The Pro Se Litigant movement, the militia, jural society
and de jure government.

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PRESS RELEASE (as received.)
February 14, 2021


Pro Se Litigant movement,
the militia, jural society and de jure government.

Beware of those who slander and mislabel the messenger to hide the message from you. Experience the MESSAGE. Truth is the same now and forever.

"Pro Se Litigants of Tampa Bay" began in 1989 as result of good folks tired of being trashed by the bureaucRATS and corrupt Courts. Bogus traffic citations, code enforcement citations, tax and foreclosure seizures, divorce actions and Family "dysfunctional" Services brought good folks together for a common goal. Emilio and Wilma Ippolito open their home for meetings to help others, who had no where else to turn. With the help of their Susan Mokdad it moved from a study group to a viable effective organization of about 40 members, "Pro Se Litigants of Tampa Bay", which held meetings every Sunday morning with about 20 people in attendance. Susan created this button in 1991, after "Pro Se Litigants of Florida" was created.

Pro Se

A friend of mine came by my house one Thursday afternoon in 1991, to see if I knew anything about Pro Se Litigants in Tampa. We had been meeting at my house or office for same reason that Pro Se Litigants were meet, but knew nothing about each other. That Sunday six of us road in my friends van to meet with these folks. We were pleased with what was presented, therefore, the next Sunday ten of us went to the Tampa meeting. The following week I then contacted groups in Orlando and Melbourne, and each agreed to send representatives. The next Sunday we all met in Tampa. There were over 40 great folks present that day; and Pro Se Litigants of Florida was born. Within a few months membership grew to over 300 statewide; and interest in others states became pressingly obvious. Therefore, "Pro Se Litigants of America" was born. Within a year membership grew to over 10,000 nationwide. The corrupt 'JUST-US' system soon took NOTICE.

The meetings that were held were like attending a church social. Wilma Ippolito opened her kitchen to all who were willing to pitch in. Lunch was always served on bring a 'dish to pass' basis; and if the meeting continued into the evening a super too would be served. Sometimes we just ordered pizza. We basically became one big family, regardless of race, color, creed or national origin. All men and women being of like mind were welcome.

I can remember how an lady, of African descent, who was a registered nurse, taught me the finer points of the Civil Rights Act - after hearing my lecture on how to become free men. The two of us teamed up to write some very powerful legal documents to be used in setting a judge up for Title 42 action. The first judge we used this on told her that she could not file such documents, and in open court, she asked, "WHY NOT?" You should have seen the look on that judge's face, he knew he was about be had, if he answered that question -- Catch 22 -- we had him trapped by is his own laws and rules. He had intended to trash her case on some technicality, but now he could not. He intended to trash her rights and steal her home because... she was BLACK. (Oops!) It was not what was contained in the documents which were filed that won her case, but, it was what was not contained, therein. Yep, Pro Se Litigants were becoming dangerous for business as usual in The Temples Of Baal.

The movement was beginning to make a noticeable impact on the Courts and the BAR. These thieves were beginning to loose their booty. There were numerous changes or attempts to make changes in Rules of Procedure or Statutes to block Pro Se Litigants from having equal access and protections afforded BAR members. Some Pro Se Litigants were even barred from setting foot on courthouse properties. What happened to equal rights and equal protection under the law? We had made an impact on the corrupt just-us system, and the attorners consider Pro Se Litigants a threat to their long protected monopoly of fraud and extortion.

However, one should never, NEVER, appear Pro Se or Pro anything, since according to the Rules of the BAR and the COURT, when one appears PRO, one accepts a temporary appoint to the BAR, British Aristocratic Regency. And, as PRO, one becomes subject to all the Rules of the COURT and of the BAR. If one is without RE-presentation, whether by an attorner or self, there are three things which the courts cannot do, let me repeat, CANNOT DO: the courts cannot Arraign, Sentence or hold in Contempt a party before the court, since the court is without JURISDICTION. Personally, I hold nothing but contempt for Black Robed Devils. The granting of Jurisdiction is VOLUNTARY. Never state or spell your name for the record, unless you are the Plaintiff. And NEVER understand anything that the BRD asks. "I do not understand the nature and cause of the charge(s)." Your signature is your most valuable asset; therefore, STOP giving it away. Going to jail or prison requires your signature upon a contract, or the signature of your Attorner, an enemy spy. It is all Babylonian contract law. What a SCAM! Me, "I do not consent."

