Pea in a Cup

Written, researched, experienced by one Antonio Vacci ©1999.
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from Vacci Papers

Part I

"THIS CAN'T BE TRUE!", "for crying out loud!?"

Your head pounds in disbelief as you see the truth in the words, "The 'ORS©' or statutory law is private Bar Association law and not the Law of the people". This is evidenced by the copyright in the title page of these now mere corporate By-laws ("as law" not real Law, mere policy/police). This is a serious revelation. But how can that be? How is it possible? WHEN!? If it can be shown that the Bar Association controls the law and its administration then it sits as an occupying force over Our territory. This must be exposed and overthrown or we the people shall surely succumb to the badge of servitude known as human resource or voluntary slavery! This is so under international common law concerning occupations! The question now, if this is true, is it too late?

But before you get on your horse to make your ride, there must be a glimpse of proof of this occupation. Before you declare, "The BRITISH ARE HERE. NO! THE BRITISH HAVE BEEN HERE!", you must have more proof. Is the ship of corporate "state" really in the harbor? Has a foreign occupying force silently and cunningly taken over your 'State' and Land? Surely you are insane to advance such an alarm without proof. If true the alarm must surely sound, but where to find this proof? Go to the "source", you think, the Oregon Revised Statutes© 'ORS©' contain a construction chapter. Maybe you'll find something there.

A Foreign Corporation?

Ah, Yes! Your hunch is correct. At ORS© 174.510 (1) The statute laws set forth after section 8 of enrolled House Bill No. 2 of the Forty-seventh Legislative Assembly were enacted as law of the State of Oregon, effective December 31, 1953." You see here that the statute laws are "as law". Can you say, "tarry-tory occupation"?

You also notice, 174.520 General statutes enacted prior to January 12, 1953, repealed; exceptions. (1) All statute laws of Oregon of a general, public and permanent nature enacted prior to January 12, 1953, were repealed effective December 31, 1953." Not so permanent were they?
Yes, also you see the by-laws are "set forth after" HB 2. But what is HB 2? A computer search suggests only one piece of information. It tells you that HB 2 was called the "Model Business Corporation Act". You find yourself at the state archives building in Salem, Oregon, asking for help on this query.

Nothing turns up concerning the Act under that name so you inquiry of HB 2 and the laws prior. The archivist explains that prior to 1953 the records of Government activity are inconsistent, after 1953 the 'books and records' are complete. The archivist explains how to look for HB 2. He brings you the "Bill File Folder" for the year in question. You find HB 2 as the second Bill in the folder. It is an immense work of legalese measuring about an inch thick! You sit and read this securing in your mind the reason for your research; Proof of a foreign occupation. An invasion!

After hours of reading and your mind numb, it doesn't seem to make sense. What does this Bill have to do with the ORS©? This law was put into the ORS© of 1953, so you go to those volumes and find HB 2 codified at Chapter 57, Foreign Corporation. FOREIGN CORPORATION! What on earth can this have to do with the Law of the people? Curious, you get the current edition of the ORS© "as laws" and look for Chapter 57. You see that in the current by-laws chapter 57 has been renumbered then repealed. Ok, so where did it go?

Substituted Law.

Returning to the construction statutes of the 'ORS©', you find the most compelling proof since finding that the 'ORS©' is the law/by-law/as law/policy of a foreign corporation that has been secreted upon you. This proof is at ORS© 174.550, Statute revision of 1953 substituted for statutes repealed by ORS© 174.520. The provisions of the statute laws described in ORS© "174.510 (1) are considered as substituted in a continuing way for the provisions of the prior statute laws repealed by ORS© 174.520".

