A Powerful & Timely Message
Delivered By Member of European Parliament

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A Very Powerful & Timely Message Delivered By Member of European Parliament

MEP Christine Anderson (Germany) joined others to give voice to the millions of Europeans who are opposed to vaccine mandates.

She called out governments for not having the best interests of the people at heart, and urged the citizenry to always question and think critically about what governments are trying to do.

This is something we are seeing all over the world in countries that have implemented vaccine mandates.

It is not the goal that renders the system oppressive; it is always the methods by which the goal is pursued. Whenever a government claims to have the people’s interest at heart, you need to think again. In the entire history of mankind, there has never been a political elite sincerely concerned about the wellbeing of regular people. What makes any of us think that it is different now?

If the Age of Enlightenment has brought forth anything, it is certainly this: Never take anything any government tells you at face value. Always question everything any government does or does not do. Always look for ulterior motives and always ask: Cui bono? Who benefits? Whenever a political elite pushes an agenda this hard, and resort to extortion and manipulation to get their way, you can almost always be sure your benefit is definitely not what they have at heart.

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