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Why all the despair over the Liberty Dollar case?

28 March A.D. 2011

Ten days ago, an administrative advisory panel sitting in a federal trial court returned a recommendation that von Nothaus (the "inventor," as it were, of the Liberty Dollar metal and paper currencies) be found guilty in his tremendously American commitment to return honest weights and measures to the American marketplace.

It seems that the more highly circulated commentators on this case who have been at least closet supporters of the concept of a return to the marketplace of the use of an honest system of weights and measures have completely thrown in the towel.


Really, why all the despair and hand-wringing?

Are those people really and truly trying to solve particular problems, or are they instead clandestinely trying to crush the growing opposition to the fed?

Since the "fed" is in full-scale retreat, now is the time to ADVANCE, ADVANCE, ADVANCE!

This note is written for members of this list with the intention that they feel 100% encouraged to forward these thoughts to every "investment" type and/or "economist" type with whom they exchange ideas and information. This note is written to be kept in the Inbox or the appropriate folder for resending to those same people every time one of them sends out more of this despair and hand-wringing nonsense over the von Nothaus (Liberty Dollar) case.

This author will presume for the rest of this discussion that these investment types and economist types really and truly do want to see a return to the marketplace of an honest system of weights and measures. The one statement in exception to that rule for this note is this. If the attitude prevailing today lasts a month, i.e., if we're into May, 2021, and the "big boys" in the area of investment discussions and economic discussions are still bemoaning von Nothuas' conviction and are still wringing their hands trying to convince their readers and audiences that given the von Nothaus conviction that there just simply is no way to get an honest system of weights and measures back into general circulation in America, then this author will know that we're a VERY LONG way away from having the intellectual capability of running a system based on individual responsibility, i.e., a Liberty-based marketplace.

The von Nothaus case is just not THAT complicated.

It IS a wicked paradigm shift, which takes us to the emotional attachment we're taught to have to the "understanding" about how this legal system functions, but it's just not THAT complicated.

This author figures that all the present hand-wringing derives from the prevailing and ubiquitous lack of exposure to what drives the fed's case against von Nothaus, i.e., to the legal reality. Those writers feel compelled to say something, so they're saying something at a time when it'd show a better command of understanding to say nothing. Since the appeal is still in process, this author is greatly restrained in the depth of discussion on any particular issue, and, for this reason, he'll not address the procedural matters, at all. Those are of a sensitive enough nature that he may restrict the discussion of those matters to very private interactions, perhaps even beyond the duration of the appeals relevant to the von Nothaus case.

Let's talk substance. What was the problem that the Mint "warned" von Nothaus about? What is the statutory problem that von Nothaus triggered against himself?

The answer has everything under the sun to do with the semantics of the term "dollar."

What is a "dollar?" The only way to answer that question is first to pick a "choice of law." At this level of the discussion, there are two options: The Law of the Land and The Law of the Sea.

Under The Law of the Land, "dollar" used to be "defined" in terms of grains of fine silver. That "definition" varied over time, as it seems to have been more a by-product of the minting specs than an actual statutory definition, but to illustrate the point, a "dollar" was, at one point, minted to being 370-someodd grains of fine (i.e, .999 pure) silver, plus just that much of "strengthening" metals (impurities to the otherwise pure (100%) silver) as to keep the coin a coin or the bar a bar.

In the "federal areas," also referred to as "federal zones," also referred to, in the STATE statutes as the "place" called "this state," there is no definition of the term "dollar." Of course, that's hidden by the circular language found in 31 USC §§ 5101, 5102, 5103, etc. It is not a definition to say that a "dollar" is 100 cents and that a "cent" is 1/100th of a dollar. That facially nonsense, and to recognize that it IS nonsense is to start to see the significance of the "funny money" scam.

To be sure, the fact that there's no statutory (or "constitutional") definition of "dollar" doesn't mean that "dollar" has no practical definition at all. It just means that "dollar" is defined on a per-transaction basis. The buyer and seller determine the meaning of the term in each transaction.

In short, "the" problem with the Liberty Dollar effort is very singular and very easy to detect. The Liberty Dollar coin "re-defined" "dollar" in the "federal areas," "federal zones," "this state," etc., in terms of fine silver. It doesn't matter whether it's a competent definition in terms of grains of fine silver or a greatly revised one What matters is that the Liberty Dollar directly associated, i.e., "defined," in "this state," in a "federal zone," the term "dollar" with a weight of fine silver.