See United States v. Johnson, 76 F. Supp. 538 (at page 540), a case which has never been over-turned and is cited throughout Case Law to this very day. "The privilege against self-incrimination is neither accorded to the passive resistant, nor the person who is ignorant of his rights, nor to one indifferent thereto. It is a fighting clause. Its benefits can be retained only by sustained combat. It can not be retained by attorney or solicitor. It is valid only when insisted upon by a belligerent claimant in person. The one who is persuaded by honeyed words or moral suasion to testify or produce documents rather than make a last ditch stand, simply loses the protection. Once he testifies to part, he has waived his right and must on cross examination or otherwise, testify as to the whole transaction. He must refuse to answer or produce, and test the matter in contempt proceedings, or by habeas corpus." Stating one name for the record, is testifying and is self incrimination. He who enters a plea, waives his rights and can only thereafter argue the facts. See Federal Civil Judicial Procedure and Rules, Rule 12. Also, read the definition of "Declaration" as found in Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition. "Gee, if I give you that information will it be used against me?"

However, a better comprehension can be obtained by reading the The Temples Of Baal and Case Law . (If not linking to this page the two articles are free upon request.) I was thrown into state prison three times in an attempt to prevent me from publishing the The Temples Of Baal. With the coming of the Internet, the State's attempt to prevent its publication became a lost cause, because at the click of button it was not just sent across the country but around the world in seconds. Today, on my mailing list, I have over three thousand readers from countries on every continent, except Antarctica; and who knows how many times my articles are forwarded and to where? (Webmasters are encouraged to copy or link this page.)


Susan Mokdad

Susan Mokdad was the superb legal mind, which made the organization of Pro Se Litigants function well. She could sit and type out a legal brief within an hour or two, better then what 90% of the attorners in Florida could possibly produce. I had the opportunity one weekend to sit down with her and to help create boiler plate documents that could be used in various types of cases. Between us, we were able to work out the legalese, terminology and Case Law Cites that would be useful in most pleadings. Thereby, giving people some basics from which to work when preparing court documents. This is one such key phrase: "My presence here is special. I am here as result of a forced bill of pain and penalty against my Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness." I can assure you that no judge wants to see that statement on record in his court, because it is the setup for bring charges for violations of 18 USC §§ 242 and 241, though too, possible suit in some cases under 42 USC §§ 1988 and 1983. However, it was learned in 1999, thanks to the work of John Jennings and Marlin Hokanson that it is better to bring suit under 28 U.S.C. §2284. If you wish to see bureaucRATS scurry, try filing action against them for violations of the Ku Klux Klan Act. That most certainly puts fear in their hearts! And, what is even more interesting, 99% of the attorners haven't a clue in how to prepare a response to counter such a petition.

Don't feed sharks


Here is a picture of a t-shirt bearing a slogan that Susan Mokdad created in 1992. As members of Pro Se Litigants, we placed stickers with this slogans on our car bumpers, briefcases and clipboards, wherever other folks could see these. Can you just image walking in a courtroom with a briefcase sporting this sticker for all to see. "Don't feed the lawyers, Just say Nolo"? In the center of this slogan is a picture of a SHARK wearing a neck tie [which are useful for other purposes], carrying a briefcase. Do you know how to tie a 'neck tie'?


With the growth of the Pro Se Litigant movement there came the realization of the difference between de jure and de facto government. The state militia was beginning to be become active in various parts of the state, however, there was no lawful civil government. Therefore, in an attempt to reestablish lawful civil government, the Common Law Court began in September, 1992. Emilio Ippolito and my partner Lt. Col. Larry Myers became two of the judges for the Common Law Court, with Emilio as the chief judge. Susan Mokdad became the Clerk of the Tampa Common Law Court.

Larry and I decided for security reason that he would stay with Emillo and Susan, and that I would concentrate on the advancement of the state militia. In October 1992, I became the chief recruiter for the state militia. At that time we had two Regiments with about 3,000 members. By February, 1993, the state militia had grown to over 10,000 members with five regimental Units. By July 1996, the state militia had grown to 54 Regiments with over 100,000 members, having the support and backing of the County Commissioners in four counties and two Sheriffs. One Sheriff even deputized all members of the militia in his county that wished to be deputized. He brag about having the largest posse in the State.

