Social Security: Mark of the Beast!

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Chapter 2


There are all manner of excuses by which people deny that the Mark is already here.  I’ve heard them all.

In order to have an ear to hear, we must explore the wide range of possibilities that agree with scripture.  In order for something to be the mark of the beast, it must agree with scriptures.  Too many of you are stuck on preconceptions that may blind you to the truth. 

The #1 most frequent excuse that the Mark is not here yet, is that the mark is an actual physical mark in the right hand or forehead, such as a tattoo or implant.  Revelation 13:16  does indeed say that the mark of the beast is to be in the right hand or forehead.  But in five other instances throughout the Bible there are marks in hands and foreheads that do not refer to physical marks.  There are marks that the King James Version calls signs, tokens, law, memorial, and frontlets (whereas the New International Version calls them signs, symbols, reminder and teachings), IN HANDS AND FOREHEADS, NONE OF WHICH REFER TO PHYSICAL MARKS.  If you want to insist that the Mark of the Beast must be an actual physical mark in the hand or forehead, you must first explain away the five other Biblical references to non-physical marks in hands and foreheads.  We will study all these in another chapter.  But first, let’s examine some other preconceptions.

The #2 most popular excuse is that Social Security Cards are only for Americans, and since the mark is worldwide, it cannot be the mark.  I cannot understand this excuse.  I cannot find any scripture that would indicate that the final two horned beast has to issue a numerical identifier in exactly the same format in all the different countries.  And, IT’S ALREADY TOO LATE TO THINK OTHERWISE.  Every country that has a national debt is required by their creditors to track their taxpayers’ income.  Multinational creditors who loaned us the national debt require you to be numbered to track your income.  MULTINATIONAL TREATIES ALREADY REQUIRE THE US TO ISSUE SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS.  Example: There is a treaty between Great Britain and the US for the US to administer Social Security.  For proof go to this British government web site:  Another example: The GATT treaty ’s Uruguay Round Agreements forced the US Congress to make Social Security numbers mandatory for newborn children in order to be claimed as a dependent on a tax return (section 742 of Public Law 103-465).  Another example: Although SSNs have been issued for six decades, new federal regulations in US Code Title 20 Chapter 111 Subpart B 422.103(b)(2) now allow the Social Security Administration to enter into an agreement with the United Nations Headquarters district to establish “a procedure to assist SSA in assigning social security numbers to newborn children”.  Another: The United Nations treaty Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 22 declares that everyone has the right to social security, and Article 24 requires all children to be registered at birth.  More proof that it is worldwide was once on this government web site:  It no longer exists, but it had a long list of countries with Social security systems similar to the US.

In my final chapter, I provide many other proofs that the Social Security Card is already issued by multinational foreign powers.  As you will soon learn: Your future labor has been hypothecated as collateral for the national debt.  This is legal because the application for a Social Security Number meets all the requirements of a financing statement per Uniform Commercial Code section 9-302.  You are the one that put your labor up as collateral for the national debt.  If the US ever defaults, (and it will), your foreign masters will resort to forced SLAVE labor to pay off the national debt.  Your fair share is now $97,000, but America’s net worth is only about $33,000 per household. [During a panic sell-off this valuation will be worth much less] You people need to discharge your obligations, or face the consequences.  YOU, either by your own signature or by your parents giving you as collateral, voluntarily agreed to be liable for the national debt.  Who among you would be able to make war with the beast?

The #3 most popular excuse that the mark is not here, is that the Mark will be issued by a one man atheist world leader ruling from Jerusalem during a future 3.5 year tribulation.  These claims are based on the flimsiest of reasoning.  I’ll refute them all.  Today’s popular antichrist theory is just a cunningly devised fable fabricated back in the 1590’s to divert attention from Martin Luther’s accusation (Luther’s Works  Vol 2 page 281) that the Catholic Church gets away with blasphemy that no saint or heretic ever dared.

Those who stick to the future antichrist theory insist that a future one man world leader is also the following: the Daniel 9:27 prince that makes a covenant with many, who is also the Daniel 11&12 King of the north that takes away the daily sacrifices, who is also the Second Thessalonians Chapter 2 man of sin, who must somehow also be the false prophet (even though the false prophet cannot be a man because he lives forever – Rev 20:10 ).  And since the false prophet deceived those who already had the mark, therefore he must be the future two horned second beast that issues the mark.  If you can figure it out, write me.

