Private Property Rights

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David Wilbur Johnson speaking on property rights and land grants

Fourteen hours of weekly telephone presentations given from November 27, 2000 ~ April 16, 2001
(Anyone interested in transcribing these - quite a learning experience!)

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Video with Jeff Ganapowski

Jerry Kirk on the National Animal/Premis ID and 911 system

Land Patents and Allodial Title  Land Patents and Allodial Title

More on Land Patents

Truth - Land Patents - Allodial and Land Patents Titles

(The Derry Brownfield Show (July 14, 2006) explained the IPMC - audio not now known to be available.)
International Property Maintenance Code

Affidavit of Walker Todd  Affidavit of Walker Todd


We can now prove that where you are is not what they have a lien on  click here

Marc Harry Fishman: How I Fought A Property Tax Foreclosure Marc Harry Fishman: How I Fought A  Property Tax Foreclosure

Let me read this, the basic thing to you. It’s got a big long deed description. You know how a land surveyor makes a description and they call it a deed description but it’s not a deed description, at all; it’s nothing but a survey description of the property, beginning at a certain point, running so many feet to another point, turning north, northeast to another point, that’s a description. That follows this. But here’s what he said in two short paragraphs. He said:

Know all men by these presents that John, son of John, formerly known by mistake as John L. McNeil and Rita G. McNeil of Hardin County, Texas in consideration of 144 one-ounce pieces of silver and having all dollar substance and other considerations of any kind whatsoever being paid to us, John, son of John, formerly known as John L. McNeil and Rita G. McNeil on February 20th, 2001 by Johnny, son of John, of Hardin County, Texas have granted, bargained, sold and released and by these presents do grant, grant, bargain, sell and release unto the said Johnny, son of John, all that land in Kenny County, Texas being 56.9907 acres as follows.

All that certain tract and parcel of land lying and being situated in Kenny County, Texas, and being more particularly described in Exhibit A (Exhibit A being that description I told you about from the land surveyor.) attached hereto and made a part hereof all purposes.

Basically, the end of the conveyance—it just shows that it’s been conveyed. It’s witnessed by a notary and then there’s a final page. Now, this is what we’ve been doing but we haven’t been recording it because, I think, recording in the form of a deed of any kind is the wrong thing to do but in the form of a conveyance that’s not a deed. It does the same thing as a deed but it’s not the same as far as they respect it and he just gives them a notice that says that notice is hereby given that John L. McNeil and Rita G. McNeil are no longer the recorded owners of the 56.9907 acres of land mentioned in the attached exhibit A that becomes part of this notice for all purposes. The above described land was sold for 144 one-ounce pieces of silver on the 20th of February, 2001, signed by John and Rita and again notarized and then filed with the county recorder of deeds and apparently that takes it off of the tax rolls.
Excerpted from Howard Griswold Conference Call—Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008

All property in the united States of America was set up to be held in allodium. So that we are all on the same page we should probably define these terms.

Free; not holden of any lord or superior; owned without obligation of vassalage or fealty; the opposite of feudal.
as found in Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition.
Land held absolutely in one's own right, and not of any lord or superior; and not subject to feudal duties or burdens.
as found in Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition.

When property is held in allodium, all police powers are removed from the property. There are no building permits required and there are no property taxes (feudal duties) due. When property is held in allodium, the title is called a Land Patent.

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