Commercial problems have commercial solutions

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25 January A.D. 2010

Commercial problems have commercial solutions.

This author is motivated this morning by way of some fundamental "analytical" perspectives applied by several in a discussion thread in which this author was invited to participate. Some in that thread are very committed to majoring in the minors. They are VERY much committed to focusing "all" of their time, "money," and energy on their extremely irrelevant question of "who," which will forever keep them in an "analysis" at the political level.

Further motivation exists this morning by way of a note to a list out of one of our Ally nations the content of which takes a very good and well-placed "swing" at the nose of the charlatans that bilk well-meaning "patriots" out of property and sometimes even out of their liberty.

Commercial problems have commercial solutions.

Those concepts are motivating to this author because Legal Reality exists to cure that level of ignorance for all who are interested in understanding what our present legal reality is. To cure the level of ignorance (greatly to be distinguished from stupidity) is to bring "sight" to the "blind," which can't happen unless and until God ordains it. May He ordain some more of that through this note.

Here, then, is the basic concept to repeat in your mind until it becomes a working part of your conscious thinking and analysis of "everything" legal/governmental.

Commercial problems have commercial solutions.

In order to "see" the commercial problems, we have to get very much separated from questions of "who." Why? Because no one is compelling any of us to sign up for any of the "gotcha agreements." Thus, once we realize we're dealing with a commercial problem, we'll realize that the "who" that matters is the person we see in the mirror every morning.

The Blame Game is designed to be self-destructive, and it still works!

A great many people who consider themselves patriots are "for ever" self-trapped in an analytical loop that involves mainly finding someone else to blame for their own problems. So, whether the "targets" of that investment of time, "money," and energy are politicians, law-enforcement people, "jews," "catholics," "muslims," "atheists," "democrats," "republicans," "liberals," "conservatives," "lawyers," "bureaucrats," or anyone else, it's still the case that not one of those "other people" did anything whatsoever to compel the frustrated individual into signing up for ANY of the "gotcha agreements" by which that frustrated person's world has been controlled against him to his present level of frustration.

In short, to focus on that level of "who" is to be forever sinking into a great quicksand pit. That line of "activity" is safe; it's "comfortable." It's a behavior pattern that is likely never to change, and it'll always produce "nothing" in the way of change. That perspective "justifies" having a well-accepted reason to bitch, and while bitching is healthy, and while bitching about the horrific nature of our present reality is a very real part of our surviving the paradigm shift, which IS a very wicked paradigm shift, if "all" we invest our time, "money," and energy in is looking at who the "assailants" are, those assailants will never stop being assailants, and those "victims" will never stop being "victims."

We can consider the "abused spouse" syndrome and the Stockholm syndrome with equal applicability. Considering the abused spouse, in general, the "victim" is more secure being abused than in being outside that abusive environment. The abused spouse "stays," because the person's fear of being on his/her own (far) exceeds the pain of the abuse. Being abused means at least not being alone. It may also mean having a place to sleep and something to eat. Where the individual is so insecure as to need to put up with the abuse rather than to remove him-/her-self from the environment and take care of him-/her-self, then the abuse will "never" stop. So, the coping mechanism is to bitch about being abused. But, that's empty talk. There's zero intent to remove oneself from the environment. The individual feels no self-responsibility, thus becomes a "victim." In that mindset, the problems are not with the "victim," but rather are with the abuser, and that person's world doesn't change for the better until the abuser changes for the better.

To take a brief detour so as to apply that, where the "abuser" exists to abuse, it's an increasingly "successful venture" by the intentional, institutional abuser where the "victims" start focusing on trying to change the "abuser." In that very effort of trying to change the abuser, they have communicated that they have adopted "victimhood" as their reality. The more the "victims" bitch about their evil circumstances, the more the "abuser" realizes that "he's got 'em right where he wants 'em." To apply this even more specifically, picture the congress or the state legislature as "abusers" that exist to abuse. Picture the executives, federal and state, as "abusers" that exist to abuse. (The vast majority of political officeholders haven't got the first clue of the reality. They do what they're handlers tell them to do; i.e., they wouldn't have those jobs if they weren't first "victims," themselves! I doubt it's "always" been this way, but it's certainly been this way for several decades, starting even before the shift in fundamental choice of law, which happened when the UCC came in during the late 1960s and early 1970s. We see control of the "presidency" at least as of Woodrow Wilson, and good arguments exist that it started much earlier than that.)