The #4 most popular excuse is that taking the mark is slapping God’s face to pledge allegiance to the ruler of this world, and taking a Social Security Card cannot be equated to this.  I’ll address this issue in a separate chapter.  And yes, taking a Social Security Card is slapping God’s face, for many reasons.

The #5 most popular excuse is that a Social Security Number is not yet the mark because we can still buy and sell some things without it, therefore this is absolute proof that the mark is not yet here.  They claim that prophecy requires a cashless society where absolutely ALL transactions are marked.  Because they can still buy and sell some small items for cash, this somehow proves that the beast has not yet caused all, pursuant Revelation 13:16 , to receive a mark to buy or sell.  Let’s take a closer look. 

Since some people will be rewarded for refusing the mark, IT CANNOT MEAN THAT ALL WILL GET A MARK.

It says all will have a cause to get a mark.  Verses 16 and 17 are one sentence.  This sentence states that THE BEAST’S INTENT IS TO CAUSE ALL TO GET (or give) A MARK.  Revelation 13:16 ,17  (KJV):  

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive [Greek didomi = give] a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."  

There is a big difference between the assumption that this is an absolute prohibition that no man will buy or sell without a mark when it really says is “no man might (NIV says ‘could’) buy or sell”. 

One is absolute and one is permissive.  Even in today’s English language, there is confusion about mandatory sounding words.  See my Appendix B. 

The word causeth (Greek poieo) can also be translated “to prepare” “to appoint” or “to promise”.

John’s choice of the words “no man” must mean something less absolute because he did not use the usual oudeis (translated 94 times as “no man”, 27 times “none”, and 6 times “any man”) nor did he use medeis (32 times “no man”).  My paraphrase: “certain man might not buy or sell...”

The word for “buy” means to do commerce in the marketplace.

It says “receive a mark” but uses the Greek (didomi), which normally means to give.  Nowhere else is this word translated as recieve.

It says that no man might [Greek dunamai] buy or sell without a mark, name or number.  Dunamai is used over 200 times but translated as might only 6 times.  My Greek Interlinear Bible translates this as “no one should be able to buy or to sell...” [the Greek word dunamai, Strong’s Concordance G1410, is the “should be able” which can also be translated as can, could, may, be possible, have power, or by permission of law].  My paraphrase: “certain men might not have permission of law to enter the marketplace or sell without a badge ...” 

Where does it say that ALL transactions require a mark?  There are several alternative interpretations of verse 17. 

(1) Buying and selling in verse 17 could very well refer only to government monitored commerce:

As I stated above, since some people will be rewarded for refusing the mark, it is clear that scripture doesn’t say that all will be forced to get a mark.

Even a cashless society can not prevent bartering under the table.  If you know the right people, you can always barter labor for food.  Even in Nazi occupied Europe, people who had to hide in attics could barter with those who risked the death penalty to do so. 

Perhaps verse 17 refers to a time when buying, selling or even barter are illegal without a mark name or number. 

Guess what?  Buying, selling and bartering without a mark are already illegal.  Such crimes prove intent to commit tax evasion, and bartering is also the crime of “structuring” transactions to evade the reporting of money laundering.  Under the structuring laws, US Code Title 31, sections 5322-5324 , money-laundering crime doesn’t have to be drug money.  Christian cash transactions to avoid monitored buying and selling is treated the same as if it were drug money. 

Unless the beast can control illegal bartering under the table, some people will barter outside the mark-name-number system to avoid government monitored transactions (such as cashing a check, receiving wages, buying a car, getting a job, paying taxes, buying medical care, buying airline travel, or even getting a phone.)  Today, A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER AUTHORIZES THESE TRANSACTIONS.

There is yet another possibility.  Slaves don’t have a right to buy or sell.  Suppose, just suppose, that as a slave all your income belongs to your master.  Since owners must provide for their slaves, the after-tax income that you are allowed to keep is really your living allowance.  Perhaps you became a slave in 1933 when the US declared bankruptcy and your new owners made ALL domestic buying and selling illegal.  More about this, later. 

