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15 March A.D. 2021 [GMT]

Exercise choice

It's been a super-busy time since the Winter Solstice, and there is no end in sight.

Yes, we´ve survived the abnormal winter weather. Thanks for those inquiry notes. It was camping in a brick tent, in abnormally cold temperatures, for about a week (and then another week to recover).

As we´re coming up on Passover, Happy New Year. Key these days will be the realities of basic (urban) survival, and that´s 100% expected for those who simply keep a level head about them as all hell breaks loose in the vicinity. We will be induced to "hate" at a level that may be unprecedented in American history (War of Northern Aggression (popularly marketed as the Civil War) may be the closest next example), and we just have to resist that. We´re on God´s plan, thus God´s schedule, and we´ll be called upon to depend on Divine Intervention and Divine Providence in a way that just hasn´t been needed or called up before in the 400 years of our nation. As we remain consciously aware, as we´re going down this slope, that we´re going to need to depend more and more upon Divine Intervention and Providence, then it is the hope that we´ll have peace of mind as these Scriptural level events, as promised, actually come to pass.

God/Messiah teaches us to pray for our "enemies." So, Ok, that´s a good idea and a good thing to do. Did this or that politician, national figure, governmental personality or organization, or advocates of this or that local, state, or national policy that is extremely offensive to a sensible, Scripture-minded person just pop into mind? Is the picture of our "enemy" someone (or something) besides our own thoughts? If so, we might benefit by talking some more. As we come to understand that we are our own worst enemies, it´ll be perfectly Ok for us to continue to inquire of our Lord, Savior, High Priest, King, and God what else we need to do to stop being His enemy, for our Judgment stops when we´re no longer in rebellion against Him. Our primary "enemy," from The Garden forward, has been our undisciplined "nachash." Eve didn´t discipline her "nachash," and Adam didn´t discipline his, either. While it´s weird to consider praying for that part of our mind that induces us to rebel against God, it´s not weird at all to pray for help in disciplining / mastering our own "nachash," all the more regular a part of our day as we come to realize that our "enemy" is our undisciplined "nachash."

On the "law of man" side, there are legal issues about compelled versus voluntary taking of the vaccine. At the end of the day, we do well to practice the idea of active assertion of non-consent.

In the presentation found at the link below, one of the points raised by the co-host (off screen visually, but audible in her statements) is that the CDC has become a commercial player via the loan business. (This point is accepted as valid at the moment, and research supported results in confirmation or refutation are invited.) The point made by the co-host is that in exchange for clearing the (student loan) debt, the expectation is that the debtor will be encouraged to "take the vax." Given the expected side effects, non-payment of those debts won´t be the out-moded "debtor´s prison;" it´ll be the newfangled body bag. That´s an expensive debt to pay.

Some are still expecting a "rapture of the Believers," and that´s just not Scriptural. That point is made in this context of the vax to say this. Where there were two out in the field and now there´s one, that´s a 50% reduction. That´s the sort of thing that is in motion here with this vax. The realization of the population reduction isn´t going to be by any "rapture of the Believers." It´ll be the passing away of those who took the vax.

Back to debt, God´s system of honest weights and measures isn´t based on debt; it´s the "Beast" system, that God has commissioned to devour and to destroy the rebellious, that has established this debt-based "currency" system. It´s just one more thing to be aware of as this "Beast" thrashes about in its death throes, which is the most dangerous stage of any "Beast" system.

Another of the points made, about 28:40 in this presentation, is that the medical school students are not taught dietetics or nutrition. Those of us with dietitians in the family have known this all along. Doesn´t mean they can´t learn it, just that the focus is on the pharmaceuticals rather than on one of the ancient traditional angles of healing and prevention, namely natural forms and methods.

Here´s the link that is the purpose of this note. Dr. Tenpenny on the vax. It´s 38:23 in length, with the intro and the closing information.

Some are making the connection between "the mark" and this vax. There is sound and solid basis for the connection. The point to make about any study of "the mark" is that it´s "of the Beast." The mere existence of any such "mark" is a confirmation of the existence of, thus of the reality of, a "Beast" system. Thus, the next-following point to make is that any confirmation of the existence of a "Beast" system is the confirmation of Divine Judgment, for there is no other basis or reason for a "Beast" system. The point is this. The instant it makes sense that there is a "mark" that confirms the existence of a "Beast" system, we´re staring at the reality that we´re dealing with a Law of God problem, not a "law of man" or "politics of man" problem. Law of God problems have Law of God solutions. The solution for surviving as a member of nation that God has thrown up under the bus of a "Beast" system is called "repentance."

From what?

From all that justifies God´s position that we´re deserving of such forms of Judgment as War, Famine, Pestilence (Disease, Plague) and a "Beast" system.


All historical "Beasts" arrive as a response to otherwise incurable violations of "Rule 1:" "I Am (is) your God, and you shall have no other."

To see the "vax" as a "mark of the ´Beast´" is to have to accept the reality of a/the "Beast" system. To recognize the reality of a/the/this "Beast" system is to realize that we are, in fact, under a "Beast," which means, therefore, that we´re being viewed by God Almighty as being in violation of "Rule 1."

Part of the evidence against us includes our continued participation in such things as "valentine´s" day, lent, easter, halloween, and christmas.

Part of the evidence against us includes adoption of and perpetuation of these various (and numerous) false doctrines.

The "Beast" ends, but not one moment prior to its accomplishing its commissioned duty, which is to devour and to destroy the rebellious. How does one stop being rebellious? By repenting of that which God views as constituting rebellion.

Whether one is persuaded that this vax constitutes "the" "mark" that we´re warned to look for by the prophetic word in Scripture, the medical discussion here is persuasive on the personal / medical basis, by itself, to choose to avoid it. The medical points Dr. Tenpenny makes here include the mechanism by which the vax operates, thus also the timing. It´s the delayed reaction that´s the ultimate point she´s making here.

Hopefully, we´ll recognize the direct connection between this vax and the "Beast" so as to recognize that our problem is in the nature of Divine Judgment, for which the ancient solution, from Day One, is repentance (of what? our violations of "Rule 1"). But, even if that connection isn´t clear, yet, hopefully there´ll be enough medical discussion in this to persuade the avoidance of the vax so as to be around long enough to continue to work on "the" solution, which is repentance (which gets a good start by our ending our participation in the nationally marketed pagan activities, including "valentine´s" day, lent, easter, halloween, and christmas).

No one knows the day or the hour, and this author reads that as confirmation that having hope is rewarded. All that God has warned us as coming to pass will, absolutely, come to pass. That said, the sooner we realize that God is "calling" us to repent, and the sooner we start down that path, by ending our associations with all known forms of paganism, the sooner we´ll be expecting to see His Remanifestation.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality

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