Martin Earl: Fisher's Story

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(As received...)

On the day of April 20, 2009, a Free man on the land commonly known as Martin Earl: Fisher went to the business office of The Navajo County Court. I went to present the PERSON, a legal fiction which lives only in a fictional world of Legist Personas Case No. CR2009-0303, Navajo County Arizona.

I, as an Agent of the PERSON had already served, via Registered US Mail a NOTICE on the Judge that I reserved all of my rights and charged a fee of $2500 in Gold and silver coin of the united States for acting as Agent of the PERSON. I gave her 24 hours to reject my offer to serve as an agent over the account by dropping the charge with prejudice. If she did not, I would consider my offer accepted and fulfill the order to present the PERSON at a hearing.

The charge was taken to a grand jury who returned a true bill. The amount of my fee was about $50,000 Federal Reserve Notes, since us gold and silver coins can only lawfully be exchanged for face value of the coin.

I got no response, so my offer was accepted and my fee agreed to. (I will explain how I will collect later). BTW, the charge was for every order given that I chose to fulfill. Then I went on about the Law, her oath of office, blah blah, I am the master, she is the servant, blah blah. UCC, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, COMMON LAW reservation of rights the works.

So, the man goes to court and the security guard gives me a piece of paper with some mumbo jumbo about how the hearing was not until next week. I took a blue pen, wrote on the paper, "ACCEPTED FOR VALUE RETURNED FOR VALUE BY: my signature, WITHOUT PREJUDICE AND REFUSAL FOR CAUSE FOR MARTIN E. FISHER" I gave it back to him and told him to give it to the judge.

A few minutes later, another guard handed me a motion paper to fill out and submit so I could try to have the hearing today. I did not fill it out. Sovereigns do not PLEAD, they simply request and their servants fulfill the request (the Law of Kings). Lest you think I am boasting or Ego filled, you must remember everyone working for the Government is a SWORN PUBLIC SERVANT - it is their oath and duty to SERVE the public.

So, I notice that the name and case is marked out on the calendar, I go into the court room anyway. The so called Honorable judge walks in and everyone but me stands up. (Standing for another human is not equality; she does not stand when I enter the room). She is wearing her black Priest Robe, so the show begins. There are two armed bailiffs there just for little ol' me.

If you have never seen your Government in action, go to any court and watch the show. They always make the PERSON say their name and walk past the "BAR" (this is the act of getting on a ship, and subjecting your "PERSON" to Maritime Jurisdiction and leaving the land) Look at the flag of any courtroom, it will have a gold fringe around it, this is a Maritime Flag or military Flag, it gives away the fact you are not on the land, but 'under' Admiralty jurisdiction and a passenger on a ship. The list of names and cases outside the court is a passenger list and ship manifest, just like the old days for getting on a ship. This is why, if you board the ship and complain about your "Constitutional Rights" the judge will give you a contempt charge. The Captain of the ship has control of the ship while on the water, the Constitution is the law of the Land, you just left the land if you gave your name, respond to any title (Mr. Mrs. DEFENDANT, whatever) or walked past the BAR. You choose to get on the ship and surrender your Rights listed in the Constitution. We were magically transformed into a PERSON, not a man or a woman.

So, I go into court and the judge calls my person's name, I say "I am here on that NUMBER". The game starts, is your NAME MARTIN FISHER?

"I am commonly known as Martin Fisher" I do not go past the BAR and stay on dry land.
Is your name "MARTIN FISHER?"
I am here to present "Martin Fisher."
[Judge] OK, Mr. FISHER...
"No mam, I am not a MISTER, I am a man, you can call me Martin."
[Judge] The Bailiff will give this to MARTIN FISHER.

(He walks up and takes a paper from her and brings it toward me.)
I ignore him and do not take the paper.
"Mam, you must not understand, I am not MARTIN FISHER and that paper does not have my name on it, I cannot accept it. On and for the record, do you have the right to tell me who I am?"

No reply to my question, instead, I get "Let the record show Martin is appearing for MARTIN FISHER (men and women cannot appear, only ghosts can) I interrupt her and say, "No, let the record show I am not appearing, I am here, a man standing on dry ground, you do not have jurisdiction over me, nor can you call me whatever you want.”

She gets out this big book of STATUTES and says “Rule 9 of the criminal...” I don’t even let her finish.
“Excuse me maim, is that a Statute you just quoted? Or is it a Law?”
“On and for the record, if it is a Statute, it does not apply to me, as I am not under your Admiralty Jurisdiction, I have not entered into your jurisdiction, and you do not have my consent to bring me into your jurisdiction.”
“Now, judge, answer my question on and for the record, is that a Statute or a LAW?”
No answer, the book gets closed and the judge is now getting visibly pissed.
“Again, on and for the Record, I am a man, standing on dry ground and a SOVEREIGN, statutes do not apply to me - do you on and for the record wish to dispute that? I am here for one reason and that is to challenge your jurisdiction. Do you on the record want to claim you have jurisdiction over me, a sovereign man standing on dry land or not?”

She is literally forcing herself to keep her mouth closed. “I am telling the Bailiffs to remove Mr. Fisher from this hearing, it will continue without him.” Two bailiffs, one on each side of me, armed with GLOCK pistols start telling me to leave the court room.


They continue to tell me to leave and the judge continues to talk, it was a mess, but I stood my ground. The Judge is dying to give me an order, but she KNOWS what that will cost (remember my fee of $2500 in Gold and Silver coin for every order I fulfill).