The #6 most popular excuse that a Social Security Number cannot be the Mark, is because Christians must obey authority and SSNs are required by authority.  They insist that Social Security Numbers cannot be the Mark because everyone is forced to get them.  (Their logic has something to do with the Mark being voluntary worship of the beast, and since they were forced to get a SSN, it cannot be the Mark).  They are wrong.  There is no law that requires you to get a Social Security number.  No one in the government told you to get a number.  ONLY THE BEAST REQUIRES A NUMBER.  THE US GOVERNMENT DOES NOT REQUIRE YOU TO GET A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. 

The red dragon has a counterfeit authority for you to obey.  It is a very close counterfeit to the legitimate authority.  This “obey authority” excuse is used so often that I need to address it in more detail.  It does not refer to obeying false authority.  If you obey false authority you are rebelling against legitimate authority.  My Appendix A contains my comments about obedience to false authority.

Some people insist that Solomon’s temple must be rebuilt before the mark is issued.  As I said before, carelessly repeating anti-Protestant fables will not help you understand prophecy that is unfolding right in front of you.  When Martin Luther accused the Pope of being the son of perdition, he added his understanding of the temple: “What is the temple of God?  Is it stones and wood?  Did not Paul say, The Temple of God is holy, which Temple ye are?”  (Luther’s Works  Vol 2, page 281).

Martin Luther, John Knox and John Calvin were learned theologians.  They all taught that the Pope was the Antichrist.  These are historical Protestant teachings.

Encarta confirms, “At the time of the Reformation, Protestants quite generally held the pope to be the Antichrist”

Martin Luther called the Pope the son of perdition.  2nd Thessalonians 2. 

Anyone who speaks of a future antichrist is denying the historical Protestant position.

Anyone who speaks of a future antichrist must first explain away the antichrist that existed when 1st John 4 :3 was written.

Some people want proof that the saints were overcome (per Rev 13:7 , Dan 7:21&25 ).  This is a power of the ten-horned first beast NOT the two-horned second beast that issues the mark.  One answer is that saints without a mark must refrain from commerce.  Another answer is that saints are overcome when they are forced to participate in the theft of socialism and swear perjury oaths to the state god.  Another answer is that obeying the commandments was punishable by death for 42 months.

Before I introduce the 42-month topic, let’s take a closer look at the Catholic attempt to dismiss the Protestant claim that the pope is the antichrist. 

The Dark Ages ended when millions of people read the Bible for themselves.  All over Europe the Pope was called the Antichrist.  The historical Protestant position is that the 42-month period of Revelation 13:5  was a period of yearlong days, and that it had already been fulfilled.  Yearlong days are used in Numbers 14:34  and Ezekiel 4:6 .

In 1590 Jesuit Francisco Ribera published an opposing view, titled In Sacrum Beati Ioannis Apostoli, & Evangelistiae Apocalypsin Commentarij .  Then in 1593 Cardinal Robert Bellarmine published Polemic Lectures Concerning the Disputed Points of the Christian Belief Against the Heretics of This Time .  These became the official Catholic position on the Antichrist.  They claim:

·         that the Antichrist was to be one man, not a dynasty,

·         he would be an atheist

·         he would not be revealed until 7 years before the end of time and does not exist in the present

·         he will rule for 3 and one half literal years

·         he would sit in a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem and make a covenant with Jews

·         he would call himself God

·         he will deny Jesus and be received by the Jews 

Later, in the 1830’s they added the thought that Christians were to be secretly raptured to Heaven before his appearance.

There is plenty of information available on the Internet to show that the Catholic Antichrist position is contrary to historical Protestant thought.  Just search the Internet for combinations of the words antichrist or futurism with the name Ribera. 

Those who carelessly repeat these Catholic fables insist that a Social Security Card cannot be the Mark because the mark must be issued by an Anti-Christ atheist world leader during a 42-month tribulation.  But, my Bible says that the two-horned second beast issues the Mark, whereas the 10 horned brutal first beast is the one that continues in power for forty-two months. 

Some people claim that 42 months of Revelation 13:5  is the very same 1260 days of Revelation 12:6 , which must somehow also be the 1260 days of Revelation 11:3.  Although it is not an important issue, I have a problem with this.  Forty two months does not equal 1260 days.  Not in the Roman calendar, not in the Jewish calendar, and not in God’s Solar system.  Those who equate these two time spans say that a 30-day month is a “prophetic month,” but their only proof is that these two time spans must somehow be equal.  Only a great deceiver would think to change times and laws (Dan 7:25).  If months are determined by the phases of the moon, as in Numbers 28, (also see 2 Kings 4:23 , Psalm 81:3 , Colossians 2:16 , etc) then forty-two Jewish lunar months is equal to 1240 days, not 1260. 