SUBSTITUTED LAW!!! And, look closely, it isn't even substituted, it really is "as substituted". (Just like your "money", it is not 'Money' specie. It works merely "as money". It is corporate debt scrip; as money, 'legal' tender.) You can't believe what you are reading, the law of the people 'as substituted' for the policy of a foreign corporation! In this scam, the Bar cleverly moves the substituted pea to yet another cup pouring it out as legitimate drink for consumption by the hand fed people. And as if by magic, the Law of the people, in their consuming stupor, disappears. The Bar Association authorized, the lawfulness of which is held questionable, through prior constitutional amendment, has over-taken the people and their self governing State of the State of Oregon with a mere 'state' called Oregon. {See the definition of "in the state"}(occupied?). This occupying force pursuant to international common laws governing territorial occupation, arguably, took the law as it found them in the occupied territory and using those laws altered the governance of the now occupied people. The servant and subject is YOU! And each of YOU and YOURS!!! And because you threw it off not, the yoke of this Beast is your burden! You cannot claim to be free suffering this adultery to freedom. The Law now requires all your intention to overthrow the oppressor or the last nail penetrates the coffin.

You remember this totalitarian and tyrannical condition being reflected in the Movie "Robo Cop", minus the special effects. Oregon is run by privateering corporate police and can be consider in all respects a police state! This is true for every state in the "union". The corporation called STATE OF OREGON is simply the most blatant and arrogant about this. Officials will tell you that what is written is 'state law', but what the lawyers write is really mere 'policy'. A policy state. This 'policy' contrivance is made more clear for example in "Driver License" requirements. This 'requirement" is just "social policy" and not a requirement under real Law and no requirement can be found. The constitution, a document creating a limited governance, does not give to the state or federal jurisdiction Power to force an association to do what by necessity you already naturally do. In fact, forced associations are prohibited by the Law of the Land if there be a living constitution today. That indicates we exist politically in a policy state. All you must do is change the "y" in 'policy' for an "e" to observe the real state; A police state. Can you see clearly now? Law and freedom dies in an occupation. It becomes just-Us, not you. In this case the lawyers and the judges of the Bar Association runs the show now. As they have said over and over again, it is "their" courtroom. Can you believe it now? You may not believe this is the fact but they aren't kidding. The only question now is do you continue to put up with this arrogance and inequitable inequality. Do you intend to exist in a truly free state? But how did this police state come about? How about the state of confusion?

Pea in a cup

Just like the old shell game where you are to choose which cup holds the pea, the initiators of the foreign corporations law which implement the current ORS© slipped Chapter 57 quietly, and unobtrusively into Chapter 60, Private (domestic) Corporation. They then repealed all that was remaining of Chapter 57. Sounds like a legal sleight of hand deftly manipulating which cup holds the pea. But you are curious now as your minds eye strains to keep track. Who is holding the cup? Whose pea is it? Where is the pea going?

Returning home to your computer search which indicated that HB 2 was a model business corporation act, you read more closely to see who submitted the Act for legislative approval. You finally find the instigator. The purpose of HB 2 did not fill any real need of the people or any one of them, it is the tool of none other than the Bar Association! Then once officially "in the state" the industrious Bar through legislative manipulation slid foreign corporation law under the cover of private (domestic) corporations law. The ORS© is "set forth after" (under the authority) of HB 2 a 'model' act for foreign corporate business whose sole beneficial activity is political takeovers. The only authoring or interested 'entity' behind that Bill, HB 2, was and is the Bar Association. You are astonished?

In researching this further you find out that the pea will be hid in a new cup very shortly. Apparently, the lawyer legislators (Legislative Counsel) feel that the Bar Association is too high profile and the people are slowly ferreting out the facade so the members are conspiring to hide it were nobody will see it. The best place will be right under the nose of the people. It will be assimilated into the supreme court. This way it is out of sight, out of mind and absolutely insulated from direct accountability.

And this is one of the best of their under-handed tricks yet. Lawyers and judges have figured out how they can occupy your life unto its destruction and you cannot hold them accountable! In fact, the racketeers hold is so strong and absolute that one judge will protect another without a flinch of conscience. You have seen this before were the Federal court gives absolute immunity to judges and district attorneys. Remember, members of the Bar pursuant to their oath before admission are not to allow shame to befall the brotherhood, especially the shame connected with their conspiracy, theft, and pirateering. So much for your right of redress of grievance. But then again there are no such rights under a corporate police, just privileges, remember? Now that you can see this, do you wonder how you can let them get away with this?