There is now another armed Sheriff in the room as well the 6 or 7 other people who have been there the whole time.

The Judge stands up and says, “This hearing is adjourned!” the court recorder, and everyone else on her ship were taken aback by this and did not even have time to stand up before judge was out of the room.

I turned to bailiff and said, “I will not leave this court until I choose to, in fact, I am going to sit right here, on this bench.” I sat down and he is still telling me I have to leave. I tell him “The judge left the room it is now MINE. This is a court of the People, I am one of the people, she left the court room to me, since it is rightfully mine and she knows it, that is why she left and I am still here!”

After a few more educational moments with one of our public servants, he apologized and I told him there was no reason for that, I appreciated his professionalism and for touching me.

I then told those left in my court room, “I am now leaving by my own choice.” I steeled myself to walk out the door, fully expecting the scene from the MATRIX when NEO walks into the building to save Morpheus from the agents and SWAT team in black uniforms start shooting. But alas, nobody likes to play with me; I had a pleasant conversation with an old friend and left the building knowing I am a free man on the land. As I walked past the guard who was at the front door, I smiled and said, “Damn it feels good to be a FREE-MAN!” to the rap cadence of ‘Damn it feels good to be a gangsta’ because, you know, I am a 40 year old white guy and that’s cool, right?

I swear the above to be true and recorded to the best of my memory, without prejudice and not legal advice. By: Martin Earl: Fisher.

Thank you Internet Antiterrorist, Robert, Sam, Lewis, et al! The truth shall set you free!

After a 1.5 years of hard study, prayer and several learning experiences, I think I got it!!!

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting it." Thomas Paine

Martin Earl: Fisher

Love and peace to all!

Submitted paperwork

I wrote in the Reg. Mail Number, put hand canceled stamps front and back, signed across them, and sent Reg/Cert/return Receipt/restricted delivery. Cost me $10.

To: Carolyn Holiday, acting as a “Judge of Navajo County Superior Court”
RE: ACCOUNT # CR20090303
From: Martin Earl: Fisher, a man standing on the land and NOT the Fictitious PERSON Martin Ear. Fisher DOB: 12/19/1968
Ms. Holiday,

Greetings from dry land and from a man standing thereon and in the common law, it is my duty and right to notice your presentment which you will find securely attached and returned to you ACCPEPTED FOR VALUE AND RETURNED FOR VALUE, in accordance with your UCC.

I further NOTICE you that I recognize you as an AGENT of THE SUPERIOR COURT OF NAVAJO COUNTY, a “for profit” Corporation, listed with Dunn and Bradstreet. You will provide me with your Dunn and Bradstreet Corporation number so that I may properly address future bills I may issue you. Of course, if you, Ms. Holiday, so choose, may accept full commercial liability for any ‘ORDERS’ you choose to send to me, if that is how you would prefer to fulfill you legal and lawful obligations to giving me orders, then you will provide me with payment in full of this and any future obligations in this business transaction on account CR20090303.

I hereby NOTICE you, I, the living man commonly known as Martin Earl: Fisher charge $2500.00 per order I fulfill, payable only in LAWFULL MONEY of the united States in US MINTED gold and/or silver coin and exempt from levy, as per your United States Constitution, and payable at the time your orders are filled. Any fee not paid at the time services are rendered will incur an additional fee of $2500.00 per diem in payable only in Lawful money of the united States Mint will be charged daily and additional collection fees added at my discretion.

I am the Administrator of Record for the PERSON: MARTIN EARL FISHER, DOB 12/19/1968 to which your attached orders are addressed. I reserve my right to charge you and/or your corporation for my time, energy and attention to your offers to do business, it is only good business to do so.

Further, I NOTICE and accept your sworn Oath of Office as a Judge to support and defend the Constitutions) of the united States and the state of Arizona, and any violation of your Oath of office in an attempt to force me into a contract with the Corporation you ACT as an officer of, will be reported to the nearest Provost Marshall or other Peace Officer and you will be held liable for any damages I wish. Servants to not ORDER their masters, I am one of the People and a man standing on the dry land of these united States and the land know as Arizona, I do not take kindly to being ordered to do things by one of my Servants, namely YOU, Ms. Holiday nor any other agent of your Corporation.

But, as I understand the commercial nature of your business and I am a man of peace, I welcome your further orders, as you now know my price to fulfill them, so thank you for your business.

You have 24 hours from the receipt of this NOTICE to withdraw, WITH PREJUDICE, in writing, your commercial offer to do business with me, otherwise, I will consider your refusal to withdraw and close the account known as CR20090303 as acceptance of full commercial liability in this and any future offers.

I will then, as an AGENT of MARTIN EARL FISHER DOB: 12/19/1968 and WITH PREJUDICE and UNDER DURESS fulfill your generous ORDERS as offered in your presentment, for the already listed fee for each individual order.

I hereby waive the initial charge of $2500.00 in Lawful United States money, for this NOTICE and return of your presentment, just to show you how generous I am, but no further discounts will be given, I am a busy man and frankly, I don’t like doing business with your Corporation, no matter how profitable it is for me.

At arms length and with no malice to you or your Company,

Martin Earl: Fisher


[Ed. Note: As this may be ongoing check back in a while and see what happens next.

NOTICE: The man Martin Earl: Fisher is not affiliated with Freedom School.
NOTICE: If anything in this presentation is found to be in error a good faith effort will be made to correct it in timely fashion upon notification.
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