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"The chief enemies of republican freedom are
mental slothconformitybigotrysuperstitioncredulity,
monopoly in the market of ideas, and utter, benighted ignorance."

Adderley v. State of Florida, 385 U.S. 39, 49 (1967)
with whom THE CHIEF JUSTICE, MR. JUSTICE BRENNAN, and MR. JUSTICE FORTAS concur, dissenting.

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Republican freedom is not for spectators.

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Ignorance is curable!

“You must be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."
All the powers in the universe seem to favor the person who has confidence.

" is an axiom in political science, that unless a people are educated and enlightened, it is idle to expect the continuance of civil liberty,
or the capacity for self government." Quoting the Texas Declaration of Independence of March 2, 1836

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Freedom - The NAME Game

Word to the wise.  Word to the wise...



Government "authorized" ways to celebrate your freedoms this 4th of July


"Either these people are: (a) my employees, owing me good faith service, or (b) they are foreign commercial mercenaries trespassing upon me and engaging in inland piracy.

"In the first case, they are obligated to honor and protect my person and property. That is the only credible reason for any government to exist.

"In the second case, they are pirates and every anti-piracy law ever created kicks into gear, including the international treaties that directly obligate both the Holy Sea and the British Monarch and their respective organizations to protect my person and property.

Anna Von Reitz

Annexation of Texas?

Click HERE to get the world´s best "How To Win In Court" self-help course! (affiliate link)

A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead.  A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead...

Today´s Date

Civil Peace Flag The Civil flag represents the flag of Peace and Sovereignty   (printable Peace Flag)
The United States Civil Flag of Peacetime
Civil Flag Brochure       Peace Flag home

Admiralty Special Maritime Exposed  Admiralty Special Maritime Exposed


Frog Farmer FAQ  The Frog Farmer FAQ

Perceptions  Perceptions

U.S.A. The Republic How You Lost It. (Study the whole site.)

Various views on subjects regarding American History contributed by various authors.

L Bork L. Bork I Have Some Questions

Nord Davis Nord Davis --  must read!

Read the important documents

"What is a meme?" -- (for alternative thinking)

The Mouse Trap Parable  The Mouse Trap Parable

Agenda 21The Death Knell of Liberty

the Informer Person, by the Informer

Office Of The Person  Office Of The "Person"

Person  What Manner of Person are You?

resident  Read about "resident"

Citizen Legal Fiction L. BorkCitizen Legal Fiction

Linda L. Kennedy"Civil Courts v. Military Courts"

This is not That...

7 Elements of Jurisdiction

A Chronology of Historical Documents

Conclusions of Law  Conclusions of Law

Plain Talk  "Plain Talk"

useful Words and Phrases  101 useful Words and Phrases

An Auschwitz Alphabet - consider it all and read, " What I Learned From Auschwitz"

  A carrot, an egg ...

  on the phrase “pro se”

  on the word “represent”

  99 Ways to Say...

Idea Killers  Idea Killers

Objections Objections to Evidence and Testimony

Art of War  The Art of War

Republican Form of Government  Republican Form of Government

Democracy v. Republic

An Important Distinction: Democracy versus Republic

barratry  Barratry - rules of professional conduct

presumption  Presumption

  22 Ways to Foil Credit Card Thieves

  Credit Card Thieves Find Sneaky Way...

  Your Papers Please

  I Am A Conservative Christian, and the Religious Right Scares Me, Too.

  agency means...

  "How the Government Breaks the Law." A CATO Policy Report

  Woe unto you lawyers, by Fred Rodell (full version)

Court Tricks and Traps  Court Tricks and Traps

Legal Maxums  The Law - Legal Maxums

Paper Arrows Howard Griswold Paper Arrows

Timely Information

American Sui Juris Society

lincoln  Lincoln As He Really Was Lew Rockwell

  The Law, The Money and Your Choice

Silver Bulletin  The Silver Bulletin

commercial law  commercial law -- bonds and things...

Jean Keating Jean Keating Seminar  commercial law -- bonds and things...
Keating Material

No Zip Codes - Use Invokes Federal Jurisdiction

 Are you Aware -  Zip Code use is voluntary

Defeating the Delphi Technique

Ralph SchwanSedition by Syntax

  Act To Provide a Government for The District of Columbia

  Court Techniques

Dissolution  Dissolution

RICO Dr. Eduardo M. RiveraWhy There Is No Justice In America

  1961 RICO Definitions

The Wizard of Oz  The Wizard of Oz

credit collections  On the topic of credit collections...

