Social Security: Mark of the Beast!

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Chapter 10


·         Why would those who are only obeying authority “be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb” per Revelation 14:10 ?

·         Why would I be forced to drink God’s wrath, per Revelation 14:10 -11 just for getting a number? 

·         Certainly, getting the Mark of the Beast must be some overt sin that all Christians would know to avoid.  How can a Social Security Number be the Mark, it’s just a silly number?

·         Getting the mark is tantamount to slapping God’s face, how can getting a silly number be even remotely similar to such a sin?

You will not understand the answers unless you are ready for the answers.  It’s a lot like trying to explain that a just and loving God was wrathful against Adam and Eve, and us descendants, even though the fruit was just a silly fruit.  It is not about the fruit, it is about mutiny against God.  Mutiny, even if fraudulently induced by deception, is punishable by death.  Before you can understand the answers to the above questions, you must first understand Lordship, authority, oaths, and worship.

And yes, taking a SS number is slapping God in the face.  For many reasons. 

SSN application is by a perjury oath signature.  Oaths are always a form of worship (violating the first commandment).

Oaths also violate Matt 5:34 , James 5:12 .  It is worship of a superior, Hebrews 6:16 . 

Applying for SS number requires swearing, on a permanent irrevocable record, that Caesar is Lord. 

SS numbers are only issued to wards who need government funds (according to section 205(c)(2)(B)(i) of the Social Security Act ), yet Christians cannot associate with freeloaders (according to 2 Thessalonians 3:5-15 ). 

If you didn’t need federal funds, then you had to falsify a federal application to get a number.  Theft, covetousness, and false witness, even if you don’t count worship.  

Once you are a ward of whoever takes over the government, then you must obey their laws.  Regardless of how abhorrent or repugnant.  Regardless of how evil they become.

You are no longer one of the (“We the People”) Christian masters who created government to secure rights endowed by The Creator.  You are now sworn to allegiance to civil servants who have no respect for anything Christian. 

You have forever turned your back on the proper chain-of-command.  Like Esau, you sold your birthright.  God hated Esau.  Once you get a SS number, you don’t even have the right to earn wages [thereby making your wages taxable].

You participated in creating a host of providers and saviors to regulate your life, protect you, lord over you and insure you against God’s cataclysms.  Certainly this qualifies as a man-made (graven) image. 

But your lords also demand worship.  You were commanded to not bow down to them, nor worship them.  Yet, you will even give them the firstfruits of your labor (withholding).


Allow me to describe this lordship concept with several different terms: mastership, ruler, sovereign, protector, boss, your chain of command.  You are under a government whether you like it or not, but only one government.  You cannot serve two masters.  Christ said “he that is not with me is against me” (Luke 11:23 , Matt 12:30 ).  You are to rely upon Him for your protection and welfare (Psalm 40:17 , 118:8-9, Matthew 6:25-34 , 2nd Corinthians 9:8 , Philippians 4:19 , etc.)  God’s first commandment prohibits you from having other Gods (Hebrew: ‘elohiym) before Him (= outrank Him).

Satan has a counterfeit authority for you to obey.  You must choose which chain of command you are in.  Satan’s counterfeit is very difficult to discern.  When a state demands that it be recognized as the caretaker of the elderly, or educator of children, or judge of whatever abominations are to be morally acceptable, then it is demanding recognition as God.

A closer look at translations would help explain this Lordship concept.  By reading the English translations, you cannot tell if the word `Lord' refers to the Almighty or to a human boss.  The word "LORD" is translated from several different words: 

H3050 yahh,

H3069, yehovih,

H136 adonay,

H113 adown - meaning lord, master, owner, sovereign, or controller,

H3068 yehovah or

H430 'elohiym as in the first commandment which is also translated as god, mighty, gods, judges, goddess, angels and magistrate. 

The reference numbers are from Strong's Concordance.

I repeat again: The first commandment prohibits you from having other rulers or judges as a higher authority than God.

In the Greek New Testament the word LORD is translated from

G2962 kurios, meaning authority, master, God, Lord, or sir; and from

G1203 despot - meaning Lord, absolute ruler or master. 

These are the only two Lords in the New Testament, neither of which exclusively refers to the Lord Almighty, so you cannot be sure which kind of master the word LORD refers to.

