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31 March A.D. 2010
Carol Forsloff: "Film declares Bush Sr involved in Kennedy assassination"

The continuing discussion on the JFK assassination motivates this note.

To understand the difference between Money (gold and silver Coin) and "funny money" (federal reserve notes) is to understand the motive for the JFK assassination.

To understand the motive is to understand "whodunit."

There are two books that all students of the JFK assassination cover-up must have in their libraries and read/study.

David Lifton's "Best Evidence"
(to understand the medical evidence)

Craig Robert's, "Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks At Dealey Plaza"
(to understand the "how" and the "who")

The "bankers" did it (hired it done), and the motive has everything to do with "choice of law." Key was (1) getting OUT of circulation the honest system of weights and measures, and (2) getting INTO circulation the "funny money." To understand the "choice of law" associated with the medium of exchange is to understand how the "bankers" have quite literally "completely replaced" the fundamental commercial law in this nation; hence, established the legal mechanism for the present "federal government," by which they have so graciously allowed us to enter into our present condition of voluntary bondage.

Our present "gotcha agreement" environment would be impossible to set up, much less maintain, IF an honest system of weights and measures were still in general circulation. Why? Because with the medium of exchange comes the "choice of law," and with the "choice of law" comes the evaluation standard.

Whether there's an agreement or not depends greatly on the "measuring rod" used to evaluate the facts.

With Money, the evaluation standard is the "subjective standard." "Did you know you were agreeing to such and such?" "Was it your conscious intent to agree to thus and so?" These are perfectly valid questions when we are evaluating agreements under the "subjective standard." With Money comes the Common Law, i.e., the Law of the Land, and the evaluation standard for that "choice of law" is the "subjective standard."

Where the goal is to control everything and everyone, the reality is that "no one" will agree willingly to subject their property, much less themselves, to a system that intends to enslave them. Those people must be tricked into their voluntary bondage. For this reason, the need arose to devise a way to trick people, and not just Americans, but all people everywhere, into their present condition of voluntary bondage. That hatched into the "Let's change the fundamental law from the Law of the Land to the Law of the Sea." To accomplish that, "they" had to change out the Money and replace it with "funny money."

To "see" that is to "see" the motive for the assassination for JFK. Kennedy refused to consent to the changing out of the Money. "Immediately" after he was murdered/assassinated, the last vestiges of our honest system of weights and measures, the silver quarters and dimes, were rather promptly sucked out of circulation. In their stead were the "sandwich" "tokens" that circulate still today, that go by the common label of "quarter" and "dime." "Quarter" of what? "Dime" of what?

Who knows!?! When we had an honest system of weights and measures, "dollar" was a term that defined a weight measured in terms of grains of fine silver.

However, throughout "this state," there is literally no definition of the term "dollar." (Ed. note: Notice lack of definition in Black's Law Dictionary, Seventh & Eight Editions.)

Why did the "Liberty Dollar" boys get into trouble at the ballpark? Because they're trying to associate, in "this state," the concept of "dollar" with a known weight, e.g., one troy ounce fine silver. The system in "this state" collapses rather promptly the instant "dollar" regains an honest definition. The last thing that the "bankers" can afford is for us to go back to using an honest system of weights and measures. Recall the in terrorem used against the Liberty Dollar people. Recall the in terrorem used against Bob Kahre in Nevada (paying his contracts in gold/silver Coin). Recall the adage from Sen. Snort in "Li'l Abner", "Weak point? SHOUT LOUDLY!"

Back to the legal discussion on evaluation standards for agreements. The "subjective standard" poses a barrier to those who need to trick the world into agreeing to give away their property, Liberty, etc. To end run that barrier, "they" had to change the fundamental "choice of law," which they did by changing the medium of exchange. With that change in the medium of exchange came the desired result, namely a change in the evaluation standard for agreements. The standard shifted from the "subjective standard" to the "objective standard."

With the "funny money" in general circulation, the standard by which agreements are evaluated is the "objective standard." Per the "objective standard," about the only question that matters is this: "Is this your signature?" A LOT of people want to play games with "What is a signature?", but that avails them not. The problem is that under the "objective standard," the "signature," which need be merely an "X," or letterhead, or a stamp (with a printed or "signed" name, either one), means that the person has asked all the questions he felt he needed to ask, and has read everything he felt he needed to read, in order to understand everything there is to understand about what he agreed to.

The "objective standard," which is the evaluation standard in the "funny money"-based system, turns the law of agreements completely on its ear, without which fundamental upheaval, the "gotcha agreement" environment we're dealing with would be impossible to create or maintain. Without the "objective standard," it would be impossible to run the present "voluntary bondage" system.