THAT's the problem, here.

How so?

Because "dollar" is strictly to be unassociated with any legit definition for all purposes in "this state," i.e., in any "federal zone."

Therefore, key for the "investment" and "economist" types to come to terms with is that this is ALL that is the problem, here. NOTHING else about the reality of what motivates the minting and use of the Liberty Dollar is wrong, or illegal. NOTHING.

IF those good people will remove the term DOLLAR, in all ways, including symbols and words, from those coins and associated papers, and circulate coins showing the weight, in terms of troy ounces, and the purity of the metal, e.g, .999 fine silver, as all currently circulated "silver rounds" do, THEN they'll accomplish von Nothaus' goal of returning to the American marketplace what has been stripped from it since 1965. We are living proof of the "benefits" of having operated under a Law of the Sea system since that time. It has produced Viet Nam, Desert Storm, Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Murrah Building bombing, S-11, TWA 800, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and now also Libya, and all the rest of the brutal massacres, assassinations, and murders committed in the name of "government."

Now IS NOT the time to despair!

Now IS NOT the time to wring one's hands!

Shame on all how have responded in this manner. Shame!

Now is the time to pour it on!

Now is the time to circulate as many "dollar-less" coins and bars as the marketplace can handle!

Now is the time to REJOICE over the "fed's" confession of just exactly how successful the von Nothaus effort would be if they would-be minters would just stop trying to re-define "dollar" in "this state."

If Money didn't matter, "they" would never have assassinated JFK.

If Money didn't matter, "they" would never have charged von Nothaus.

If Money didn't matter, "they" would not have changed out the Money with "funny money."

Since Money matters, and since "they" keep confessing that it matters, the "answer" is to keep going. Now is not the time to stop or to circle the wagons. Now is the time to "flood" the American marketplace with silver and gold coin. Take it in, in exchange for goods and services; pay it out to the employees (as Kahre did in Nevada).

What in the world do the investment types and the economist types NEED to see to realize that NOW is the time to do everything humanly possible to bring legit Money back into the marketplace?? What ELSE do they need -- a silver/gold engraved invitation to think? To paraphrase Peter, silver and gold have I none, but of what I have, I give to you freely. (Reaching out to take the hand of the lame investment types and economist types, this author says, commands:) STAND UP AND WALK!

If there's a difference here, the lame man Peter cured sincerely wanted to be cured.

Regarding von Nothaus' future, here's a scenario over which to pray like mad. What if the appeal in the von Nothaus case takes until, say, March, or so, 2021? (There will be an election in November of 2012.) And, what if, in the interim, those who are politically inclined manage to get all the electronic voting machines removed from all voting places, so as to prevent the computer-programing of the results? All votes must be counted by hand, several times. In the most populace precincts, it should take a week or so to do what must be done, there. Thus, all precincts should say, "Ready," and then all those figures should be submitted, say, two weeks later, so that "Chicago," for example, can't hold out long enough to figure out what the total needs to be to throw the election this way or that. And, what if, in this same interim, someone who has a clue about the difference between Money and "funny money" were in a position to hold the office of "president" in the federal system? And, what if the hand-counted ballots from all voting precincts in the nation put that individual into the office of president? Then, it's conceivable that von Nothaus, rather than going to jail for the CRIMES he HAS committed in and against "this state," i.e., the international banking cartel and its minions ("governors") running that Law of the Sea system here in the STATEs, he'd be pardoned.

It IS a CRIME, in "this state," i.e., in the "federal zones," to re-define "dollar" in terms of anything legit. "They" are going to keep the term "dollar" undefined in "this state," even if they have to assassinate presidents and jail coin-designers to do so. Therefore, the coin designers must stop trying to re-define "dollar" in "this state."

It's perfectly Ok that there's no definition for "dollar" in "this state," because we don't need "dollar" defined legitimately in order to do what must be done. We just have to think, and talk, and act in terms of troy ounces of fine silver. We don't need "dollars" in general circulation. We need Money in general circulation. The sooner we make that adjustment, which isn't easy, just necessary, the more likely will be a pardon for von Nothaus.