Thus, essential for understanding our present reality is this: Government, at all levels, exists to abuse to the people. All legislative bodies, all executive bodies, at all levels, exist to abuse their constituents. Period. The exception proves the rule, and where judicial relief exists, we are all the more confirmed in our understandings (1) that all present governmental activity exists to abuse the constituency, and (2) those who find relief from that abuse understand or stumble across something about the commercial nature of "federal government."

Back to the discussion of the concepts. When there's a "group" of captors, whether "politicians," "law enforcement," "jews," "catholics," "muslims," etc., etc., the perpetuation of the abuses can tend to produce a feeling of "identification" with those "captors." Where an individual, or a group, is "abused" long enough, and where they're told, whether true or not, that they "abusers" are this group and/or that group, then there WILL be an increase in the adoption by the "victim" of that "abuser's" world view.

To take a brief detour to apply this one, if someone wanted to destroy a Christian nation, what is the most absolutely essential ingredient in the "attack?" Separating that people from their foundational moral code!

How is that accomplished? Multiculturalism is perhaps the fastest way. But, in general, to induce a people to abandon the ONE THING that gives that nation its strength, namely their commitment to understanding AND LIVING BY the moral code God taught them to have, it has to be acceptable to have other moral codes from which to pick and choose. How does that come about? Those behind the scenes can set up "false flag" operations under this label and under that label and then "market" (lie about) the abuses THEY create, via fear, economic destruction, etc., as having been caused by those marketed as the "bad guys." When the oppression reaches this person or that person's breaking point, those victims WILL start to see the "other religion" as the preferable source of that individual's moral code and compass.

There's a Scriptural lesson that is 100% consistent with this. Let's review The Four Sore Judgments: (1) War, (2) Famine, (3) Pestilence (Disease, Plague), and (4) "Beasts." A "Beast" is a king or a government raised up by God to be an iron rod of correction in His hand. What does a "Beast" exist to do? Devour and destroy the rebellious. Rebellious by what standard? Scripture, i.e., God's Law. What is "the solution" for those who realize they are being Judged by God via the establishment of a "Beast" system? Repent.

God has taught us and taught us and taught us the difference between "right" and "wrong." One of the Guideposts He uses to mark the "out of bounds" line is a "Beast" system. When we're REALLY, REALLY, REALLY off the mark, He raises up a "Beast." It is NOT the purpose of that experience for the "rebellious" to try to change the "Beast." Rather, the "Beast" exists to change the "rebellious." How do the rebellious change? They repent.

Thus, key to realize about our present legal reality is that we ARE, most definitely, under a "Beast" system, and we ARE, most definitely, being "devoured and destroyed." That "Beast" is not subject to change from any "motivation" we can "throw" at it. It "changes" by simply going away, and that happens right after God "fires" it, which won't happen any time prior to massive repentance.

Let's put some of these thoughts together. To be a "victim" is to blame something or someone else for our own problems. Thus, "we" have nothing to change, because we're not the problem. Thus, as "victims," we slid farther and farther away from where we need to be, which is, namely, to be in the mode of taking personal responsibility. To repent is to take personal responsibility.

Moreover, to be a "victim" and to blame something or someone else, especially where that something or someone else comes cloaked with political power, is, literally, to try to change the "Beast." In our present reality, that "Beast" IS acting on God's direct commission that it do what all "Beasts" throughout history have done, namely devour and destroy the rebellious. It will not be changed by us, ever. It exists to "abuse" us out of our rebellion and back into acting on, applying, day in and day out, the moral code God taught us to live by.

How, then, do we deal with this "Beast?" We repent. We have a "come-to-Jesus" meeting, which most certainly may/can be a private matter right there where you are.

