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Lôôk at what I have found!
(2d Edition)

This man is a Knight of Templar.
Take a close lôôk at all of the symbolism in the portrait below. Upon what does he have his finger? Jerome is the father of the fallen angel theory, which doctrine was never, NEVER, taught prior to his time. He created the doctrine to merge the Babylonian and Egyptian deities into one new world wide state religion controlled by the so-called Holy See (Vatican).

Under Jerome's plan, the Babylonian deities became the forces of good, the Egyptian deities became the forces of evil, even though both religions practiced triune SUN worship. All other world religion demons (idols, false deities) became lesser deities: demons, angels (messengers) or saints. The term "guardian angel" comes from the Greek term demon. In todays madness of Judeo-Christendumb, it is difficult to sort out the good deities from the bad ones. But then come to think about it, there is ONLY ONE Deity, Yah (Source), the Yahavah (Creator). However, try to convince the dumb sheople in Christendumb of the truth worthiness of these facts.

In this portrait there is an obelisk, six pointed star of Babylon (which is wrongly called the star of David), Zeus descending in the clouds, a man's skull, candles, books in disarray, and pay no mind to what is behind the curtain. Is that a Bible I see, and how has it been placed in relation to the skull? Note the signing with his hand as he makes reference to Zeus and that he wears the robe of red.

This portrait is from an official children's Catholic catechism or story book (The Eternal Wisdom), and it appears on the opposite page from a painting of the crucifixion. What is the meaning or purpose of placing Jerome engaged in cultic practice in a children's book? Is this subliminal indoctrination to teach children to become good little Luciferians?

It should be noted that this hu-man (beast) tampered with a core doctrine of the Roman Church, the so-called holly trinity. Most sheople today except and propagandize his doctrine, as the dumb sheople that they are. The Nicæan Council taught the Father, Son and Logos. Jerome taught, Father, Logos and Holy Ghost, with the Logos becoming the Son. When in actuality Logos is the power from the Source.

I would send most of my readers into total shock or denial, if I told them what else Logos is called or referenced as in Holy Scriptures. Psalms 110:3 and II Peter 2:19. Oops! I did say that did I? Though, I suppose most are too dumbed down and brainwashed to finger it out. But then, if they do, they will still deny that the Holy Scriptures state that, even though all, ALL, of the great Reformers taught this. Dumb sheople!

Tell me what is holy about a ghost, since the definition for the term "ghost" is "evil spirit". How is it possible for that which is evil to be holy, or visa versa. However, that is exactly what Jerome created by his fallen angel theories and the merging of world religions in to one nice neat package to spoon feed the dumb sheople.

When I read the Holy Scriptures, I find that these state that there is one Deity (Elohim, all powerful), and only one, Creator (Yah-havah), Yah (the source or beginning). Try to carefully read Isaiah chapter 42 through 46. That should wash this Babylonian trinity from your clearer thinking.

GOD is the false deity (demon) of SUN worshipers. GOD is a deity of Babylon, the deity of good luck and good fortune. (Strong's Bible Dictionary, Yiddish #1409 and 1408) GOD is the NAME of a false deity and not Deity. The terms god and deity are NOT interchangeable; though, Luciferians have brainwashed the dumb sheople into accepting that these are interchangeable.  I use the term Yiddish and not Hebrew, because the Massoretic Text is written in Yiddish, not Biblical Hebrew.

Easter and X-mas are the high day sabbaths of SUN worshipers. (Ezekiel chapter Eight) GOD is not the Creator. GOD and GOD worshipers are the chief enemy of Yah. (Isaiah 65:11-12) "You are those who forsake Yahavah, who forget My holy mountain, who prepare a table for GOD (Gaud, Gâd; deity of good luck or fortune, morning star), and who furnish drink offering to Meni (deity of fate or destiny; evening star)." "Therefore, I will number you to the sword, and you shall bow down and I will cut off your head. Because when I called, you did not answer; when I spoke you did not hear; and you did that which is evil in My sight, choosing that in which I did not delight."

