Social Security: Mark of the Beast!

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The word “repent” means “reconsider.”  It takes time to reconsider the ways of the world and turn to face God.  After you put your hand to the plow, I suggest baptism as a new child of God.  Christians are to depart from iniquity.  Baptism is incorporation into God’s government.  You cannot depart from iniquity if you are incorporated into a beast.

Here are some links to look into:

Disclaimer: These links are provided for your research.  None of them has endorsed my work.

· and


· offers a W-4T withholding termination form and other “freedom materials”

· sells their book for employers on how to deal with unnumbered employees.

· support for the unenumerated


· is an audio file of a 1-hour talk show on the topic that no law requires anyone to have a Social Security Number.


· sells a 12 volume subscription to their book “Social Security – The Way Out” on how to un-volunteer.





· and



· helps employees regain their right to work without a SSN

·         the tax law sites: (and don’t miss their SSN page and, , ,,  and

·         and the “Save a Patriot” sites: and and don’t miss their

·         for another view of Social Security history:

·         and “Book of the Hundreds” at will explain why we are under martial law and where the 1040 form came from.  Another interesting history of Social Security Numbers is at

Since you have already cancelled your bank account, you probably have found ways to cash checks.  If not, I know of two organizations that can keep an account for you in either gold or US dollars.

· has a private banking service, and

·         National Commodity and Barter Association, P.O. Box 2255, Longmont colorado 80502 phone 303-654-1111. 

Another way is to keep a gold or silver account at  (but they don’t have dollar denominated accounts).

There are other offshore anonymous accounts and trusts that you can open through middlemen.  These attract the attention of the IRS and are not recommended.

To buy an anonymous debit card for $49.95 find a distributor of the “Consumer Benefit Card” described in It has most of the advantages of a bank account.  You can buy and sell without a mark, make deposits by mail, make deposits or funds transfers by phone with another debit card (which is convenient for depositing funds into teenagers cards, employees cards, or into the cards of your overseas relatives), and you can make ATM withdrawals.  You do not need a name, SSN, ID.  Just a mailing address.  After you receive the card, you activate it and pick a PIN number.  You can even become a distributor without a SSN, at but they will send 1099s to the IRS. (the form asks for a SSN, but is not required).

For those who have completely dropped out of the worldly system, you can buy a good quality Heaven Passport, or ID card, from the Embassy of Heaven Church, 8777 Basl Hill Rd. SE, Stayton, Oregon 97383.  phone 503-769-5034.  They sell many worthwhile publications.  These people are willing to go to jail and loose their property for their Christian beliefs.

I also subscribe to the Right Way L.A.W. club’s newsletter.

CPA Book Publishers 503-668-4941 has a large catalog of Christian centered books for those who are patriotic. 

Endtime Magazine has plenty of news about the push toward a one-world government, and the latest news of the UN, the world court, the Pope and Gorbachev.  Endtime, P.O. Box 2066, Richmond, IN 47375.  Phone 1-800-ENDTIME

For the latest news on the United Nations global government go to

Newswatch Magazine.

If you enjoy writing to your government officials about their planned destruction of America, then I would recommend subscriptions to two magazines:

Media Bypass Magazine, 4904 Tippecanoe Drive, Evansville, Indiana  If you think you can talk a friend into subscribing, it would be worthwhile to pay the extra $10 to become a Marketing Associate.  You can help me further by noting that you were referred by Associate ID 5396. 

American Free Press.  $59 for one year. But call for their “get acquainted” special.  1-888-699-NEWS.

Also recommended:

The Power of Prophecy newsletter by Texe Marrs. 1708 Patterson Road, Austin Texas 78733.  Free newsletters to their customers.

To understand the limitations of federal bureaucracies, I recommend the book "Vultures in Eagle's Clothing" by Lynne Meredith.  $50.  Phone 562-592-9077. She also sells a book “Getting Hired without a Social Security Number.” (published by Free the People, P.O. Box 370, Sunset Beach, California)

Another book to prove that the income tax is voluntary is “Investigating the Federal Income Tax” by former IRS special agent Joseph Banister.  He was formerly employed as an enforcer in the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, but he had a change of heart.  His web site is His book is also available from Freedom Law School

For the advanced student who needs to confront the IRS in court, I recommend the materials by V.I.P. Box 463, Owensville, Ohio 45160  After I attended their Level I, II and III seminars, I am no longer afraid that the IRS will throw me into prison.  The IRS cannot collect a tax from an American without falsifying at least 3 federal documents.  If they want to put you into prison, they must commit many more crimes.  Using the Freedom of Information Act, you can collect evidence against them.

The book “Dual Citizenship: The Christian’s Responsibility in Secular Government ” by Patrick Matrisciana. Published by Jeremiah Books.

The book "STORM WARNING: The coming persecution of Christians and traditionalists in America" by Don McAlvany.

The book "The Social Security Swindle: How anyone can drop out " by Irwin Schiff.  Freedom Books, Hamden, CT.  ISBN 0-930374-05-3.

For those who are involved in legal issues "The Anti-Shyster" magazine 214-418-8993.

Another legal newspaper is “The Justice Times” from Clinton, Arkansas.  They focus on Tax issues. 

May the Holy Spirit comfort you in your persecution.  And remember those in prison (Hebrews 13:3).

Luke 21:36  "Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man."


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