Since people very close to JFK had to have known of the assassination plot, it's a lingering question as to whether his inability to keep his pants zipped wasn't a huge factor in his brutal and untimely death. That sort of thing can justify a strong motive for participation that might be just as strong the other way if the circumstances (morality) had been different.

(The point being? The point being that basically immoral people can't run a morality-based self-governing system. Moreover, a basically immoral nation will be rendered slaves to those who are very advanced in the art of immorality. We have a choice to make. Do we want to strive to be moral, and, as a result, be governed by those who are quite advanced in morality, i.e., God, or do we want to be immoral, and, as a result, be governed by those who are quite advanced in immorality, e.g., the "banksters?")

However large or small a role his private life played in his assassination, JFK's resistance to the change from Money to "funny money" is the paramount reason "they" assassinated him.

There's one person in the nation who couldn't remember where he was that morning, even though there are pictures of him in Dallas. That person became "president" Bush 41. That's mentioned so that the string of homicides, from Pearl Harbor, to JFK, to RFK, to King, Jr., to MK-Ultra, Sec. Brown, Vince Foster, Waco (Branch Davidians), Murrah Building bombing (Oklahoma City), S-11 (NYC, Washington, Shanksville), TWA 800, the DC Madame, and a whole slew of additional ones, may start to be linked (to and through the "presidents") in the minds of those who are coming to realize just exactly how criminal the national "leadership" is.

To understand the money is to understand how, quite literally, the right man (singular) in the right position DID oppose the world banking system's take over of this nation's "choice of law."

That describes the problem. What's the solution?

The solution starts with understanding our present legal reality. One huge key to that reality is that "federal" means "federal." "Federal" does not mean "national," and it most certainly does not mean "constitutional." "Federal" means "federal."

At the level of a "state," "federal" means "by compact" or "by treaty."

At the level of the individual, "federal" means "by private obligation."

There are two generic forms of private obligations: contracts and trusts.

While this nation did start out with a debtor's prison, that has long since been abolished, which is just to say that no one risks loss of liberty for mere breach of contract.

However, mere breach of trust may be a crime called "willful misappropriation," also known as "embezzlement." (Think IRC §§ 7201, 7203, for example.)

We may or may not ever bring the insane, power-lusting murderers to trial, but we don't have to "volunteer" to finance our own destruction any more.

Every transaction using "funny money" is another vote for our present condition of voluntary bondage. Where these communities are "printing" their own "medium of exchange," which is, actually, a great start, if, instead of "paper," they'll use something, anything, in the way of an honest system of weights and measures, then they'll terminate their continual vote of support of the present "funny money"-based system, which has proven time and time again that the voice of the American people has become totally irrelevant.

That voice IS totally irrelevant, for so long as we continue to use "their" "funny money." With that "funny money" is the "choice of law" that includes the evaluation standard by which the "gotcha agreements" are enforced, which enforcement keeps those "people" in their positions of power of us, individually, by way of our signature. JFK was showing us the problem. If we're listening, even now, we've got time to show some respect to the one man in a position to do what he did, which was expose the enemies of our nation by exposing their legal mechanism. That enemy is the banking system and those who run it, and their legal mechanism is the "evaluation standard" in their "commercial nexus"-based world. It is from that group of "people" that came the idea and the plan to assassinate JFK.

That is the same group of "people" that has suckered this nation and its people into every single war this nation has involved itself in. War is one of The Four Sore Judgments. It's also very profitable for a select few. Who profits from war? The people who can loan money to both sides, which then destroy each other, rendering pay-back difficult, if not impossible, so that the bank ends up "owning" both sides before the dust settles.

With Money comes the Law of the Land, Common Law (the origin of which is Scripture). The evaluation standard here is the "subjective standard."

With "funny money" comes the Law of the Sea, commercial law (the "law of man"). The evaluation standard here is the "objective standard."

At this time of year, which is Passover, if we believe that the precious blood of our Messiah, Who IS God manifest in the flesh ("See! Your God comes your wrong to redress,--God Himself comes as Saviour to you!" Isaiah 35:4 (Ferrar Fenton translation)), is the source of our salvation, then we need to start trusting in that fact, which means we need to start acting like we trust that fact.

This present "Beast" system draws its "life blood" from our use of its "funny money."

To solve a problem, we must first identify it correctly. To see the problem for what it is, is then also to see the solution. Many solutions are easier to "see" than to implement, and in that decision is the separation of the sheep from the goats. Those who rely only on their own abilities don't yet trust in the fact that the Passover blood of our Messiah proves the source of any nation's strength. Those who abandon God's Laws end up as slaves under the "law of man."

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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