pay his government lets him keep. And those who object can learn better behavior in the concentration camp for a year or two. It might finally come to a bloody class war between freedom fighters and socialized mindless brutes, like World War II.

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The noteworthy failure of the government or any alleged agency thereof to at any time rebut anything appearing on this website constitutes a legal admission of the fidelity and accuracy of the materials presented, which are offered in good faith and prepared as such by Freedom School and third parties affiliated or otherwise. If the government wants to assert that any of the religious and/or political statements that are not factual appearing on this website are in error, then they as the moving party have the burden of proof, and they must responsively meet that burden of proof under the Administrative Procedures Act 5 U.S.C. §556(d) and under the due process clauses found in the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Amendments to the national Constitution BEFORE there will be response to any summons, questions, or unsubstantiated and slanderous accusations. Attempts at calling presented claims "frivolous" without specifically rebutting the particular claim, or claims, deemed "frivolous" will be in deed be "frivolous" and prima facie evidence that shall be used accordingly. Hey guys, if anything on this site is found to be in error a good faith effort will be made to correct it in timely fashion upon notification. site, the DVD issue, microSDHC card issue, or work computers´ DMCA Policy

the site, the DVD issue, microSDHC card issue, and/or work computers, make effort to be in compliance with 17 U.S.C. § 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"). It is our policy to respond to any infringement notices and take appropriate actions under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") and other applicable intellectual property laws.

If your copyrighted material has been posted on the site, the DVD issue, microSDHC card issue, or work computers, in other than fair use capacity or if links to your copyrighted material are returned through our search engine and you want the material removed, you must provide a written communication that details the information listed in the following section. Please be aware that you will be liable for damages (including costs and attorneys´ fees) if you misrepresent information listed on the site that is allegedly infringing on your alleged copyrights. We suggest that you may want to first contact competent legal assistance on this matter.

The following elements must be included in your copyright infringement claim:

* Provide evidence of the authorized person to act on behalf of the fully disclosed alleged owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed. Please notice that we generally do not deal with third parties.
* Provide sufficient contact information so that we may contact you. You must also include a valid email address.
* You must identify in sufficient detail the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed and including at least one search term under which the material appears in search results.
* A statement that the complaining party has a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.
* A statement that the information in the notification is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.
* Must be signed by the authorized person to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly being infringed. (Proper ratification of commencement.)

Send the infringement notice via email to the postmaster at

Please allow 1-3 business days for an email response. Note that emailing your complaint to other parties such as our Internet Service Provider (ISP) or server host(s) will not expedite your request and may result in a delayed response due the complaint not being properly being filed.

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