Some people claim that the 42 months of Revelation 13:5  is the very same 3.5 year time span in both Revelation 12:14  and in Daniel 7:25 .  In Revelation 12:14  the persecuted church is in hiding for a time, and times and half a time.  In Daniel 7:25 the ten horned beast, continues for a time, times and the dividing (fraction) of time.  Those who use the “prophetic months” say that these are 1260-day periods of three and a half years.  But God put 365.256 days in a year, not 360.  Three and a half years are 1278 days, not 1260.  Three and a half years are 43 lunar months, not 42. 

The time span is not an important issue; I mention this only to show the extent to which people will equate things.  To avoid jumping to conclusions we should accept any 42 month period on any calendar, either literal days or symbolic yearlong days, of any reign of terror of any confederation of beast powers with worldwide military influence, that speaks blasphemy, at anytime past, present or future.  We need not insist that the 42 months equate to the Catholic position. 

In addition the historical Protestant position, there are four other theories that can explain how this 42 months has been already fulfilled.  These theories are honest enough to keep the Daniel 9:24 final week intact. 

The first theory is something like this, but it seems to support the 3½ year hiding of the persecuted church in Revelation 12:14  more than the 42 months of Revelation 13:5 :

The God of the Bible is an unchanging God. (Mal 3:6 , Heb 13:8 , Heb 6:17-18 , Num 23:19 , 1 Sam 15:29 , Titus1:2 ).  Even the Bereans examined the Old Testament daily to see if the New Testament was true.  Acts 17:11.

Those who love the lord will obey the Ten Commandments.  (Matthew 19:17 , John 14:15 & 15:10 , 1st John 2:3-5 , & 3:22-24 & 5:2-3, 1st Samuel 12:14, etc.)

The Ten Commandments were written in stone by the finger of an unchanging God.  (Deuteronomy 9:10 , Ex 31:18 ).  Jesus himself said that not one jot or tittle shall fall from the law.  God established his law to last forever, Psalm 119:152 . 

It is blasphemy for any man to change God’s commandments.  Not Emperor, nor Pope. 

The Dark Ages was a period where a confederation of beast powers overcame saints.  Between the time it was punishable by death to obey the Ten Commandments until Christians again had freedom to worship their God. 

Yearlong days are used in Numbers 14:34  and Ezekiel 4:6 .

Sun worshiper Constantine, while exercising power as a confederation of religious and political beasts, in the year 327 made it punishable by death to obey the 4th commandment.  Illegal in 321, punishable by death in 327.  I’m not sure if earlier overcoming of saints figure into the 42 months, but Emperor Decius briefly (from 249 to 251) made it punishable by death to refuse to worship his pagan gods. 

(Aside: Jesus said, in Mark 7:9  "And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.")

The the Dark Ages is 42 months of yearlong days during which it was punishable by death to obey the commandments.  We were in the 41st symbolic month after Constantine’s death penalty when Martin Luther faced the death penalty as a heretic, but was allowed to live if he agreed that the “Holy” Roman church had the authority to change the Sabbath to Sunday.  (Which obviously fits right into the 3½ years of wearing out saints by changing times and laws predicted in Daniel 7:25 ).  We were in the 42nd month when Tyndale was executed for translating the Bible into English.  The Geneva Bible was published in the 42nd month, when it was still illegal to have a Bible.  If this prophecy was fulfilled at the end of the symbolic 42nd month after Constantine, then we were free from persecution in the 43rd month when the Separatists fled to Holland, where they had religious freedom.  From there, these Pilgrims sailed to Plymouth Rock where they briefly established a nation whose lord is God.  I’ll tell you more about England’s role in the beast power, later.  By the way, the Pilgrims brought the Geneva Bible with them, not the King James Bible.  They did not use a Bible published by the government they fled from. 

King James had already banned the Bible, but in 1611 published his own sanitized version that supported the Catholic position on the Antichrist.  In 1620 the Pilgrims risked death at sea to flee from King James.  It is to their valor that you owe the liberty to worship God.  Again: THE PILGRIMS DID NOT USE A BIBLE PUBLISHED BY THE GOVERNMENT THEY FLED FROM.

