The Year of Release:
The Real Story Behind the Clinton Impeachment

The issue concerning the "Clinton Impeachment" process is really not about William Jefferson Clinton as much as it is about whether the People of the Nation called the United States of the America want to choose to go back to the Lawful Republic, or choose to remain in the military-bankrupt-democracy. The "Clinton Impeachment" process is merely a vehicle used by the creditors of the bankrupt UNITED STATES to see if the American People want to elect to set aside the international Law bankruptcy under an operation of Law, or whether the American People want to choose to continue as a subject of the creditor..

Many members for Right Way have sent to the Senators sitting within the judiciary committee a Notice of Lawful Protest. The goal was to make it known...

Since the time when many of us sent our Lawful protests, there have been some very interesting results. Democrats who have been voting to end all this have since changed their minds and are voting to bring forth witnesses, and other Senators have written back saying that they will uphold their oath and follow through with the impeachment.

Brief History

To understand what I am going to tell you, one must first know what is happening in the Nations under principles of international Law and what it means.

Everything is related to the Law. Acts, actions, and consequences are all dictated by the Law. People"s acts, actions, and consequences are dictated by the Law and so are the acts, actions, and consequences of the nations dictated by the Law. When it comes to nations, the Law is dictated by public international law which is based upon the natural Law and the law of nations. "Only the fool says in his heart, there is no God."- i.e. Law.

One of the most interesting aspect of the laws of nations is the law dealing with bondage and captivity.

The Old Testament

In Jeremiah 25, we are told that word came to Jeremiah to tell the People of Israel that: "11 And this whole land shall be a desolation...and these nations shall serve the king of Babylon seventy years." A national captivity was established as a period of time of seventy (70) years. Daniel had prayed to God seeking a revelation as to when the nation of Israel would be set free of the bondage of the nation of Babylon. God sent an angel to tell Daniel that the time of captivity was to be seventy (70) years, and that the seventy (70) years were about up. Seventy is made up of the multiplication of the numbers seven (7) by ten (10). Seven deals with completion. Ten deals with the Law (as in the ten commandments). Seventy then deals with the completion of the time set aside by law for the nation to pay back its debts after a national bankruptcy - or default. This application of this number is demonstrated in modern times as the period of time that the Soviet Union existed as a communist nation from the time of the Bolshevik revolution until the Berlin Wall fell.

The United States is also a nation that falls under the seventy year captivity rule. There is the short seventy year captivity and the long seventy year captivity. The long seventy year captivity deals with three times seventy, or two-hundred-ten years. This time period is ten times twenty-one. Twenty-one years is important in the Scriptures. This is the length of time that Jacob worked for his father-in-law, Laban, before being set free of bondage. He worked seven years as an apprentice, then seven years as a dowry for his wife Leah, and then seven years as a dowry for his wife Rachel. After twenty-one years, Jacob"s time was his own. He was set free from commercial bondage or being subject to another person's economic control. The period of time of twenty-one years is known as "the time of Jacob"s trouble." The period of time of ten times twenty-one years would be a national time of Jacob's trouble before a nation would be set free. In fact, the Children of Israel were subjects to the law form of Egypt for two-hundred-ten years before God set them free under Moses. The number twenty-one means "full maturity of sin." In other words, the time for payment of the debt had expired.

In 1909, the nation experienced a treaty negotiation at Jekyll Island between the international bankers and the representatives of the UNITED STATES. The nation of the UNITED STATES could not pay its debts. The nation was given a twenty (20) year moratorium on paying its debt in return for a concession of establishing a private bank (the Federal Reserve Bank) to be owned by the international bankers, and in which the UNITED STATES would deposit all its securities as a surety on the unpaid debt. Twenty years later, in nineteen-hundred-twenty-nine, the UNITED STATES defaulted on the debt. The nation of the UNITED STATES went into a bankruptcy. This was the direct cause of the depression and the stock market collapse. This put the UNITED STATES into an unpaid debt, that under international law, made the UNITED STATES and its subjects a "captive" to the creditors. In nineteen-hundred-thirty-three, F. D. Roosevelt, upon assuming the office of the President of the UNITED STATES, gave an executive order issued under international law, in which the citizens and the residents of the UNITED STATES became "enemies" of the UNITED STATES under the Trading with the Enemy Act. The citizens and residents of the UNITED STATES went into a "captivity" under international economic law as surely as the Children of Israel and Judah in Jeremiah's time. The period of captivity is set as seventy years. The time started in 1929 and ends in 1999.