Thus, the path of the supporters of von Nothaus is very clear. Just keep going, and stay away from the term "dollar." This is the path all Americans need to walk, as well. Those who are across this or that Pond from America, don't feel limited. Use silver and gold coin as is possible, staying away from your nation's financial unit of account, in the same way we need to stay away from the unit of account of "dollar."

The international banking cartel can't rule the world where there's even one system (one "state," one body politic, one commonwealth, one nation, one "City," as it is referred to in Scripture) operating under The Law of the Land. Where there is even one light on the hill that cannot be hid, the international banking cartel is in a world of hurt, so to speak. The international banking cartel must change all systems to Law of the Sea systems, and when they "conquer" a nation, the "flag" they raise over that nation is this or that version of "funny money." To change the foundational choice of law, they have to get rid of all legit Currencies and replace those with a locally accepted version of "funny money." Where they can't change out the foundational choice of law, so as to bring in "their" version of The Law of the Sea, their plan of world domination (perpetual war, perpetual poverty, perpetual drugs, perpetual crimes, perpetual political assassinations, perpetual massacres against the people, etc.) fails.

The "currency" is what tells us what that system's foundational choice of law is. Where the Currency is legit, then commercial activity relative to the land is covered by The Law of the Land. Whatever that is for that nation, it's their Law of the Land that would govern the bulk of the day-to-day commercial activities. Scripturally, it's the difference between a system where God supplies the (commercial) laws and where "man" supplies the (commercial) laws. Where that nation, that "City," uses God's system of honest weights and measures, then God supplies the commercial principles for that system. Where that nation, that "City," uses "man's" "funny money" system, then "man" (here, the international banking cartel) supplies the commercial principles for that system. Therefore, the "new world order" types, some of which have proven themselves clinically insane, reflect on JFK, RFK, MLK, Jr., Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Murrah Building, the marine barracks in Beirut, the first WTC bombing, S-11, 7/7, TWA 800, MK Ultra, murders in Mena, Arkansas, Vince Foster, Sec. Brown, Chendra Levy, The DC Madame, the school shootings, the DC sniper plot, the AZ massacre, and etc. (to include the explosives used to destroy the levies surrounding New Orleans? the Indonesian tsunami? the earthquake in Haiti? the Japanese earthquake and tsunami?) plotted against all nations that circulated an honest system of weights and measures. They've just about accomplished their goal, but it's a goal with a huge Achilles Heel.

What Achilles Heel?

They can't compel us to use "funny money." We do that 100% voluntarily.

Why must its use be voluntary? Because no one can be compelled to agree to any particular choice of law.

We see the success of that plot against Americans has been stretched out over time. First, they got the legislature and the executive (FDR) to take gold out of general circulation. They used "war" and local economic disaster as the cover story. About 30 years later, they assassinated JFK, who was FAR more inclined to keep silver in general circulation and to issue non-interest-bearing "United States Notes" as currency than to turn over that part of the nation's "self-security" system to an internationally (foreign) controlled central banking system. Then, they sucked as much of the remaining silver out of general circulation through the banking system as they could, having at the ready the introduction of "tokens" to be used instead. Also at the ready was the legislation that "defined" "dollar" for US law to be circular non-sense, as well as the state legislation referred to as the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code), which defines "money" to include "federal reserve notes" and which nowhere defines "dollar" (certainly not in terms of grains of fine silver).

Thus, the change in currency, i.e., the "flag" of conquering which IS the "funny money," was preceded by the change in the law. First came the change in the law, i.e., the change in the definition of the term "dollar," and then came the "funny money." One of the most succinct and clear presentations of that change is found in James Ewart's book, "Money -- Ye shall have honest weights and measures." (Principia Publishing, Inc.) He includes "plates" showing the language printed in the paper currencies. To read that language printed on the "currency" and to see the change in that language over time is to start to understand the differences between a legit Currency and the presently circulated "funny money."

"They" will not be going back to a legit standard, a Common Law standard, a Scriptural standard, for Money. For them, it's a one-way trip. That's fine. If they'll go and never return, the country will be all the more benefited. We don't HAVE to stay "over there" with them. We need to make that return trip, and the sooner the better.

Under absolutely, positively NO circumstances should von Nothaus' momentum be diminished in any way. He didn't get the best planning advice going into his coin design. So, now he's been convicted of a "currency"-related crime. But, the legal reality hasn't changed one iota. If his direct supporters, and if those within "hearing" of his direct supporters, will simply stay the course, by using "silver rounds" that DON'T TRY TO RE-DEFINE "DOLLAR" FOR TRANSACTIONS IN "THIS STATE," then the momentum already developed will remain in full and active voice in the marketplace.