In December 1994, Lt. Col. Larry Myers, Major Mike McQuinn and I coauthored the "Florida state militia Handbook", of which the 4th Edition was published in June 1995. In July 1995, the book Secret Freedom Fighter by Jefferson Mack was adopted as the militia basic training Manual, which put fear in the hearts of the bureaucRATS. These bureaucRATS and slave masters began to view these groups as a real threat to their DE FACTO government and ponzi schemes. Their JUST-US system cannot and will not survive. We shall no longer willing be their SLAVES or PAWNS. I, for one, can see very clearly "Through The Looking Glass." "Pawn, Queen eight!" The game is over.

Emilio & Susan

This is the only photograph that I have of Susan and her father Emilio Ippolito, together. This photograph appeared in The Grass Roots Journal, Volume 8, No.1, winter 1998, in an article detailing their August 13, 1998 "Marsupial Trial" (a term coined by Susan). Next to their article appeared an article about the "Kangaroo Court" proceedings in my Case in which I was described as a Prisoner of War. I was three times thrown into State of Florida prisons without ever being tried or convicted of crimes. The Courts wanted to make sure that I nor anyone else would be able help provide Susan or Emilio with any viable assistance for their defense, and the courts most certainly did like my publications.

Common Law Court

In the Federal Case all of the Defendants were forced to take a public Pretender (an ENEMY SPY), as legal counsel. Emilio was not allowed to be faced by witnesses against him. He was locked in a cell with a video monitor where he was allowed to watch his own HANGING. Larry Myers was never served any paper, arrested or ever brought to trial; however, he was tried, convicted and sentenced in absentia. Larry has not been seen or heard from, since December 1999. It is believed that he was captured and taken to a FEMA consentration camp. Major Mike McQuinn disappeared after an FBI raid on his log cabin in January 2000, and is probably in some FEMA detention camp, as well. I was released from custody December 21, 1999 (on the Judge's 49th birthday), and the Court ORDEred me to be exiled from Florida to New York. Marty Frantz died in custody without being tried or convicted of any crimes. Toby Brown walked after two years in custody, because he refused to accept an Attorner (ASSquire) or to appear PRO SE. Larry Moore and Jack Warren are still in prison. The others are all DEAD -- other than the two government MOLES!

In December 1995, the Christian Jural Society was established, a project which numerous Pro Se Litigants had been working on across the Country for nearly two years. John William Saunders (better known as John Quade, movie star) and friends launched the first chapter in California. We established two chapter in Florida in March, 1996. By May it had spread like a wild fire, with nearly half of the counties in Florida having chapters.

Pastor Richard Mooneyhan, also proceeded to set up and establish an Ecclesiastical Court, which is an intricate part of a de jury society or government. By May, Richard had forty other pastors from various denominations across the state join with him in establishing this Court. Ecclesiastical Courts were in opperation throughout this country prior to the Civil War, better to be known and referred to as Mister Lincoln's Communist War of Aggression.

In May, 1996, former governor and then Senator Daniel Robert "Bob" Graham called a luncheon meeting of various public officials, which was held at the Kennelworth Lodge in Sebring, Florida. At this meeting he ordered the Sheriff to arrest me on anything that could be trumped up; however (and for why ever), Sheriff Howey Godwin refused to do so. Graham stated at that meeting that he wanted the militia and the Jural Societies put out of business - by whatever use of force necessary; and, if an excuse could be found, he wanted me DEAD. On the afternoon of November 23, 1996, four Avon Park PIGS, excuse me not, broke into my house without a warrant, probable cause or imminent danger. They beat me, shot me and then pistol whipped me to unconsciousness. Thank Yah, Graham did not get his wishes.

The head leaders of the Pro Se Litigants were already in Federal prison on bogus charges. Three attempts to arrest me in May by city police failed. The establishing of Jural Societies in each county reestablished the lawful posse comitatus, which would mean the end of the Police State; and the thought of that happening, was frightening to the Gestapo. Pastor Mooneyhan was arrested in October 1996. Richard spent eighteen month in prison and I spent 704 days total in combined different stays in four of the Queen's dungeons. One of those prisons holds the record for deaths; over 7,000 prisoners have died within its walls since the day it opened its door. The State's Attorney had arrange for my untimely death in that hell hole, but I survived. He even had to audacity to ask me in court one day - how did I manage to get out there alive? He is a really sick Luciferian demoniac, a high level Masonic sadist. The courts in this country are full evil humans (beast, monsters, devils) just like him.