Silent Weapons for a Quiet War

  Classes and sources of law

George Mercier George MercierInvisible Contracts   /    source B

  THE GREAT MADNESS: A Victory for the American Plutocracy

 Dan MeadorProper Federal Indictment Procedure

 Bill MedinaSilver Bulletin

Eric Williams Eric Williams- show transcript - 02-25-2006

Eric Williams Eric WilliamsWhoRU

  Law of Contract - for information

No Contract  No Contract - No Case

  Federal District Court - revealed.

The Forms of Action at Common Law, 1909

Jurisdiction  Jurisdiction

Republic  Republic – I like the sound of the word.

Motor Vehicle  Motor Vehicle

Tyranny Just Say  No to Tyranny!

Belligerent Claimant  Belligerent Claimant

10 most underreported stories of 2006

The Secret Covenant  The Secret Covenant

blog dedicated to those that are seeking knowledge about the Second Amendment.

Global Analysis and International Intelligence

Gun in the house...

Gun Facts  Gun Facts, version 3.0 [book]

discussion on gun control < < < 

Consider: Waking up - and stop being so arrogant & ignorant!

Other learning opportunities...

(Presented in no particular order - Links subject to change.)

NOTICE: Numerous items below are out-dated and are presented as reference material
one has the opportunity to do better in the present if one is aware of what has happend in the past.


The Seventh Fire - Soar Beyond Mind

Think Free Be Free -  Welcome to

Veterans, are you aware of  SPIN NUMBERS?

...a challenge to law school students  JURIS INFORMATICS

The largest and most popular philosophy show on the Web  Freedomain Radio

H U G E collection of essential information   3 Wise Men Essentials

Welcome to the esoteric world of  Jordan Maxwell

You Think You Know?  Truth It!

Law Learners Study Group

Douglas V. GnazzoThe New World Order everything linked on this web page.

The Police State  Road Map

Changing minds and persuasion -- How we change what others think, believe, feel and do.

Here is Jim Davies´  site about personal freedom.

Health Consequences of  Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke

The Bankruptcy of The United States

National Animal ID

If you are in California  visit this site.


Lawfull Path  Read Room

good list of cites  Constitution & Law

Promoting lawful Constitutional government  An Enemy of the State

An organization dedicated to restoring this nation to its republican roots:  Original Intent

good resource:  C A R information

A non-profit site educating  Canadians and Americans

Mark StevensBureaucrats Never Have a Case

Who Is Running America?

To Tame A Tyrant:

Freedom Files     Extortion

The Handbook of the Navigator

Terra Libra  books and reports

Michael Badnarik teaches class  about the Constitution

Doug Linder (2008) Exploring Constitutional Law

Welcome to


Minnesota Common Law Library

Do You Know Where You REALLY Live? Do You Know Where You REALLY Live?

Pro-Liberty References

Freedom Activist Network

from World News Stand... 

Judicial, legal & prosecutorial misconduct occurring in  Rhode Island and the US

IFF -  International Freedom Foundation - I Found Freedom

Militia Watchdog Archives of the Anti-Defamation League

Free or Slave?

A profession a researcher of 40 years...  The Informer

Mark Twain  quotations

The Last Outpost a video and audio buffet  for truth seekers

Alan Watts:  transcripts and more

Stop the North American Union

The Trends  Research Institute®

Liberty Tree Radio

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera

Minuteman Page

“Making Government Information More Accessible”  Public.Resource.Org

Specialty areas


Admiralty related items

Belligerent Claimant


Attention Signing the Constitution Away

Citizenship / nationality related items



Jerry Kirk


Law related items

Lewis Mohr

Luis Ewing

Marc Stevens

AntiShyster Magazine


Oath related items

Reading Material

Reading Room


Tax matters

Travel related

Patriotic Items

Star Spangled Banner  ...on the Star Spangled Banner

God Bless the USA  God Bless the USA

Is Your Local Banker Involved In Check Kiting?  Is Your Local Banker Involved In Check Kiting?