There are two foundational choices of law. We cannot be compelled to transact under The Law of the Sea. We have a choice. We need to satisfy ourselves of the existence of this choice. Those who are committed to making that return trip need to set the example by allowing, where possible, that company's customers, patrons, clients, patients, etc., to pay their bills in legit Money. That legit Money will show a weight and a purity, e.g., one troy ounce fine silver. Where we avoid the term "dollar" for the duration of this transition, we won't have any more von Nothaus cases.

Around here, there is no despair. There is no hand-wringing. There is deep sadness for von Nothaus and his family and supporters for that conviction, and that, too, shall pass. (If he got advice at the time he was designing his coins, he got bad advice.) Everything else is REJOICING! The clinical insanity that went into the assassination of Kennedy, the manifest abuse that went into the "tax"-based harangue against Kahre in Nevada for paying his employees with gold and silver Coin, and now the all-out effort to jail (or intent to jail) von Nothaus, all constitute acts of CONFESSION of the Achilles Heel of the "new world order" conspiracy (which conspiracy CAN'T move forward unless aided and abetted by STATE and federal legislators and executives). That Achilles Heel is called Money. It's called "honest weights and measures." May this reality be proclaimed from the rooftops from Sea to shining Sea!

The non-conspiring, non-God-hating, non-America-hating legislators can't really help, yet, because they can't re-define "dollar," i.e., change the default choice of law, without first providing a "new currency" for the "new marketplace." But, key, neither can they stop that change from happening! They'll never have the authority to compel anyone into any particular choice of law. Thus, if that change is ever going to happen, We, The Posterity, are going to have to take it upon ourselves to change our commercial conduct.

As said before, in earlier notes, the change back to Money, and the accompanying change back to a Law of the Land marketplace, won't, by itself, instantly cure all the problems. But, it WILL change the standard by which the "gotcha agreements" are evaluated judicially, and, that, by itself, should go a long way toward terminating a great deal of that which is used to vex us at present.

It's the obama-nation's administration that has gone after von Nothaus, and to defeat that regime (which, sadly, DID have a legitimate legal complaint against von Nothaus and the Liberty DOLLAR), which regime is a puppet on a string dancing to the dirge belched out by the "new world order" international banking cartel's chamber singers, We, The Posterity, whether we like Tea or not, must start using, not talking about using, but using, honest weights and measures in as much of our "daily" commerce as we can.

Those "organizations" that purport to be pro-America but which don't accept anything but "funny money" need to find their business going to those competing pro-America organizations and businesses that do allow their patrons, customers, clients, patients, etc., to pay the bills in honest weights and measures. For example, we'll know we're making substantial progress when and AFP start allowing subscription payments in terms of honest weights and measures. We'll know we're making progress when all the authors and sellers of all these excellent exposes of the "funny money" system, and of the banking cartel's activities against this nation's interests, start allowing payment for those books and materials in terms of honest weights and measures. We'll know we're making progress when the advertisers on the "patriot" radio stations start allowing their patrons, customers, etc., pay those amounts via honest weights and measures. Since the (political) "leaders" can't do anything until their respective marketplaces have sufficient Currency to allow the change in choice of law (by re-defining "dollar") (where the law changes and there's no Currency, the marketplace either shuts down or becomes criminal, instantly), We, The Posterity, will simply have to show them how it's done.

For the "investment" types and the "economist" types who feel at present like being in despair and wringing hands as a result of the von Nothaus case, the nation will benefit if they'll keep those positions to themselves in VERY private conversations. If they feel committed to ringing the church bells to warn about something, let them warn the international bankers that "their" time is greatly shortened due to their conduct against America that compelled von Nothaus to design and market an alternative to the "funny money," which alternative is pretty darn close. Pretty darn close. He'd have nailed it if he'd have just left off the symbol for "dollar" and term "dollar." That "dollar-less" form of coin he'd still be selling to this day, with the likeness of anyone he wanted to emboss on however many "printings" of that coin he wanted to mint. May he be pardoned and returned to his family, friends, and neighbors promptly so that he may try again with competent advice in the planning stage, this time.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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