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What is the definition of "dollar?"

The answer, of course, is, "That depends."
11 November A.D. 2009

Depends on what? At least two things: (1) The fundamental "choice of law," of course, and (2) the time (period) of focus for that "choice of law."

Several very beneficial exchanges of ideas have followed from the recent note about Jim Ewart's book, "Money--Ye Shall Have Honest Weights And Measures"

There truly is no issue more foundational to our getting our minds around our present legal reality than the Money/"funny money" issue. There may be some points equally foundational, but there is no point more foundational than the Money issue.

Included below are some website links, and some content within those sites, regarding the definition of "dollar." This very first link goes to great trouble to distinguish (A) the definition of "dollar," which is in terms of a weight of fine grains of silver, from (B) the definition or purity ratio of this or that "coin," e.g., the "Eagle," which coin happens, unfortunately, to be stamped with the term or symbol of "dollar," along with a fixed numerical number of "dollars." That discussion encourages our understanding of certain very significant details in this study of Money.

Why do we talk about money? Because in the "place" called "this state" there is no definition of a "dollar," period. Thus, the definitions for "dollar" that are included below are valuable and relevant ONLY to a "Law of the Land"-based system. They have no relevance to a "Law of the Sea"-based system, such as the system(s) in/of "this state."

To understand that "dollar" IS defined, in terms of grains of fine silver, for one choice of law, and IS NOT defined, at all, for the other choice of law, is to recognize the "best evidence" of the duality of the "choice of law" that we need to come to terms with in order to recognize the legal mechanisms being used against us.

Again, "dollar" is defined for purposes of Law of the Land, and it's defined in terms of grains of fine silver. "Dollar" is not defined for purposes of Law of the Sea, at all. Thus, "dollar" is "defined" on a per-transaction basis in "this state." In other words, in "this state," the term "dollar" takes on much more of a "choice of law" meaning/reference than an economic meaning/reference.

To understand why "time" is mentioned, let's look at what should be a couple of intuitively obvious examples. (A) People used to be drawn and quartered. Why has that stopped? Because, "in time," the moral response to, moral evaluation of, that form of punishment has changed. (B) Horse thieves used to be punished by hanging. Why is horse-stealing no longer a death penalty offense? Because, "in time," the moral response to, moral evaluation of, that crime has changed.

Why, then, has the definition of "dollar" changed? Because, "in time," the moral connection to, commitment to, the Scriptural standard has changed.

"Law" is a moving target. The "law" is different not only geographically but also within one "place" through time. (This "change in time" factor tends to be a huge stumbling block for many pro se litigants these days, who don't appreciate, yet, the distinctions between the concepts generally applicable prior to the JFK assassination, i.e., while we still had an honest system of weights and measures in general circulation, and the concepts generally applicable after the JFK assassination, i.e., after the "passing" of the UCC, which exists for the primary purpose of justifying circulation of "funny money" at the "state" level. The fundamental "choice of law" changed when the "money" changed.) One of the best discussions about this "change in time" factor is the book, "U.S. of A. v. U.S., -- The Loss of Legal Memory of the American States," by Kegley, Henderson, and Wahler (HKW Publishing 2006).

In this context, what we "see" in the money issue is the classic dichotomy. We get to pick our Master. If we pick God, then we use His Standards for the Law, including His Standard for an honest system of weights and measures. If we pick "man," then we use "man's" standards for the law, including "man's" standards for the fiat, i.e., "funny money," system.

To supplement your learning please see my five-part study of Money from the Scriptural side,
The Silent Pulpit on Money:

That information is just a sampling of the information available via the internet. To find a whole slew of sites that talk about the definition of "dollar" (which information gets rather repetitive after a while), do a search using this string: silver dollar grains (just those three terms, no quote marks.)

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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