Rulers of Evil

F. Tupper SaussyRulers of Evil

Vatican Assassins

The Carlyle Group  Exposed

The Occult World Of Commerce

the Illuminati Resurrected ...  Skull & Bones


G. Edward Griffin: The Creature from Jekyll Island
narrated by G. Edward Griffin

The Federal Reserve System Its Purposes And Functions 1939

Money Scam  The Money Scam

Federal Reserve Notes not legal tender Federal Reserve Notes [are]  not legal tender

What is a Dollar?  What is a Dollar?

JFK vs. The Federal Reserve

Private Property Rights

Private Property Rights

Around the nation...

United States US Code defines the term  "United States"

FEMA Camps  FEMA Camps


John Kaminski John Kaminskithe second wave - PASS IT ON!

Notice Of Betrayal And Perfidy  Actual And Constructive Notice Of Betrayal And Perfidy

New World Order  Bush´s New World Order: The Meaning Behind the Words - PASS IT ON!

Commercial Speech Regulation or Free Speech Infringement  UNITED STATES v. SCHIFF: Commercial Speech Regulation or Free Speech Infringement?

All Roads Point to Tyranny  All Roads Point to Tyranny - MAKE COPIES AND DISTRIBUTE

Memorandum on the Present Government of America

Get to Know The State of Texas  Get to Know The State of Texas

The LEGAL CRAFT Lawyer Deceptions The LEGAL CRAFT--   Lawyer Deceptions!

on the subject of standing  ...on the subject of standing

Practice Of Law "Without a License" -- appears LEGAL!

rights evaporate  National yawn as our rights evaporate

Bosset lawsuit

bosset motion to clarify Bosset Motion to Clarify


Where to obtain a copy of [your strawman´s] birth certificate:

Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3


Structure Of The Birth Certificate  Structure Of The Birth Certificate

Why You Are A  National versus U.S. Citizen

Memorandum of Law on the Name

Source 1    /    Source 2    /    Source 3

Ken Evans Video Presentation - Copyright Your NAME  Ken Evans Video Presentation - Copyright Your NAME

Proof That There Is a Straw Man  Proof That There Is a "Straw Man"

Are You Free, or are you a slave?

What is the Straw Man? video

Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person.

How the IRS traps you into liability by making you a fiduciary for a dead "strawman"

Notes on PERSON





Natural Justice

How To Deal With Police Officers - Magic Words?

Eduardo M. RiveraDuty of a Citizen



Supreme Law Library:  Reference Works - Freedom of Information Act


Bush signs order streamlining FOIA process

Open Records  About Open Records
FOIA Resources
Mansion security report could remain secret - - - notice highlighted text - - -  Mansion security report could remain secret


Constitutional Conspiracy:  Courts Colluding With White House to Avoid Accountability

Barefoot´s Source

Jon Roland, President  Constitution Society

Good to Be King:  The Foundations of Freedom

TM-2005-25  Department of War training manual TM-2005-25; titled: Citizenship

The Liber Code

The Constitution of No Authority by Lysanser Spooner  The Constitution of No Authority by Lysanser Spooner - Boston 1870

Citizens of the American Constitution


Cases, rights and liberties  Cases, rights and liberties.

How to respond to contempt of court  How to respond to contempt of court

Jean Keating workshop notes Jean Keatingworkshop notes

Who needs a driver´s license?  Who needs a driver´s license?

Universal Declaration of Human Rights  Universal Declaration of Human Rights

False Arrest and Imprisonment  False Arrest and Imprisonment

Common Law Abatement  Common Law Abatement

Tips on self-presenting - Faretta  Tips on self-presenting - Faretta

Due Process of Law is a...

The Federal Zone

The Federal Zone

31 Questions and Answers  about the Internal Revenue Service


America: Freedom to Fascism

Mistaken Identity --  Wesley Snipes



willfulness  Willfulness

Must watch - Account of the deliberations of a jury.

non-resident alien  Basis for term non-resident alien

IRC 6065(B) Individuals Exempt From Signing Perjury Statement IRC 6065(B) Individuals Exempt From Signing Perjury Statement

Who´s Taxin´ Who? ::...

  The Real Truth -- read first

  SSN and TIN not the same

Schultz v IRS, January 2005

  Internal Revenue Laws Were Repealed

 Charles F. Conces20 page report on liability

  Notice of levy is not a levy.

  Explanation of SSA trust.

  5 ways to handle a presentment...

  A Notice of Levy is not a levy.

Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry (SEDM)

Making checks a non-taxable event

Bosset v. Internal Revenue Service, see item #48

16th amendment flyer  16th amendment flyer

Quotes  Quotes

Taxable Income  Taxable Income...

Penalty Protestor - Join the Action!

  Third Party Checklist for Determining Validity of Notice of Levy

2001 Criminal Tax Manual

Use of Social Security Numbers  Use of Social Security Numbers

Federal Income Tax Opinion Letter  Federal Income Tax Opinion Letter

´Tax Matters´ courtesy of


06-cv-00183-GEB-KJM, Laugenour´s Jusicial Notice of Adjudicative Facts Laugenour´s Judicial Notice of Adjudicative Facts


The Scoop Nobody Reported

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

Cornell Law School, Source 1

Uniform Commercial Code Uniform Commercial Code-Part I

Uniform Commercial Code 2B

Howard FreemanThe UCC Connection

Uniform Commercial Code and you The UCC and You

Without Prejudice Without Prejudice  Study Guide

Mastering the Uniform Commercial Code Mastering the UCC

We do not have freedom of speech because the [some] Constitution gives it to us. The very first Amendment to the national Constitution was written to keep the government from diminishing or otherwise taking rights away. The Creator gives rights, and this also includes the right/capacity to do evil and usurp the rights of others. (Its is a free-will / personal choice thing.) As children of our creator our individual rights end where the rights of another (our borther´s / sister´s) begin, no one has the right to do evil, because evil can never be right. Those who would seek to limit your right to speak or hear Truth are the same who seek to subjugate, control and enslave you. Freedom is NEVER FREE in a world where Evil rules by force - neither can continue without your support - consider a donation now!

Audio Links

Genesis Communications Network (GCN) Program Directory

Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN)

We The People Radio Network (WTPRN)

First Amendment Radio

The American Voice


Latin terms found in law

Family Guardian An Excellent Resource

Great information source about money system...



American Patriot Friends Network

The Buck Act video

David Icke

Liberty Haven - over 5,000 articles

The World Flag Database

What´s In A Name?

The Two United States

Elements of a Case or Controversy

Lexicon of Key Legal & Banking Terms

 Dan MeadorJudicial Lynching

Truth Sets Us Free

Affidavit of Walker Todd Affidavit of Walker Todd

Learn to live the liberty you love.

Two Faces of Debt Two Faces of Debt

Commercial Liens Commercial Liens

The Rockridge Institute

 Mark Ferran comments Fourteenth Amendment

Interesting text on delegated authority

Historic and Rare books

Person Person

Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook source

The Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook The Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook

The Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook, Appendix for Women NEW -- Appendix for Women

Miscellaneous stuff on the site

Lincoln, Gold, and Greenbacks...

Resources 2

Referenced Internet Resources

United States Code (U.S.C.)

search United States Code (U.S.C.)

About the United States Code

Federal Reserve Rules & Regulations

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Federal Rules of Evidence (a ´must get´)

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (a ´must get´)

Federal Rules of Evidence

Fair Credit Billing Act (15 USC §1601)

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (15 USC §1692)

Truth in Lending Act Regularion Z - a great starting point for researching law. - legal research online.

West Group - foremost publishers of legal information.

Brief Reporter: This site will give you links to court filed Briefs prepared by attorneys

- Law Notes -

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC)

Rights violations...

Gun Facts Guy SmithGun Facts

Thought on Miranda Thought on Miranda

American Law Sources On-line

Outlaws Legal Service

Uniform Commercial Code redemption for Sovereigns

Fundamental primary sources...

Law about... Excellent resource page!

Resouce for ID´s on the Internet the most advanced provider of automated legal documents on the Internet.

Ballentine´s Law Dictinary as a zip file -- right click to download

Bouvier´s Law Dictinary as a zip file -- right click to download

Internet, Database, and Software Tools

Who are you?  Who are you?

Field Manual 27-10

Army Field Manuals

Knowledge of propaganda techniques

Operation Vampire Killer 2000

Various court cites...


Criminal Jury Instructions

Gullibility Factor test

"If they take our guns ... when do you think we´ll get them back?" On Guns and things related...

Resources 3

  About statutes

Discovery Motions pursuant ot F.R.C.P.