The second plausible explanation:

The ten horns are successive governments that came out of the Roman Empire. 

Daniel’s fourth beast is made of iron, just as is the interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s fourth kingdom (Dan2:40).  This fourth beast is the one with the 10 horns.  In John’s vision the final beast has all heads and horns of the absorbed beast kingdoms, just as the Roman Empire had absorbed all land and authority of the conquered nations. 

The seventh head was wounded to death when the barbarians overran the Roman Empire in AD 476.  It was healed when Justinian restored the empire in 554. 

Then this healed Beast continued for 1260 years (supposedly 42 months of yearlong days, even though there is no calendar system where 42 months = 1260 days) until Napoleon was defeated in 1814.  This was the eighth horn.  Garibaldi to Mussolini is the ninth horn kingdom.  And we await the revival of the beast, a united Europe. 

The third theory is similar.  I’m skeptical of this theory because it has the 42 months occurring before the deadly wound is healed.  After 3 of the 10 nations were uprooted by the Holy Roman Empire (the Heruli in 493AD, Vandals in 534, and Ostrogoths in 538AD) Emperor Justinian, in 538AD, declared that the Bishop of Rome was “head of all the Churches.”  This became part of the Justinian Code.  Then there was exactly 1260 years until Napoleon’s General Berthier marched into Rome and took the Pope prisoner, where he died in exile.  538 + 1260 = 1798.  Mussolini, in 1929, executed the Concordat of 1929 with the Papacy, restoring their properties and power to heal the deadly wound.  The whole world would wonder after this power. 

The fourth theory has the 42 months from (our calendar) February 67AD to September 70AD when Jerusalem was under siege until her destruction by Emperor Vespasian, who just happens to be the eighth king (predicted by Revelation 17:11) in succession counting from Julius Caesar.

Some people say that the Social Security Card cannot be the Mark because the mark is associated with “the number of his name” in verse 17 which refers to the number of one individual man.  And it is “the number of a man” in verse 18, which is the number of one individual man.  This is another Catholic interpretation that was fabricated for the Counter-Reformation and is easily refuted.  Let’s take a closer look: 

In the Greek interlinear Bible, verse 17 translates the Greek word autou as the number of its name, not the number of his name.  And indeed, nowhere in your Bible does it say that the anti-Christ issues the mark of the beast.  It is the mark of the beast, just as it states in verse 17, not the mark of an anti-Christ.  Beasts have always symbolized governments.  There is nothing convoluted or enigmatic about the Beast issuing the Mark.  It is exactly as the Bible predicted.  The second beast, while exercising the authority of the scarlet ten-horned first beast, being ridden by a whore who is drunk with the blood of saints, deceives people into worship of a substitute god to cause them to get a mark symbolically in their right hand or forehead so they can buy and sell.  This seems so straightforward to me.  Again: the Greek word autou is the number of its name, not the number of his name.  My paraphrase: “certain men might not have permission of law to enter the marketplace or sell without a badge of the beast, the authority of the beast or the number of its authority”.

I repeat again: DIVINE interpretation in Dan 7:23 -24  says the beast is a government and that horns are kings.  Again: Rev 13:17 says it is the mark of the Beast, not the mark of a horn, or an anti-Christ. 

We notice that the original Greek for verse 18 is missing the indefinite article “a” which the King James translators added to get “number of a man”.  And indeed, the NIV translates it as “it is man’s number”.  (Although I hesitate to use the NIV as a good example).  Again: The original Greek has never had the indefinite article “a”.

The verse 18 word for man is the Greek anthropos, from which we get our English anthro- words, such as anthropology and anthropomorphic, meaning all of mankind.  It is not the Greek word aner which would be used for an individual man.  Again we see that it is not the number of one individual man. For it is the number of mankind.  The man of sin in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 is also anthropos.

If you are a Greek scholar please write to me and tell me if autou (Strong’s G847) in verse 17 refers to a regional name of the Beast.  Strong’s says autou is a possessive used as an adverb of location.  If true, then I recently read an interesting article about this regional name at

Some claim that the number 666 must be one man’s number, and is only the number 666, and since everyone’s Social Security Number is different, it cannot be the Mark.

Those of the implant or tattoo crowd will usually agree that a transponder implant or a tattoo will have a unique identifying number for each person, not just one man’s number.  They point out that UPC bar code synchronization bars form the number 666.