In July, 1996, Carl Gorton, John-Alden Fairborne and I called for a state-wide caucus for the Christian Jural Societies. Carl Gorton was the author and publisher of the Revelator Newspaper. John-Alden was the Chairmen of the South American Mission Board and possibly the sharpest legal mind in Florida. John maintained his own personal law library, which was larger than any library maintained by any county courthouse in Florida. In 1995, the Federal Government illegally seized the South American Mission Board's missionary pension fund, which was in excess of $12 million dollars. Leaving hundreds of missionaries without their retirement benefits. Also, in 1994, two of the Board's sponsored missionaries were MURDEred in Peru by suspected CIA Agents. Apparently they witnessed something the government wanted to cover up.

The Florida Jural Society caucus was attended by 72 delegates from the sovereign Florida Republic, three delegates from Georgia and two from South Carolina. Following that caucus Carl became the Pro Temp Treasure, John-Alden, the Pro Temp Governor and I, the Pro Temp Ambassador of the sovereign Florida Republics. I signed the official NOTICE of intent to secede; however, we had already fully documented, that the Floridas had NEVER been part of the United States, just as the Republic of Texas, was NEVER part of the United States. North Carolina and several of the other Confederate States have also documented that they have NEVER been part of the United States. NEVER! (What, and you thought the Civil War was about slavery?)

Emilio &
Lonnie and Cheryl Korbes

This photograph of Emilio Ippolito and Lonnie and Cheryl Korbes was taken in December, 2008. The Korbes were long time supporters of the Pro Se Litigant movement. Lonnie is also a long time Micro-Broadcaster. Lonnie has faced attacks upon his place of business and home by the IRS and FCC. In 2001, I was operating [the] 101 Dalmatian Station when I was raid by the FCC and New York State Police. They had intended to murder me, however, when the raid went down, a member of the local town council and two members of the local Democratic Committee were present and the FEDS ordered the stupid troopers to put their guns away, since there were too many witnesses and they would not be able to justify murdering local public officials.

The FEDs had raided Steven Anderson's radio station in Kentucky fourteen days prior to raid on mine, and had a shoot out there, no one was killed. Fourteen days later they the raid Captain William Cooper's (USN retired) station, 101 Howling Dogs in Arizona, where they caught Bill alone and shot him in the back - cold blooded MURDER. Fourteen days after the murder of Bill Copper, the FEDs staged a media event - with camera crews from all the networks they prepared to raid a "pirate station" in North Carolina, supposedly being run by a dangerous militia terrorist group. When the Jack-Booted-Thugs broke down the garage door that day all that they bagged was a seventeen year old GIRL operating the station. Needless to say that film footage never aired for public consumption and that was the last raid on radio stations for 2001.

One year after the raid on my radio station the FEDs raided Liberty Tree Radio in Michigan which was Ed Koernke's station and the home of Mark and Nancy Koernke. The government had Mark already conveniently tucked way in state prison on bogus charges. Pastor Strawcutter's radio station in Michigan was raided seven days before the raid on Steve Anderson, however, they were unable to bag, or net, anything from that raid. During the Koernke raid a year later in Michigan, the FEDs took lots of booty. However, the FEDs were ordered, recently, to return most of what they had stolen from the Koernkes.

In the spring of 1997, ASSquire Larry Becraft attempted to set both Lonnie Korbes and myself up for prison sentences of ten years or longer. He was not successful. In Lonnie's Case, he tried to plea Lonnie guilty for Income Tax evasion - without Lonnie's knowledge or consent. In my case, he prepared and provided a document listing case law, which the State's Attorner could use to obtain a conviction against me on bogus charges. Remember, Esquire Becraft is a SHARK, an enemy SPY, and sharks are not friendlies!

I first landed in Florida State Prison on May 5, 1997, the next day after Governor Shrubby (Bush) of Texas ordered the shoot out with leaders of the Republic of Texas. They had filed a valid law suit with the International Court of Justice (known colloquially as the World Court), based in The Hague, Netherlands, against the United States seeking the Republic of Texas' independence. This is why the US no longer recognizes the rulings of the World Court. This case is still pending. However, all of the leaders of the Republic of Texas are still in prison, or DEAD, with the exception of the Ambassador, who is living in exile in England. The Texas Ambassador and I maintain regular correspondence.

