Private Attorney General
Reveals Role
Exposing Michael Jackson's
Unlicensed Attorney

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From: Supreme Law Firm
Date: Mon, Jan 16, 2006 at 4:33 PM
Subject: Private Attorney General Reveals Role Exposing Michael Jackson's Unlicensed Attorney
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Private Attorney General Reveals Role Exposing Michael Jackson's Unlicensed Attorney


San Diego, California. For the first time, a Private Attorney General has revealed key documents which exposed singer Michael Jackson's first defense attorney for lacking the license to practice law required by California State laws.

Paul Andrew Mitchell, well known on the Internet for creating and maintaining a public domain database called the Supreme Law Library, has doggedly pursued The State Bar of California for refusing to obey a federal SUBPOENA IN A CIVIL CASE. That SUBPOENA requires the State Bar to disclose all licenses required of more than 200,000 members, going back ten years, by invoking authority conferred by Civil RICO statutes enacted by Congress: see here

Statutes in the California Business and Professions Code require all State Bar members to indorse a certificate of oath upon their licenses to practice law. Thorough research at Mitchell's law firm has confirmed that a "certificate" legally requires a physical document; and, the required oath binds all Bar members to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of California. There is no such thing as a verbal certificate. see here

Mitchell also revealed publicly, for the first time, that all prosecuting attorneys in the Santa Barbara District Attorney's office likewise turned up without the required licenses. After receiving a series of rude refusals from a middle manager in that office, Mitchell referred evidence of State law violations to the Santa Barbara County Grand Jury, and Board of Supervisors: see here

The evidence implicating Jackson's first attorney, Mark Geragos, in identical violations, was mailed quietly to Jackson's sister, singer Janet Jackson, at a business address in West Los Angeles.

Not long after that correspondence was delivered to Janet Jackson, Michael fired Geragos and hired an out-of-state defense attorney in Thomas Mesereau. Jackson was later acquitted, after a highly publicized trial in a California Superior Court.

In a related investigation, Paul Andrew Mitchell has also recently published a body of evidence implicating numerous federal judges in California with impersonating federal officers -- a federal felony: Commissions   /   Title 18, §912

With extensive assistance from the U.S.Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., Mitchell has named all suspects for lacking one or more of the 4 credentials required of all federal judges: Senate Confirmation, Presidential Commission, Appointment Affidavit and Oath of Office. Commissions   /   Federal Judges

The evidence of impersonation also implicates the same suspects in a criminal conspiracy to engage in a pattern of racketeering, due in part to their frequent acts of mail fraud. Federal law only requires 2 acts of mail fraud to constitute a pattern of racketeering activity during any given 10-year period. Title 18, §1961   /   (5) Private Attorney General

Furthermore, while cross-checking the on-line database of the California State Bar, Mitchell also confirmed that all federal district judges throughout California likewise failed to indorse their licenses to practice law, when they were first admitted to membership in that State Bar organization. A large percentage of Ninth Circuit judges also turned up missing the required licenses; the majority began their careers in other States, however.

Three U.S.Supreme Court Justices also began their law practices in California, and all three have also turned up without the licenses required by that State Bar Act, which is a subset of the California Business and Professions Code. Breyer   /   Kennedy   /   O'Connor

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor recently retired from the high Court.

Prior to finding that these three Justices were lacking licenses, the U.S. DOJ confirmed that another three Justices do not have Presidential Commissions in DOJ's custody. The U.S. DOJ is the designated legal custodian, and thus obligated to produce those Commissions in response to Mitchell's Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") requests for same: Breyer   /   Ruth Ginsburg   /   Clarence Thomas

Mitchell submitted FOIA requests for these missing credentials when his copyright and trademark infringement case reached the U.S.Supreme Court in recent years: read here

Further details are available, free of charge, in the many documents now available in the Supreme Law Library here:

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