Another confirmation of this time is given in the long time theory. The school history books do not tell you this. However, on July 16, seventeen-hundred-eighty-two, the Continental Congress entered into a treaty with the King of France, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Great Britain, for a loan of eighteen million livre. It was signed at Versailles. This happened in time one year before the Treaty of Peace with Great Britain. In other words, at the time that Congress send their delegates to negotiate a treaty with the Crown of England, the Congress was in debt to the Crown of England. The creditor is the head and the debtor is the tail. That is why the delegates for the UNITED STATES signed the Treaty of Peace as "Esquires" or servants of the King. The loan was payable by the United States of America on or before the first of January, 1788. But the Continental Congress defaulted on the payback of this loan. This default placed the new nation into debt to the Crown of England. The dire need to hold the "Constitutional Convention" to amend the Articles of Confederation was based upon the nation's first bankruptcy to the crown of England. The passing of the Constitution of the United States of America in seventeen-hundred eighty-nine (one year after the default to the Crown of England) was in essence a disguised reorganization of the "corporate" or "private" UNITED STATES government to satisfy the creditor. It placed the commercial functions of the government under the Crown of England as the creditor. The First National Bank was created by President Washington under emergency law form as a private bank to enable the Crown of England to hold the securities from the bankruptcy. The First National Bank Charter expired in twenty years- a period of prescription. When it was not renewed, the Crown of England used military force, by way of the War of 1812, to attack the UNITED STATES in order to have its securities restored under international law. The Second National Bank was then established to provide the private securities to the Crown of England on the defaulted loan of Congress.

If one adds 210 years to the default date of 1788 A.D., one gets an interesting date- 1998 A.D. Is this the proper year of the release under international law for the American Colonies from the initial bankruptcy of the nation under the loan of the Continental Congress?

There is an interesting principle of law dealing with bankruptcy. One can go through a bankruptcy proceeding and have one's debts declared to be discharged. Then one can turn around and agree to pay the old debt that was discharged by an operation of law (like by the decree of the bankruptcy court). Upon the bankrupt person agreeing to pay the old debt discharged by the bankruptcy proceeding, after the bankruptcy proceeding released him, the law will now require that person to pay the debt, notwithstanding that the person was released by the court order. This same procedure is being used in the year 1999 to get the American People to reestablish the debt with the Crown of England, even after the time for being subject to the Crown of England has expired under international law.

What Does This Have to Do With the Clinton Impeachment?

The attorneys (who are all "Esquires" who work for the Crown of England and its law form) and the Congressmen in Washington D.C. know that the UNITED STATES has been under a bankruptcy to the Crown of England (or its principals) and that the time for the year of release (70 years or 210 years - three times seventy) is up. When Jeanne, Pete, Bob, and Rick were in D.C., they decided to serve a Lawful protest to the Senators about another matter. They spoke with two Legislative Counsels for Congressman Charles Taylor and Representative Sue Myrick. These attorneys admitted to the bifurcation, acknowledging what Jeanne, Pete, Bob and Rick were doing was a Lawful process which needed to happen. When you establish the nature and character of your party, learn the proper language, you will prevail in your Law form.

This is why as an operation of law, the UNITED STATES is eligible to elect to revert back to its sovereign and independent status under the laws of the nations. This means that the 1040 income tax collections that have been going on for seventy years under a "treaty with Great Britain" to pay back the debt to the Crown of England is about to expire unless the American People elect to continue the debt payback. [Notice how the checks to be paid for taxes this year are made out to the "UNITED STATES TREASURY" and not to the IRS.]