Verse 18 calls for wisdom and understanding that I don’t yet have.  More literally translated: Here is wisdom.  He who has understanding let him calculate the number (Greek arithmos, from which we get the word arithmetic) of the beast, for it is man’s number, and its [not his] number equals 666 (chi-xi-stigma). 

I don’t know of any connection, but 666 is in the Bible in 1st Kings 10:14 and 2nd Chronicles 9:13, as the total of Solomon’s annual salary.  If there is a connection, perhaps a calculation of man’s annual salary will have something to do with the mark.

666 could be a census of people.  666 is in the Bible in Ezra 2:13 as the number of the Adonikam tribe that returned from Babylon.  Some have used this to conclude that two-thirds of mankind that will be returned from Babylon to Israel’s storehouse, like Solomon’s salary, as good as gold.  Even though Nehemiah 7:18  has the count at 667.  Also related to census: Christians are Abraham’s seed (Galatians 3:29 ) which cannot be numbered (Genesis 15:5 ).  And 1st Chronicles 21:1 tells us who requires a census.

Some believe that “What John sees in his vision of the seven-headed beast and the two-horned beast and his image is the development of the scene in Daniel, only this of John is of a significance so much more exceeding in its immensity, that the 60 and six of Nebuchadnezzar's image is dwarfed by the six hundred, three score and six of the apocalyptic image.”

I have read where Biblical numerologists say that 666 is the number meaning “fullness of the works of man”.  Perhaps the works of mankind’s covetousness will reach its fullness when he resorts to plundering (taxing) his neighbors’ buying and selling, which will require a number to track the transactions.

Or perhaps this is a test for mankind.  After all, Christ has been delegated all authority in heaven and on earth, and He assures us that we will have persecution, and that only those who endure until the end shall be saved (Matt 24:13  and Mark 13:13  and Matt 10:22 ).  There is still time to “endure until the end” so that you don’t flunk Christ’s final exam. 

Some people insist that the 666 must be an actual number of (of = created by) the beast and cannot be symbolic.  If you think this, then here is something for you to consider.  The new national ID law.  Title 42 U.S. Code section 666, reflects the amendments made by "The Welfare Reform Act of 1996 " (Public Law 104-193 ) and "The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 " (Public Law: 105-33 ).  Additionally, a sister law, Public Law 104-208 , contains information for National ID cards using State driver's licenses.  Here it is:

"666(a) In order to satisfy section 654(20)(A) of this title, each State must have in effect laws requiring the use of the following... "(13) Procedures requiring that the social security number of - "(A) any applicant for a professional license, driver's license, occupational license, or marriage license be recorded on the application..." etc., etc., etc.

There are many who expect me to know the exact identities of the end time characters.  They say my message is all wrong because I cannot, with certainty, identify all the end time characters.  Some even want to equate all the evil characters.  They insist that the ten-horned beast is the two-horned beast, is Daniel’s king of the north, is the son of perdition, is the little horn, is the antichrist, is the man of sin, is the false prophet, is mystery Babylon, is the man personified as the King of Tyre, and is the harlot on the beast, and is the white horseman.

If these AntiChrist equivalents are essential doctrines of your faith, then study them and make your own conclusions.  If you need to be deprogrammed from these theories, I recommend the books Forcing God’s Hand by Grace Halsell and The Incredible Scofield and His Book by Joseph Canfield, and Hal Lindsey’s Prophetic Jigsaw Puzzle by Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi.  And a video essay The Last Days by John Anderson.  Also see

Here are some things to consider:

Some people equate the two-horned beast with the false prophet.  Rev 16:14 says that the false prophet will issue a demon to influence the kings of the earth and Rev 20:10  says he is immortal.  These are not the attributes of a man.  Another possibility is that the two-horned beast is an agent of the false prophet.

Revelation 17:8-11 supposedly shows that an individual world leader, the eighth King, not a government confederation, issues the mark.  (Even though verse 12 says there are 10 kings, and even though the two horned beast issues the mark). There is no proof that Revelation 17:12  “receive power as kings one hour with the beast." is somehow the 42 months.   Even if it was the 42 months, it could still be possible that counting from Julius Caesar to Nero is seven kings, Nero being the one who “is”, currently at the time John wrote the verse, and Vespasian was the eighth king who destroyed Jerusalem in 70AD.  Therefore the 42 months were February of 67AD to September 70AD.