Susan's Grave

This photograph shows what the Clintonistas, Bushites and Obamanations have planned and waiting for all independent thinking people, knowledgeable (Pro Se) Litigants, members of the Common Law Courts, Christian Jural Societies, the militias, Christians in general, all belligerent sheople, rebellious slaves and those who are of no further economic value to society, the NWO or the banksters. Can you see the ''writing on the wall' beginning to show? Just think, it will soon be up to the new 'Medical Czar' to decide who receives a shot of hemlock (happy shot) and who the doctor will be allowed to treat. By the way, under the new health care plan every man, woman and child will be required to have a "HEALTH CARE CARD" to receive treatment. These HEALTH CARDS will have a microchip containing your records, this is [the new] National ID. These cards have already been being issued to Medicaid and Medicare recipients since October, 2008. The 2009 stimulus package has money in it for hospitals to upgrade their computer equipment. The BEAST is moving full speed ahead to establish the new 'Communist State of Amerika', and it (of course) wants to be able to track all of its slaves. Alternatives: don't ask for benefits; avoid the BEAST as best you can - evade nothing (learn the difference).

Two of my top staff members of my Florida office died in 2005, William M. Biermann, USN Chief Petite Officer retired, 83 years old, and Jane Rock, USN Petite Officer retired, 80 years old. They were good and trusted soldiers. Jane, also, faithfully attended all but two militia training camps while I was in Florida. Here is one for the records books, as well, Jane was the mother of 21 children and she wanted to assure her children and grandchildren the rights of freedom and liberty so that they could pursue their happiness. Both Jane and Bill lost their homes due to illegal seizures by corrupt government officials. It is sad how this country's Veterans, and their windows, are being abused by the 'JUST-US' system and not receiving their justly deserved and contractually due benefits. These two were two of my best helpers and legal beagles. I will not mention those who are still living as to protect them from further assaults or tyranny. John-Alden died on Thanksgiving Day, 2005, supposedly of a heartache; and Carl Gorton died, supposedly from a SUV off-road accident, back in 2001 -- yea, I suppose most likely a CIA arranged accident.

On January 31, 2003, I published a worldwide notice that the Federal Government was attempting to murder Susan Mokdad in Coleman Federal Prison in Texas. It was already well known these thugs had terminated Philip Marsh, the founder of the Pilot Connection about three years previous and buried him in a pauper's grave. Susan had undergone surgery for a brain tumor. Coleman Prison officials, instead of allowing her time for recovery at the hospital, immediately transported her back to the prison where she was put in solitary. Susan repeatedly complained of pain, headaches and dizziness. She repeatedly requested medical attention; however, her guards and torturers laughed it off and refused to allow her medical attention. Susan died from internal bleeding, while all alone in a cold dark prison cell. May Yah forgive them - NOT - for they knew what they were doing. COLD BLOODED MURDER! I have no use for thugs who get their jollies from murdering innocent defenseless people.

For anyone who may be interested, Susan's mother, Wilma Ippolito, who is now 80 years old, has a website and The Handbook Of Freedom is available there.

Lest we forget, Susan Mokdad, a true Patriot, born March 1, 1956; MURDEred by her captures at the age of 46 in Coleman Federal Prison, St. Valentine's Day, February 14, 2003.

"If we make peaceful revolution impossible, we make violent revolution inevitable."   
--John Fitzgerald Kennedy

F.Y.I.: Barack Hussein Obama is the third person of African descent to hold the Office of President of the United States, and he is cousin to the Queen, a British Royal. In 1781, John Hanson, a Moor, became the first President of the United States. In 1860, Abraham Springstein (Lincoln), a Jew, whose grandmother was an African slave, became the second of African descent to become President. Hanson presided over the beginning of the first Revolution. Springstein/Lincoln, a follower of Carl Marx, presided over the Communist War of Aggression, the second Revolution, a/k/a, [the] Civil War. Care to guess where we now (2009) stand with this Communist Obamanation sitting in the Whitehouse along with his Jewish rascal cohort Rahm Israel Emanuel, and other cronies? (There are those who say, "Here comes the new boy - just like the ol' boy.")

"America's third Revolution,
an idea whose time has come!

Sir David-Andrew.
Brigade Commander.
Ambassador Pro Temp of the Florida Republics
[email protected]

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When you look around the web, you'll find a public servant questionnaire, but not like this one. I converted it to a single page so you can get a multi-part NCR form made up at Kinkos, Staples, Office Depot, etc.. Keep some by the door to your house and in your glove compartment to give to [any] law enforcement officers who want to ask you questions. Before answering theirs, I can make them answer mine. You'll find supporting law in 5 U.S.C. 552a. By Bob Hurt
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