That's the most important level of understanding and analysis in anything we'll ever talk about regarding our present legal reality. There truly is nothing else that really matters. There are some other things we need to do, but there is nothing else we'll ever do that is more important than reacquainting ourselves with the moral code taught by God through His prophets, and then personally in His appearance as Messiah, and then through the Disciples. If we'll trust God and act like it, we'll be headed in the correct direction.

Summary -- Point 1 -- The "who" that matters is the person we see in the mirror.

So, what's the point so far? The key point is this. We already know the "who." The "who" that matters is the person we see in the mirror every morning. If we focus on any other "who," where the objective is to understand our present legal reality so as to deal competently (and, heaven forbid, successfully) with it, we're buying into the marketing that tells us that it's better to be a victim than to take responsibility. "Victims" are created so as to be controlled. Pure and simple.

In short, those who are looking to blame someone, anyone, other than the person they see in the mirror are actually PROMOTING the very agenda by which the "bad guys" are trying to destroy America and the other liberty-loving people around the globe. If you feel compelled to aid and abet the destruction of your country, then, by all means, keep investing more good time, "money," and energy after bad. There's not one "who" "out there" that has compelled any one of us, at any time, into any of the "gotcha agreements" by which we have been controlled into our present political/social circumstance. The few who survive this present "Beast" system will be (among) those who have taken personal responsibility and who have started with repenting and sought out God's guidance for their fundamental moral code.

"Federal" means "Federal"

Where the question of "who" is part of the motivation for this note, the other part has to do with the question of fundamental, threshold choice of law.

The note that circulated internationally was a very-well aimed nose-clobbering about "patriots" who seem to be far more interested in talking people out of money than they are in understanding anything about the law and government they're up against.

We just can't possibly apply a competent legal analysis to matters involving "government" and its appearance of power without first understanding the "funny money" scam and how that has so totally upended our understanding of legal reality.

Let me put this as simply as I know how to do "today." The following five paragraphs are very heavily color coded. red is bad; blue is good. red concepts are directly related; blue concepts are directly related. red concepts are, literally, "at war with" the blue concepts. The color coding is in no way selected accidentally. We may associate red with danger, or with Nazi-communo-fascism. Both apply. We may associate blue with true blue, which isn't a matter of bloodline but rather a matter of heart and mind.

Those around the world who have a "funny money" system are, by "definition," dealing with an "admiralty law"-based system.

We need, here, to try VERY hard not to confuse "confused minds, generally" with the reality of the fundamental choice of law. Most, unfortunately, have no idea what to do with that understanding, to be sure, and they can't even really tell you how we know for 100% certainty that we DO have a "Law of the Sea"-based system.

So, let's go over, again, exactly how we know, for 100% certainty, that we have a maritime- (admiralty-, "Law of the Sea"-) based system. If we were not dealing with a maritime, Law of the Sea, system, then the people circulating the "funny money" where you are would most definitely be in jail. "Funny money," when evaluated under the Law of the Land, is, at best, fraud. If America had a governmental/commercial system based on the Law of the Land, those running the present "funny money" scam here would be charged with Treason and very likely executed. To circulate "funny money," in a system that recognizes only honest weights and measures, is to commit an act of war. So, again, the ONLY way the "funny money" circulates, anywhere, is by the (prior) existences of a Law-of-the-Sea-based governmental/commercial system.

So, those who are frustrated by the patriot-types who talk admiralty law but who have no traction in their judicial exploits are quite justified in their frustrations. HOWEVER, don't throw the baby out with the bath water! To understand the "funny money" scam is to understand the fundamental choice of law for that governmental system.

To summarize the connections, the choice of law that goes with "funny money" is maritime, admiralty, Law of the Sea. And, there being only one other choice at this threshold level of the analysis, the choice of law that goes with honest weights and measures is the Common Law, also known as the Law of the Land.

[The color-coding in the paragraphs is concluded, and the discussion continues.]

The Law of the Sea doesn't "just apply." The only way a "choice of law" becomes active is right after the parties to the matter agree to it.