Some people claimed to have traced Paul’s 2nd Thessalonians 2’s “man of sin” to the false prophet of Revelation 19, which must be the two horned second beast.  Their logic involves “parallels which cannot be discounted” which link the little horn, with the man of sin and with the false prophet.  The only parallel between them is that they all speak blasphemy.

Some want proof of the identity of the beast that came out of the Revelation 17 abyss after it was unlocked in Revelation 9.  It even says it is a mystery.  This beast was, and is not and yet is.  This is the same terminology that refers to the incarnation of Jesus in Rev 1:18, and some people use this as proof that the ten-horned Beast is a reincarnated evil Eighth King that was one of the 7 earlier kings. Even though only God can resurrect.  I’ll let you decide whether or not this is related to the two-horned beast issuing a mark. 

Now let’s examine Second Thessalonians chapter 2 in more detail.

Martin Luther accused the Pope of being the son of perdition that exalteth himself above all that is called God.  The King James translators tried to cover up this possibility, and their fable has been perpetuated to us today.

Let no man deceive you by any means.

The falling away (Greek word apostasy) need not refer to a church being taken away, and it will occur before the coming of Christ, not necessarily before the mark.  Luther points out that Paul taught that the temple of God was the people, as in 1st Corinthians 3:16-17 ,6:19, and 2nd Corinthians 6:16.

Also keep in mind that the word “man” in the phrase “man of sin” is the Greek anthropos, from which we get our English anthro- words; meaning all of mankind. It is not the Greek word aner which would be used for an individual man.  If this is an essential doctrine to you, then study it and make your own conclusions.

As for the restrainer, there can be much speculation.  Let’s take a literal look, so you can spend an hour pondering the possibilities.

2:5b ... when I was with you I told you these things,

2:6 And now you know [because when he was with them he told them these things] that which restrains you will be revealed in his own time

2:7 for the mystery of that iniquity [lawlessness, unrighteousness] is already working [back in Paul’s time almost 2000 years ago], only he who restrains at present [back in Paul’s time] until he [Tyndale translation: it] is out of the midst

[this doesn’t prove he/it is taken away, and this doesn’t even imply that the restrainer is gone, he/it is just not apparent in our midst]. 

2:8 and then shall that wicked be revealed whom the Lord will consume with the breath [spirit] of his mouth, and annul by the brightness of his coming

[when the restrainer of Paul’s time is out of our midst, then the lawless/wicked remains until God’s spirit annuls them at Christ’s coming] 

2:9 even him whose coming is by the working of Satan with all lying power and signs and wonders

[Tyndale margin note: “Lying miracles because they testify a false faith”]

[My notes: There is a possibility that the word annul in verse 8 means destroys.  If this were the case then the 2nd Thessalonians 2:8 “Wicked”, or NIV’s “lawless one”, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth and destroy with the brightness of his coming cannot possibly be the Rev 20:10  false prophet that is never destroyed.  Another possibility is that the word annuls means to convert to Christianity even those who had worked for Satan with all lying power and signs and wonders. ]

2:10 and in every deceit of unrighteousness among them that perish, because they received not the love of the truth that they might have been saved. 

[Tyndale margin note: “Where no love is to the truth, on them doth God let slip false prophets to deceive them.”]

Question for you, the reader: Even if the power, signs and lying wonders of 2 Thessalonians 2:9  is the wonders and powers of Rev 13:13&14 , and even if the man of sin is the false prophet, is this relevant to the Mark’s timetable?  Second Thessalonians 2 proves that the apostasy will be before the rapture, but it gives no hint about the Mark’s schedule.

Many people say that we needn't worry about the Mark, because we will be secretly raptured before the Mark is issued.  This mimics the carefully devised fable that appeared during the Counter Reformation.  Here are reasons to believe that the rapture comes after the Beast’s tribulation and before God’s wrath: 

In Revelation 20:4  we see that saints will be beheaded for refusing the Mark.  (Hint: saints will still be on earth when the Mark is issued)

AFTER the tribulation ... with the sound of a great trumpet, they shall gather his elect.  Matt 24:29-31  

The rapture will not be secret.  Lightning and a great trumpet and a shout from the Lord, which all come AFTER the tribulation, announce the rapture.  The trumpet shall sound the rapture.  1st Corinthians 15:52   For as lightning flashes from the east to the west, so shall the coming of the Son of man be.  Matt 24:27 .  The Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, and with the trump of God – and we will be caught up together in the rapture.  1st  Thessalonians 4:16-18.