Example: Christ said that you cannot serve two Lords (G2962 kurios in both Luke 16:13  and Matt 6:24 ).  You cannot serve both God and mammon (mammon=G3126 wealth personified or greed).

The Greek word for God is Theos, which means “a magistrate.”  In Roman days you would address a judge as a god.  Emperors were referred to as Apo Theos, creator of gods. This lordship continued down through the centuries with the kings claiming divine authority to rule.  Feudal liege lords retained authority over their subjects.  Even today the word landlord retains the lord suffix.  In Canada today, judges are still addressed as “Your Worshipfullness.”  In court your plea is still called a “prayer.”  The painting on the ceiling of your Capitol dome is titled Apotheos of George Washington.  He was the creator of your judge gods.

Does your “first citizen” still claim to have god powers?  On May 14, 1998 Clinton released Executive Order Number 13083 entitled Federalism.  The presidency claims “a Federal Government of supreme ... powers.”  And as for US citizens, Federal law has the power “... to define the moral, political, and legal character of their lives.” 

Yes.  Your god defines every moral, political and legal character of your life.  The Roman Civil Law of today is a mirror image of the iron beast that trampled down the whole earth and broke it to pieces (as in Dan 7:23 ).  Could this mirror image be the image of the beast brought to life in Revelation 13:15 ?  Do they demand worship?  Do they speak blasphemy?  The answers seem so obvious to me; I don’t understand why others cannot see this. 

Whom do you serve?  Who takes care of you?  Who's chain of command are you in?  Protection draws subjection.  Do you acknowledge that Jesus has been given all authority in heaven and earth?  It is His will that you must obey, and you will be judged on the judgment day according to His will, not man's will.  Masters (Lords) take care of their subordinates.  If God is your Lord, and not the state, then He will provide for you, not the state.  He will, perhaps through his church continuing "the perfect law of liberty," take care of widows and orphans (James 1:25,27 ).  He will take care of the handicapped.  He will (perhaps through the family, 1st Tim 5:8 , or a church) take care of the elderly, not the state god.  His church encourages the unemployed  "to work with your hands ...  so that you will not be dependent on anybody." 1st Thessalonians 4:12 (NIV). He has promised not to forsake you.

Lords grant permission.  Whoever you ask for permission to do something is your lord.  Permission to get married, permission to buy medications, permission to travel, and, of course the very reason you got a number in the first place: permission to sell your labor.  Later on, I will show you that you grant the power of attorney to anyone who you allow to manage your affairs because it can be presumed that you cannot manage yourself.

You have created a host of Lords to regulate your life, be your savior, accept your worship, and lord over you.  Shame.  

Judges 10:14  (KJV):

"Go and cry unto the gods which ye have chosen; let them deliver you in the time of your tribulation."


Another definition that must be understood is the word "name", which means "authority". 

If you were to say the phrase "stop in the name of the law" you are saying: "Stop; by the authority of the law."  If you sign your name, this signature is your authority and has legal consequences.  Agents act in the name (=authority) of their principal.  Examples: "whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved" in Acts 2:21  and Romans 10:13  and also 1 John 5:13 use the Greek onoma G3686 which means authority.  Christ said blessed is he that comes in the name (onoma=authority) of the Lord.  If you were to read: "Mark of the beast, OR the name of the beast, OR the number of his name" in Rev 13:17, then you would be reading three alternatives invoking the authority (Greek onoma) of the beast.  More literally translated: The mark of the beast, or the authority of the beast or the number of its authority.  Again: Name = Authority.  Taking God's name in vain, means taking God's authority in vain.  Vain means devoid of worth.  God’s name (onoma) will be put upon (epi) your forehead.  Revelation 7:3  and 20:4.  As Job said: Blessed be the name of the Lord.  The ten-horned first beast that must be worshiped in order to get the mark has the name (onoma) of blasphemy on its heads. 

Now that you know what “name” means: Is there a chance that you buy and sell with a mark (ID card) of a beast, or the authority of the beast, or the number of (of=created by) its authority? 

