Disscussion on money and Guaranty Trust Co. v. Henwood

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Dear Steve and Brenda:

Here is the finest case that expresses that while the United states is in bankruptcy, and the only money available is internal bankruptcy script called United states legal tender money, no creditor can force a DEMANDANT/DEFENDANT to pay a debt with cash, checks, or money orders that can only be bought with money earned by sweat labor and which sweat labor earned money is valued in "dollars" which is a sum certain weight of gold or silver also dug out of the ground by sweat labor and which metal has a corresponding value in relation to that labor, after  HJR 192, and Guaranty Trust Co. v. Henwood makes it clear that the United States Supreme Court decrees that if you were extended credit while the United States is in the bankruptcy, or even prior to the bankruptcy as in the case of  Guaranty Trust Co. v. Henwood, then you pay back with United States legal tender which is credits created by promissory notes, or Accept for Value, or by the creditor or the DA or some BAR Card commercial agent making a presentment with a voucher attached so that the settlor/grantor/beneficiary of the trust can sign the voucher and issue the credits for discharge, settlement, and closure of the claim, case, or cause number.

The illusion of reality has been substituted for real reality. The illusion is that there is lawful weights and measures for "dollar" de jure money as was once available for the exchange of Federal reserve notes with the contract printed on the face; when in real reality today after the bankruptcy there are only FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES internal bankruptcy script and also called United States legal tender money and which money is created by the signature of the settlor/grantor/beneficiary private banker who signs the instrument that creates the credits that the bankrupt de facto United States government needs to run its operations. Some of those operations are,[i.e.: the corporations all have an EIN issued by a subdivision bankrupt-sovereign de facto this state government that displays the colored flag of the bankrupt sovereign,] loaning "credit" to home buyers so the local economy is stimulated by hiring workers and tradesmen and craftsmen, maybe the issuing of credit cards so that local merchants can conduct business, maybe issuing traffic citations and property tax bills so the local government can hire otherwise unemployable plantation residents and give them a job..... all the weight of the entire economy rests upon the shoulders of the settlor/grantor/beneficiary people who step up to the closing table and issue credit loans to lending institutions for buying houses, or their kitchen table and complete a credit card application, or to the traffic court bench and sign the commercial instrument and agree to pay and have credits issued secretly on the back end by a power of attorney surreptitiously obtained by a prosecutor..... all of what we have comes from we the people private bankers who issue the credits.

If we allow the creditors/bankers of this state to scam us out of our "dollars" when only credits of the United States legal tender money is due, then we are at fault for not learning the rules of the illusion of reality that has replaced real reality. The Matrix is real. We either need to kill off The Matrix and return to lawful weights and measures of lawful money, or we better learn the rules of the Matrix and monitor what the de facto bankers of this state do with their license.

We are in control. First place to start is de facto judges of this state who will not ledger the discharge; get a criminal complaint for breach of oath and larceny of a trust. The judges are the banks. The term "bench" is derived from the French word 'banque', (I think I spelled it correctly.)

The judges must make the settlement.

Second place to go is the DA or some other BAR Card commercial agent who makes presentments without the voucher attached. The presumption of having an application or agreement contract with a de facto this state government subdivision made under bankruptcy fails consideration because the demands made by those de facto government officers and officials of this state is for a kind of money "dollars" that was not the same legal tender money under which was valued the presumption of the benefit application agreement. see Guaranty v Henwood. We must force the bankers, i.e.: the judges, and the officers of the court, to ledger the discharges and settle the account.

Look, so long as you did not hit your neighbor, damage the property of your neighbor, or steal the property of your neighbor, all other alleged crimes are actually defined by some penal contract that was created under the bankruptcy and therefore there is actually no common law injured party and the matter is totally commercial and dischargeable so long as the DA attaches the voucher to the charging instrument. The de factoes know that statute and public policy do not encumber the rights of the people protected by the constitutions. If the DA refuses to attach the voucher, then Accept for Value the instrument and create your own voucher.

We will win all of our claims when we stop thinking that there is any de jure law to be found in any de facto court of this state that is using a name deceptively similar to the name of a de jure court defined in Article 5 of the Texas Constitution.

The only law there is, is the law of the contract. Period.

The only courts available are BAR Card commercial chambers which are operated by a cartel of communist-like commercial agents who have taken oaths to abide by the law, statute, regs, and public policy of the bankrupt sovereign which licensed and bonds them. The agreements and applications and contracts removes the commercial agent DEFENDANT from the constitution and subjects the DEFENDANT to extra-constitutional terms of performance contained within the application agreement and contracts into which we enter the artificial person commercial agent; but the saw cuts both ways. The extra-constitutional public policy requires adherence to the constitution protections for the settlor/grantor/beneficiary while he is managing the affairs of the artificial person commercial agent DEMANDANT/DEFENDANT. This is why we always have the authority for issuing the credits that the de facto bankrupt government needs to operate. Banks can only get from us private bankers the authority to issue our credit we give them. Therefore, if the matter is penal, then the matter is commercial, [see  STATE ex rel. McNAMEE et al. v. STOBIE, page 24 of the Westlaw case, page 212 of the law book case], and there should be a voucher for discharge attached to the charging instrument presented to secured party and lien holder [that is us the settlor/grantor/beneficiary of the cestui que trust] of the artificial person commercial agent DEMANDANT/DEFENDANT. If there is not a voucher, a crime has been committed by the commercial agents making the claim. Now I know it is difficult to understand that the artificial person commercial agent DEFENDANT is not the same party/entity as the settlor/grantor/beneficiary of the trust, but it, the artificial person DEFENDANT with the deceptive similar all caps name, is not he, the settlor/grantor/beneficiary Texan man spelling his name in proper English format.

A judge and an assistant DA in Collin county admitted that fact to me about 2 years ago, in court, during an alleged "criminal" case. Of course, the jury, a herd of brain dead retards, whose combined intelligence was proven to be less than one dairy cow, had not a clue as to what the judge and the assistant DA admitted in the courtroom. But that was in the past. We have learned a lot since then. Like primarily that the illusion of de jure law is just that; it is only an illusion. All law moves by contract. What is important is now that the deception of the deceptively named courts of this state has been exposed, we enforce the public policy until the de factos slam the floor three times in submission. And they usually signal they give up when they change things. And, I can feel "change" coming soon. North American Union??? Amero's??? Changes like a communist inspired president making a state of the union address on January 28, 2021 sounding like he is the first cousin to George Wallace. Now that is certainly the precursor to change. And when the mask comes off of the lying impostor president, he will look like an Adolph Hitler twin. "Change."

HHhhmmmmm Are you ready for change??....... Well........
Are you?

L -o-

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