For this reason, let's go over, again, something the long-time readers of Legal Reality notes have heard "a million times," now. "Federal" means "federal."

"Federal" does not mean national, and "federal" most certainly does not mean "constitutional." "Federal" means "federal."

At the level of a state (which is a body politic organized around a foundational moral code), "federal" means "by compact" or "by treaty"

At the level of the individual, "federal" means "by private obligation."

Summary -- Point 2 -- Understanding the "how" is the BEST investment of time, "money," and energy

We can call it smoke and mirrors; we can call it a scam; we can call it any number of things. BUT, under the present system, which is very self-consistent internally, until we "see" that what operates against us doesn't operate against the entire body politic because certain language appears in certain volumes where the contents of those volumes are called "statutes," but rather operates against each individual because there's a "gotcha agreement" to be enforced, THEN we'll have an understanding of the problems we're facing.

To solve a problem, we must first identify it correctly.

Commercial problems do not have political solutions.

Commercial problems have commercial solutions.


The "victim" has a helpless and hopeless future, which is exactly what the "abuser" intends to instill and perpetuate. Otherwise, the abuser has no control.

The individual who takes personal responsibility for his circumstance is the only one in a position to "see" the commercial problems for what they are, much less do anything about them. The person who takes personal responsibility has a view of the reality, which truly is one of the most hideous and grotesque possible. However, to take personal responsibility is to survive that horrific shock and then to move forward in a direction that allows one to defend oneself against this present "Beast" system.

"Who" is exceedingly irrelevant. It matters, but that knowledge contributes absolutely nothing toward understanding the problems; hence, nothing toward understanding the solutions. "Who" keeps one at the political level, and there are no solutions for anyone at the political level. The exception proves the rule. It seems that "health care" may be derailed by the recent election in Massachusetts, and it seems that the TransTexas Corridor has been derailed by a massive political uprising in Texas the reality of which has NEVER been accurately reported by the controlled media sources. However, until the commercial reality in both circumstances is implemented (and in spades), the political system will morph, again, and then accomplish those same goals by some other means.

"What" matters. It's not possible to get to a full understanding of the "how" until we have a pretty good understanding of the "what." For example, it really helps to know that the Federal Reserve System is a private banking system. But, with our without that knowledge, until we understand the "choice of law" that MUST exist in order for the "funny money" system to exist, at all, knowing everything about everything about the Federal Reserve System just doesn't get us where we want/need to be.

To understand our present legal reality is to understand the "how," which is why it is critical that we understand that "federal" means "federal."

To understand the "how," it is essential that we first understand the difference between Money, as God has taught us to use, and "funny money," which is what is presently in general circulation around the world. Why? Because with the Money goes the choice of law. To go (unrepentantly) with the "funny money" system is to reject God's Law, thus also God, and since we've done that, one way or another, from the founding of this nation, we're being Judged for it (among other reasons, of course).

Once we realize that no "federal" system exists outside a Law-of-the-Sea structure, we'll "see" that everything that has been used to abuse the people has been the direct by-product of that individual's having bought into a "gotcha agreement" without having had the first clue (A) that we're even talking about "gotcha agreements," i.e., that "federal" really and truly means "federal," (B) how to have defended oneself once the trouble started, or KEY (C) how to have prevented that commercial nexus from the outset.

The ultimate commercial solution is simply to have no (more) active "gotcha agreements." To engage the "Beast" without realizing the commercial nature of our present legal reality is to limit, perhaps down to absolute zero, one's chances of presenting a competent, thus successful, defense.

For those interested in the details of implementing the reality, this author expects to have some books out during the next 12 to 24 months that detail all of that. The "for free" discussions made available for years through Legal Reality have not been of sufficient interest to those with access to these to motivate sufficient application to get these concepts implemented and the scams stopped (and, again, the exception proves the rule). So, this time, the books will be very expensive. The successful ventures that will be discussed in those pages are those implemented by the entrepreneurs among us. It's fitting that "small business" is what has kept this nation "alive" from its beginning and that the "small business" people are the path-blazers for this effort, as well.

Commercial problems have commercial solutions.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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