Your authority to exist does not come from government.  Not from an identification card, not from a birth certificate.  Why then, do police ask for ID?  Officials of the government, while on duty, get their authority to exist from government.  Police are seeking proof that you are under their authority.  If you have accepted the office of PERSON (see my Appendix D), then you are within their government, subject to their law enforcement officer.  If the law says so, you may even be required to carry government identification.


Both in the Old Testament Hebrew, and the New Testament Greek, the verb Worship refers to the assuming of a body position such as bowing down, crouching or facing.   

The US Supreme Court confirmed, in Board of Education v. Barnette, 319 US 624 , that a salute is the assuming of a physical position.   

A salute, which is a form of worship, is initiated by the inferior toward the superior.  Whom do you worship, the Lord, or the state god?  To whom do you raise your right hand in court?  At the beginning of the worship service, to whom do you worship when the bailiff commands: "All Rise"?  William Tell understood enough to refuse to salute the judge.  Daniel, in chapter 3, understood enough to refuse to worship the civil authority.  Traditionally a judge would carry a Bible into a courtroom, and all would rise in deference to the Bible.  Rising (Standing up) for this religious procession is a form of worship, the assuming of a body position initiated by the inferior.  These Latin speaking black robbed priests no longer carry Bibles when they enter their synagogue.  Who’s authority do you worship now?

How can anyone swear to tell the whole truth, which is impossible?  Christ in Matt 5:37 said that your yes should be yes, and your no, no, and any testimony more than a yes or no answer is evil. 

How can anyone swear to tell nothing but the truth?  We know that every man is a liar, Romans 3:4.


Along the same line as worship, oaths are forbidden by Hebrews 6:16 , Matthew 5:33-34 , and James 5:12 . 

Yet it is now a felony if you refuse to worship a judge with your oath.  Look up your state’s crime of “Obstruction of justice.  A person commits the offense of obstruction of justice if the person intentionally engages in the following conduct: When called as a witness .... shall refuse to testify or be qualified as a witness when duly directed to testify or be qualified as a witness.”

Oaths, being a form of worship, are only offered by the inferior toward the superior, per Hebrews 6:16 .  A salute, such as raising your right hand when being sworn into a public office, is worship and is only offered by the inferior toward the superior.  You won't understand this yet, but your elected servants must take an oath of office to acknowledge their subordinate position.  They are not AUTHORITIES, they are subordinates.  

Although the application for a social security number no longer has a printed perjury oath above the signature, it has the legal presumption, and is equivalent to, an oath because there is a punishment associated with false swearing.  You are presumed to know this law.  See Appendix E.

Now to answer the question as to why God would punish someone for getting a number.  Since you are presumed to have the 10 Commandments in your forehead and on your right hand; Any of these Commandments (laws) would suffice:

Acknowledging the name (authority) of false saviors, worshiping (taking oaths to or saluting) false gods, covetousness, swearing, taking God's authority in vain, serving graven images, or committing the theft of socialism. 

And that’s just from the 10 commandments.  My list didn’t even include falsifying the application form, or firstfruits offering (withholding) to fund abominations, or violating God’s work ethic during retirement, or undermining the family’s responsibility to care for their elderly, or creating a host of bureaucrats (benefactors, Luke 22 :25 ) to rule over you, or creating judges ('elohiym) who demand worship.

Zechariah 5:3   "... every thief will be banished, ... everyone who swears falsely will be banished."

YES, GETTING A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER IS SLAPPING GOD’S FACE.  HOW CAN YOU INSIST THESE SINS WILL GO UNPUNISHED?  (And yes, I confess.  I did slap God’s face.  When I was 16 years old I was told to get an SS Card in order to qualify for employment.  I dutifully bowed down to the mighty god they had created.)

In Revelation 14:9-11 a divine messenger tell us that those who receive the mark are damned.  The very next verse contrasts those who are damned with those who kept the commandments.  Revelation 14:12  (KJV)   "Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus."  Apparently, those who keep the commandments will know enough to avoid deception.

Adam and Eve had a duty to avoid deception.  They and you too, had to suffer the consequences of falling for deception.  Christ told his disciples to “take heed that no man deceive you.”  We too, can avoid deception by obeying the commandments.  If we are deceived then we will learn the hard way that we should have obeyed. 

For alternate explanations go to  or to and to

1st John 3:4 (KJV) ...for sin is the transgression of the law.


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