Perception vs. Reality

There are certain facts that need to be addressed; One is that there is no law in this Democracy, only color of law. You can only have law when we have real people. You have color of law when you have fictions such as persons, individuals, corporations, trusts, partnerships, organizations and Associations and even Agencies. This is what we have in America today. The modern man in America is the Strawman. In the Republic we only have Living breathing souls that live on the land as sons of God.

Your status as a real live being has not changed in reality, but it has changed by presumption and perception in this fiction world we live in. By the use of affidavits you remove the presumption that you are the same as the fiction and when it goes un-rebutted, and the following procedure followed, you win by default.

The full procedure for this is as follows:

1. You need to be charged.
2. Send Affidavit in recordable form (Notarized). That basically states; that you live on the land and you were born at conception not with a birth certificate and demand all of your affirmative defenses without prejudice.
3. When they go into dishonor (argument or silence) Notary sends a notice of dishonor.
4. In 10 days when they go into dishonor to the Notary, then the Notary sends a Notice of Protest and opportunity to cure the dishonor.
5. In 10 days the Notary gives you a signed CERTIFICATE OF DISHONOR.
6. Once you have the Certificate of Dishonor then you send a NOTICE OF ESTOPPEL.

This procedure must be followed all the way to the estoppel stage, every time you send an affidavit.

If for some reason you go into dishonor then that has to be corrected.

To correct the dishonor all you do is "Accept for Value" the document and date it within the 72 hours as given in truth and lending. In other words if someone charged you with an instrument on August 1, 2004 and you went into dishonor and did not refuse for cause timely (72 hrs.) then you are in dishonor with that commercial document. You will then have to write across the charging instrument at a 45 degree angle in large bold red letters ACCEPTED FOR VALUE, SIGN YOUR FULL CHRISTIAN NAME AND DATE IT within the 72 hour window that is allowed and honorable. For example the date would be either August 2nd, 3rd or 4th. This document is called a bill of exchange, they charged you, now you accept the charge and with your signature you have made a fair exchange, because there is no money, only charges and discharges.

Now it is necessary that you send an affidavit with this bill of exchange to tell them your status as a living breathing soul and demand all of your affirmative defenses that are in UCC 1-103 and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 8 (c).

Now they will go into dishonor on the affidavit. Then you follow the same procedure as above, Notice of Dishonor from the Notary, Notice of Protest from the Notary, Certificate of protest from the Notary, then a Notice of Estoppel from you.

This is done every time all the time. Stay on point and stay on the land, because if you don't you will be liquidated in chapter 7 bankruptcy administratively.

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