Let us assume that it is not in the best interest of the attorneys and the politicians to expressly inform the American People that this option is available [to elect to stop payment on any unpaid loan debt and interest]. But international law requires that one party inform the other party of that parties options before the first party continues in its acts or actions. This means that under international law, the Crown of England and its agents must give you notice of the law that entitles you to discharge of the debt and the liberty that results. The question is, how can the Crown and its agents inform you of the fact that the UNITED STATES can elect to walk away from its debt liability to the Crown in the year 1998/1999, without being so open about it that the People of America will catch on?

Let us assume that the attorneys and the agents for the Crown of England [and its principals like the Vatican], establish a great public debate over the issue of whether the People of the United States want to leave captivity and move back to sovereignty. And lets assume that the Great Public Debate will be such that not one living soul in the land can escape the debate. All will know about it. It will be the talk of the land. It will involve great principles of law at the highest level. But let us assume that the vehicle chosen for the debate will distract the American People from the true intent and meaning of the debate. What kind of Great Public debate would we as agents for the creditors choose? Ah! I have a good plan!

Let us charge the President of the UNITED STATES with a crime. Everyone will hear about it. It will be on television and the radio and in the papers and magazines for a good period of a year. Of course, we are really not interested in what it is the President did to commit the alleged crime. We do not even care about the alleged crime. It is immaterial and irrelevant to our plan. The issue is not whether he committed a crime or even whether we are going to let the President stay in office or get thrown out. The real issue is the procedure that we use to bring this issue before the American People. And in the Great Public Debate that we are going to establish, the attorneys and the politicians will feign that they do not know what procedure should be used. They will solicit the "advice" of the American People as to what the attorneys and the politicians are to do with the Presidential Criminal Trial. What does the plan really mean?

Before anyone can be tried for a civil or criminal action, it is imperative to ask the question: "Under what Law Form [venue] is the accused person to be tried?" Let me put it bluntly! If there is a criminal accusation against the President of the UNITED STATES, then he must be tried by some form of tribunal. The only question is which one. The problem that we have in the UNITED STATES, is that the nation has been under an international law bankruptcy for the past seventy years (or two-hundred-ten years). This means that the nation has been in a "democratic" law form. A democracy is a form of government in which it is ruled over by a military commander as an emergency defacto government. The people therein are not free, but are the subjects of the law form. If the above hypothesis is correct, and the nation has its release from captivity in the 1998/1999 year, then the nation should revert back to a republic. The People of the republic are set free from bondage. Does that mean that the trial of the President of the UNITED STATES should be under the law form of the democracy or the law form of the republic? Very good question!

Let us assume that the American People actually understood what the game was that the attorneys and the politicians had going with the William Jefferson Clinton impeachment trial. The game is very simple. If the American People want the nation to revert back to a republic and leave its commercial bondage, then the American People should be informing the attorneys and the politicians that the "RULES FOR THE WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON IMPEACHMENT TRIAL" should be set in the law form of the republic as a sovereign nation. If the American People want to reaffirm the debt with the international bankers and elect to have the government of the UNITED STATES stay under the Crown of England, even though under international law, the nation is permitted to walk away from the debt as free men, then the American People should be informing the attorneys and the politicians that the "RULES FOR THE WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON IMPEACHMENT TRIAL" should be set in the law form of the democracy as a nation in a continuing bankruptcy. Now that the American People have told the politicians and the attorneys what law form is to be used to try the criminal acts of the President, then the politicians and the attorneys will be informed as to which way the American People want the government of the nation to go. In short, the American People are being (subtly) asked to vote by national referendum on whether the nation is to become free or to be continuing subjects of the private international bankers.

