What's Really Going On About Haiti?

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27 January A.D. 2010

First see: What's Really Going On In Haiti? by Chuck Baldwin, January 26, 2021
archived at http://www.chuckbaldwinlive.com/c2010/cbarchive_20100126.html

It seems that Pastor Baldwin is also a reader of international goings on. Some of this will sound familiar to those read http://worldreports.org/news, in particular

This is one more confirmation that we, as a people, truly are in a period of an awakening. It's a marvelous sight to behold!

As it becomes less shocking to us that "high ranking officials" are insanely corrupt, it should also be less shocking to us that this level of corruption is written into the very fabric of the language that passes as "law."

Once we break free from the concept on which we've all been raised, i.e., that "law" has authority (solely) because it's printed, and start to recognize that "law" operates much more along the lines of Monte Hall's "Let's Make A Deal!", we'll see the problem, legally speaking. To see the problem is to see the solution.

To implement the solution, we must first recognize the problem for what it is.

Thus, the value to us in keeping up with the Christopher Story (England) news articles, and the Benjamin Fulford (Japan) news articles, or, as here, the apparent increase in acceptability of those news sources, isn't in the study of "who." "Who" the corrupt are, and even exposing them, isn't going to do one cotton pickin' thing to alter in any way the "policies" in place for us to continue to agree to via the "gotcha agreements." The value to us in understanding the goings on at this level of perspective is seeing that we, in America, are in absolutely no way "immune" from the corruption that we "know" "controls" a large part of the entirety of the rest of the world.

Taking this the next step, i.e., looking at this at the level of personal responsibility, leadership reflects its constituency. Where "our" leadership is THIS corrupt, and where it's been THIS corrupt for as long as it has been, then we've got the face the music in one of two ways. Either, we, as Americans, ARE this corrupt, ourselves, or else we're (still) this naive.

To learn, and then, for those who are called to do so, to apply, the legal reality, is to communicate not only to ourselves but also to the constituency, that we are neither corrupt nor naive.

In sum, we already know the "who," for it is the person we see in the mirror every morning. No one else on the face of the planet can compel anyone else into any of the "gotcha agreements." The system (1) makes us personally responsible, and then (2) markets the daylights out of an attitude of "victimhood," by which it becomes Ok to blame someone else for our problems, by which perspective, we march in exactly the opposite direction from the one we need to be taking.

Thus, the most cost-effective focus for us at present is the "how." To learn the "how" is to go through a rather wicked paradigm shift, but to learn it well enough to start to apply it then turns the focus of "change" onto those who are called to make those kinds of decisions. The reason path blazers are still the (only) ones to get something constructive accomplished in the judicial forums is not because the judiciary are corrupt; it's because they are still naive. The vast majority of the jurists have been raised to accept the concept that because the language is "in print," it has authority. Because there ARE jurists way at the top of our system(s) who have been teaching us our reality, i.e., the "how," even from the beginning, i.e., 220+ years ago, we know that if we've taken a competent position at the trial level and preserved it according to our procedural traditions, and if we initiate each stage of the process timely, the naivete that holds us back at present will yield to a superior understanding of the "how," i.e,. our present legal reality.

Those who really internalize our present legal reality will move beyond the view of "curative" solutions and toward the "preventative" solutions. To avoid the "gotcha agreements" from the outset is the ultimate solution, legally speaking. How many adults are now getting married without the "license" to "make babies?" How many parents are bringing their children into the world at home, so as to avoid the need for obtaining an SSN at birth? How many business people are conducting business without involving any "bank" in the transaction(s)? How many people are borrowing needed funds from family, friends, and neighbors rather than "banks?" All of these things apply the reality, whether accidentally or on purpose, for they avoid the "commercial nexus" on which the present oppressors, who are insanely corrupt, depend in order to have that foothold into our lives by which to start controlling/oppressing us.

Governmental systems THIS corrupt are identified Scripturally as "Beasts." A "Beast" is raised up by God to be a rod of correction in His hand. These systems exist to devour and to destroy the rebellious. We ARE being Judged. There's one solution to this. It's called repentance.

It's good to be bothered by the very unusual events involving/devastating Haiti. It's a military invasion; one more undeclared PRIVATE war for which "Americans" are taking the lead role. Since the Haitians are not marketed to us as "terrorists" (think S-11, Afghanistan, etc.), or as "reds" for which we need to try to stop the "domino effect" (think Korea, Viet Nam, etc.), or Nazis (think WWII), someone had to come up with a different "prelude." So, this war is conducted under the disguise of humanitarian aid. To provide humanitarian aid, there must first be a humanitarian cause/need.

Therefore, before contributing to Haitian relief, it may be worth the time to make really good and sure that what you intend to get to the people there actually will get to the survivors, rather than into the hands of those intending to conquer Haiti and exploit the vast resources in that part of the world for their own (private) benefit.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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