The Informer

Jailhouse Lawyer´s Handbook  The Jailhouse Lawyer´s Handbook

Against the Grain

Identity Theft

Identity Theft and the Deceased: Prevention and Victim Tips
Identity Theft Enhancement

  Patman Primer on Money

  A Short History of Paper Money


Addressing the Strawman Matter Addressing the Strawman Matter

Judaica redemption quote Judaica redemption quote

Case Law

Supreme Court Case Law
Supreme Court Decisions Overruled by Subsequent Decision
US Supreme Court Resources & Case Databases

Jurisdictional Failings Jurisdictional Failings - Court Cases

  Key Cases in Procedural Law

Common Law

Cannons of Common Law Cannons of  Common Law

Pro Se

Menu of Great Things to help the Pro Se
Eliminate Bias Against People Who Represent Themselves
Abilities Needed To Be A Pro se Litigant
How to Avoid Dismissal of Your Case as a Pro Se for Filing Flaws


Free forms for all the Rules of Discovery and Disclosure under FRCP 26-37 (a ´must get´)
Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
Rules of the United States Supreme Court
Federal Appellate Review Procedure -
For appealing U.S. District Court orders, death penalty, writ of mandamus, habeus corpus and other relief.
Federal Informal Appeal Brief Form for Pro Se

Miscellaneous 2

Bad Judges and What to do about them
Anti-Government Handbook
Dave Champion interviews Lawyer Larry Becraft

  Journal of Civilization (...has some good information)

Privileges and Immunities of the UN

  A chilling commentary on America

  Challenging Jurisdiction

 Professor Maurice H. SochiaThe Taxing Authority Possessed by the Federal-Republic´s Central Government

Miscellaneous 3

Download Acrobat Reader

iespell spellchecks all user entered fields on any website - free.

  Questions by Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


List of 100 Important Trial Movies

Private Life

Good Karma -  pass it around!


Social Security Number: How Secure Is It?

Sources for Legal Forms -- No Fee

Legal Forms Archive ILRG
ILRG U.S. Corporate & Business Forms, Filing Information
ILRG U.S. Federal & State Government Tax Forms

Legal Forms via Court TV Small Business Law Center
Legal Forms via Home Business Online
Legal Forms via Kinsey Law Offices
Legal Forms Law Made Easy Press
Legal Forms via LawSmart
Legal Forms via ´Lectric Law Library
DIY Legal Forms 3,000+ Premium Free Legal Forms for business, family & personal use.
Premium Legal Forms Library

Sources for Legal Forms -- Available for Fee

Legal Forms via LawCheck® Legal Forms
Legal Forms via Legaldocs
Legal Forms via Legal Forms USA
Legal Forms via Parsons Technology, Inc.
Legal Forms via Teneron, Inc.
Legal Forms via LawNetCom, Inc.

Software Applications for Legal Forms

Capsoft Development´s HotDocs
Matthew Bender & Co., Inc.

Publishers of Legal Forms and Self-Help

Nolo Press

Tax Forms

Texas Sales Tax Exemption form

Canadian Legal Forms

Legal Docs for Canada


 Patriation - pass it around!

Stop Withholding Jack CohenStop Withholding

People for Truth in Taxation

The Cult of the Serpent
Facts to Know
Anatomy of a Church

Fraudulent Event Note

Learn from the past - know the enemy! No endorsement, just information.

The Avalon Project - Texas From Independence to Annexation 1836-1846

 That´s how they got their names...


FAIR´s Media Contact List

great moments in journalism

Forgotten PC history: The true origins of the personal computer

Who Killed the Electric Car?

Tesla´s wild ride

Eliica 230mph Electric Car

Volkswagen to Make Limited Edition of 1-Liter Car (282 MPG!) in 2023

Tata Nano: The World’s Cheapest Car

Is Anyone Listening?

Chip legend Grove sees an electric future for cars

Overcharged: Pumps Cheat Drivers  Overcharged: Pumps Cheat Drivers

Gasoline is toxic waste - literally    /   Alcohol Can Be a Gas!

Until now - Why haven´t you heard of this car?

3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken Formation— 25 Times More Than 1995 Estimate

Dutch town tests ´air-purifying´ concrete

Magnetic Motor  Home Generator

Sen. Dianne Feinstein: Don´t Spoil Our Desert With  Solar Panels

Texas to Tel Aviv  Texas to Tel Aviv

RPost Registered E-mail - Legal Proof of Delivery, Receipt, Content & Time

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All the powers in the universe seem to favor the person who has confidence.

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