The interesting question is: "What will happen if the American People do not wake up, get involved in the Great Public Debate, and do not voice their opinion to the attorneys and to the politicians?" The answer is simple. It there is no NOTICE OF LAWFUL PROTEST, the old law form, or the status quo, will remain in effect. This means that if the American People do not issue a written and loud NOTICE OF LAWFUL PROTEST to the politicians and the attorneys, and do it soon (probably before March 21, 1999- the beginning of a new year) whereby the American People demand that the government of the nation revert to sovereignty under the laws of nations and remove itself from the bankruptcy, then the old law form of the bankruptcy and the subject status will continue.

When you fail to set the nature, capacity, and character of your party through Public Notice and Declaration by doing a Depositum for Bailment return and a Bank Note Use Challenge, you have said the current bifurcated law form is the private corporation in the form of a government you choose to be under. You have failed to do your duty by Lawfully protesting the acts of the bifurcated government. The bifurcated government then has the duty to act within the proper legislation to protect its’ subjects.

Now, another interesting question: "What would happen if the subjects to the private corporation in the form of a government catch on to what the real public debate should be?" How did this whole thing start? It started with Ken Starr’s private investigation into Whitewater and campaign process violations. Did you ever wonder why Gingrich the great leader for the republicans who managed to overturn the seat within congress to a republican congress resigned? First of all, he was censured and fined $300,000.00 for taking money for a book he was going to write from a foreign born billionaire who had business before congress back in 1994. In the best interest of the bifurcated government who seems to be involved in some serious crimes and at the risk of this whole mess being exposed, Newt resigns. Could it be that a whole can of worms has been opened within their own corporate business? Could it possibly be that the men seated on the judiciary committee for the impeachment of Clinton are also guilty of campaign violations and are creating a scenario to side track the people into thinking that this is only about sex?

Once in a Blue Moon is NOW!

It is the opinion of this writer that the statesmen and researchers are absolutely correct. The door has been opened for even the people of the bifurcated government to turn up the heat to help oust Clinton and all the rest of the criminals. The government has given the people notice and opportunity to correct this situation, it is all through the media and the evidence for a quo-warranto action against Clinton has been given over to the media for the people to use.

The operations that the Senate is involved in right now is for public notice to inform the people that there is some very corrupt violations going on at this time and that now is the time for the people to let the Senate know what they need to have happen. The president has stood up to the judicial venue by the president’s own permission and lied to violate due process, his oath of office. The Senate has tried to stand up for president Clinton and this is where the timing for quo warranto actions lie. The people are awakening, and we are not going to stand for a body of Senators speaking like they have any governmental authority at all, whether it be corporate or otherwise, to do the things that the Senate is doing if the Senate is not going to uphold the very rules that their own corporation requires them to uphold.

While the quo warranto is going forward it causes the people to become aware of all the things that has been mentioned within this article. This is our opportunity to make the public aware of how they can make a Lawful change within this corporate bifurcated government. The corporate government does not really believe that the people are smart enough to bring this about! When you bring a quo warranto action what will happen? The prosecutor, Janet Reno, has sixty days to sign on to the case as prosecutor. We know that Janet will not prosecute, she has had every opportunity within the past four years to do so. What the beauty of the quo warranto is that you can bring the quo warranto to the judiciary to prosecute in her name.

The three things to bring within this action are: Perjury, Misprision of a felony, and obstruction of justice. How do you ask these questions? Read all the past media articles, they gave it to you! What made Gingrich resign? Those are the same questions, and they want you to ask them.

There are only a few times within this century that a blue moon has happened: this is it. The blue moon will happen twice in this year, do you think its time? Well, this writer is wasting no time writing to you to encourage you as to what to do. The time is absolutely critical, Clinton cannot fight a quo warranto, he is being impeached!!!!

Not only is the importance of Lawful protest material at this time, but we must bring forth the evidence the media has given us to restore Lawful government and watch what will happen!

Best regards,
The Chief Associates at Right Way L.A.W.

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