Venus is the morning and evening star, a two faced or headed deity, who the Luciferians call Lucifer. Though, in actuality that is just more lies, since the title Lucifer truly belongs to another, as taught by Holy Scriptures. Who is the light bringer? Who is the light bearer? What is the Biblical answer to these two questions. State Religion lies just do not cut it here, when they teach good is evil and evil is good.

King Yahshua Messiah was born the night preceding the Day of Atonement, the Tenth Day of the Seventh Month, 7 B.C. (someone is lying about the BC, Before Christ) and he died the Fourteenth Day (after spring equinox or thereabout) of the First Month (Sabbatical Calendar), at new moon, 27 A.D. Most State Religionists teach he died at FULL MOON and Jews teach Passover is at FULL MOON, both are wrong, since it is obvious that neither seem to know how to READ. There was a FULL SOLAR ECLIPSE at Messiah's death. Oops! Only FOOLS would believe State Religion theories on the position of the moon. True science proves Scriptures; Scriptures prove true science. King Herod (an Edomite) died March 4 B.C.  It is IMPOSSIBLE for Yahshua to have been born four years after King Herod DIED. Baa! Baa! Dumb sheople!

Now, knowing these facts try justifying worshiping or keeping of the spring equinox (New beginning of Mother Earth, Semiramis worship for which Al Gore is the chief priest or warlock of this cultic worship) and winter solstice (new beginning of the SUN, Nimrod worship). "Son of man come and see what evil they do." "Abomination of abominations!" - Ezekiel chapter Eight.. "An evil and perverse generation, who worship Creator with their lips, but their hearts are far, far from Him."

I find the English speaking sheople to be the DUMBEST, since most have swallowed the KJV hook line and sinker. The 1611 KJV has as its basis or foundation the Fifth Latin Vulgate, which was written or translated by Jerome, or should I more correctly state, MISTRANSLATED by Jerome.

King James Erskine (not a Stewart), a pervert, was a Knight of Templar and co-conspirator in the murder of Prince Jacob, son of Mary, Queen of Scots, the last rightful heir to the Thrown of Scotland of that bloodline. In the marginal notes of the Book of Revelations in the Geneva Bible, the Reformers reference King James, as ANTICHRIST, and the English speaking people have suffered four hundred years under the evil rule of this demoniac and his successors. This rule was preceded by 1260 years of the Dark Ages, the Great Tribulation, if there be such. See Fox's Book Of Martyrs. There is most certainly no such future event.

Our Pilgrim and Puritan fathers REFUSED to use the King James Bible, for good cause. Even George Washington used the Geneva Bible over the KJV, and the Geneva Bible was the Bible of the Courts in this Country until the War (1861) of Communist Aggression. Yes, Abraham Springstein (Lincoln), a Jew (AshkeNAZI, sons of Gog) and grandson of an African slave, was a follower of Karl Marx; and was the second man of African descent to hold the office of the Presidency of the United States of America.

Jerome most certainly was not a "SAINT". He was demonic and a devil, and I chose these terms carefully. However, most today except his Luciferian doctrine on what they call Christian FAITH. The Australian Forum back in the 1970s was correct, when they referenced the so-called Christian doctrine of churches in America, they called these teachings, the UP SIDE DOWN GOSPEL. In most churches today, good is evil and evil is good. And, of course, the law is done away with and every man is a law onto himself.

Most folks think that only the Black Robed Devils in the Courtroom lie, and never consider the Black Robed Devils in the pulpits. Now, you most certainly were not taught any of these historical or Biblical facts in the Public Fool Educational System or any of the alphabet soup (over 1600 denominations) Churches of State Religion, were you? Most everything that you have been spoon fed, since a child, is a lie. Y'all need to remove the viruses stored in your main frame computer, called the brain. Oops! Instant melt down for some good folks and others, oh well, heaven is not a nice place to visit. Oh, I forgot, you call it HELL! It is difficult to communicate with all this UP SIDE DOWN thinking, or was that non-thinking, of robots or zombies running around.

I should have just destroyed your entire stinking thinking state religion. What do you say? Are you ready to ABOUT FACE, and get out ofBabylon?

Sir David-Andrew.
P.S. If you haven't read the The Temples Of Baal, then I highly recommend that you read it.


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