Jesus promised to be with us until the end of the world.  Matt 28:20

Those who endure until the end shall be saved.  Matt 24:13 , Mark 13:13 , Matt 10:22  

In the world ye shall have tribulation John 16:33

And 1st Thess 5:9 , Rev 10:7 , Rev 11:15,18

I recommend the books The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church by Marvin Rosenthal and The Secret Rapture: Is it Scriptural? by Ralph Woodrow.  Also see  and and

Some people think that the Social Security Card is not yet the Mark of the Beast because people are not yet executed for refusing it, as is supposedly required by verse 15.  Here is my paraphrase of Revelation 13:15 ; life has been given to an image of [= fabrication created by] a beast, that the image should cause as many protesters as would not worship the beast [to qualify for credentials to buy and sell] should be abolished [Greek apokteino = destroy, abolish or kill].  I know that without jobs, homes, and cash that those who don’t have credentials to buy and sell can die of starvation.  Being cut off from (apokteino) commerce is an effective method of causing all to worship (with a perjury oath) Beast powers.  Eventually this will involve execution according to Revelation 20:4 .  History is about to repeat itself.  Americans have been conquered, vanquished, and subdued by a beast power.  The same beast power that Inquisitioned and massacred millions of your Protestant ancestry.  And thousands of their ancestors back in the fourth century.  They stood.  Most people today refuse to take a stand. 

Concerning the counterfeit miracles, signs and lying wonders of Rev 13:13-14  and 2nd Thess 2:9 , and the sorceries that deceived nations in Rev 18:23.  I cannot prove a connection, but Endtime magazine (Vol 10, No. 3)  reports that tour guides at the Vatican state that the word “Vatican” means “the hill of the magicians and the soothsayers”.  A well researched essay on the meaning of the term “Vatican” can be found at

Many Sabbath keepers insist that Sunday Laws are the mark because they will prohibit buying and selling, albeit on Sundays only.  One Sabbath keeper wrote to me to say “The issue is loyalty to Satan or loyalty to God and THEN buying and selling to save your life.”  At first, I dismissed this because it seemed to me that Revelation 13:17  has those with a mark, name or number as qualified to buy or sell.  But I might be wrong.  The phrase “No man might” could be a prohibition by God, rather than by the Beast.  There is a possibility that the Lord, on a Sabbath day, might have tribulation per Matthew 24:20  as a test in which the unfaithful will violate the Sabbath by buying and selling on the Sabbath to save their lives.  I wrote back to ask him to clarify what he meant, but he never answered.  Another point to consider is that the first angel’s message in Revelation 14:7 tells us to worship him that made the heavens, earth and sea.  These are the same words used in the Sabbath commandment.  Verse 12 then contrasts those who keep the commandments with those who receive the mark.

Other excuses: Many people claim that the mark of the beast can only occur when there appears a revived Roman Empire, or a cashless society, or a new temple on the Temple Mount after the sacrifice of red cows, or a rebuilt Babylon, or an 18 digit international number. 

It seems to me that there already is a revived Roman Empire, and a world anti-Christ power (as defined by 1John4), and a rebuilt Babylon, and a cashless society (without the gold or silver cash required by your Constitution), and there already are international numbers.  And there already is a red cow in Israel.  It seems to me that the leaves are on the fig tree. 

As for the Temple Mount preceding the mark, I have many reasons to be skeptical.  The people who make this claim must (1) deny the historical Protestant position on the antichrist, and also deny Martin Luther’s understanding of the temple (2) prove that Daniel 11’s King of the North that takes away the daily sacrifice (Dan 11:31 ) is also the man of sin of Second Thessalonians and is also the two horned second beast of Revelation 13. (3) Then they must assert that the Abomination of Desolation, which meaning is sealed until the time of the end, will occur in the future even though 2000 years ago Matthew 24:15 and Mark 13:14 were written to readers who understood the sealed meaning.

Deuteronomy 8:19-20  "And it shall be, if thou do at all forget the LORD thy God, and walk after other gods, and serve them, and worship them, I testify against you this day that ye shall surely perish.  As the nations which the LORD destroyeth before your face, so shall ye perish; because ye would not be obedient unto the voice of the LORD your God."


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