For now you find compelling, too, the knowledge that the Bar originates in England, a private development corporation there. Is this enough proof though? You figure it won't hurt to check a couple of other things before confirming the pea in a cup.

Part II

Feeling pre-Occupied?

In the last part you journeyed the proof that through sleight of hand Law has been "as substituted" for the private policy of a foreign corporation rendering our existence to that of a police state, an occupied people. This part will explore the ramifications of that fact.

The Newer Deal; Comply or Die.

The "United States" and "Oregon" appear to be a work/penal colony! (See "The New Deal, 1933" and ORS© 285A.171, A benchmark is hereby established, "to yield a high return on human investment, including but not limited to greater worker productivity and future monetary savings.") Isn't that a comforting thought? You are considered a financial beast of burden, that mammal the "human resource" of at least one foreign development corporation whose only colonial purposes, since as far back as 1610 A.D., have been for profit and economic development at the pleasure (letters patent) and insistence of the Crown of England. Don't you feel special?

All this "development" is protected by field officer operatives of the Empire called "members of the bar" holding the feudal rank of Esquire. Remember you read the proof of this imperialist plot near the capitol steps in Salem Oregon, "Westward the star of Empire takes its way". And it seems so. For the most part the Bar Association and its members Esquire instigate, create, make, enforce, and administer or force policy 'as law'. This counterfeit law controls, to an unreasonable degree, through another policy, that of 'compliance through aggressive enforcement', the life of the people. You are struck with the realization that this occupation, though not unknown, is unparalleled in history. A Bar Order opposed to Freedom unless it says so: A police state; a State of Occupation, where, in the Newer Deal any seeking or expecting Freedom are aggressively imposed upon to Comply or Die.

Don't Laugh, it's a bad Yoke.

Indeed there has and can be discovered ample proof of the oppression. The Newer Deal; a life absent abundance producing the highest yield. This condition admits defeat to a worldly bondage under an industrious Crown Development Corporation of Barristers called the International Bar Association. The Crown; taking America by its B.A. Can you say KY 2?

Is that revolting or should you be? It is up to you. Do you choose to live absolutely compliant in one of the United States of Occupation or stand up belligerently as required by Law to cast off this profanity. It is time for spiritual perseverance and an ouster of this enemy of freedom and Light; This bar to Life. Will you now wake from your slumber and Stand, becoming a spiritual warrior after Truth, freedom and a truly American way? Cast off the evil, this defiler of all that is goOd. It isn't funny; it's a bad yoke.

The people suffer exceedingly.

Since the 14th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States had not been ratified by the State of Oregon, the State, you can find no authorization for a legal entity or association not having 'like rights' of the people Power to submit for approval to the Legislative Assembly any thing, ie. HB 2, 1953. A viable potential may be ARTICLE VII (Amended) of the Constitution of the State of Oregon, however, your fact finding indicates that Article is obscured in its own mystery. This mystery interestingly enough ties you back to the problems you find yourself investigating here. The deception by the Bar Association upon the people and of that Article is great.

Among the most notable problems with respect to this Quest for proof of an occupation is that ARTICLE VII (Amended) restricts judgeships to "members of the bar". You note, consequentially, this 'legal fiction' the Bar Association is sole beneficiary of this "will of the people". Sounds like a conflict of interest doesn't it? You cannot find this Bar membership qualification in the original Constitution. Any one before could be a judge. And this purported 'will of the people' is of contention as it cannot be shown without some questionable circumstance that ARTICLE VII (amended) is a lawful amendment duly enacted by the people. But, because the Bar is in control this will never come to issue. Investigating the International Bar Association ( ) explains this most thoroughly through the statement that this association will aggressively protect, pursuant to U.N. protocol and directive, its interest globally! In fact as you read you realize that the International Bar Association and all member BARs are the legal arm of the United Nations! Now how is it the Bar can globally make policy as law if the United States of America was to be the singular Expression and Example of Independence and Freedom? If the Bar can make global policy and foist it upon our people then that policy isn't Law respecting the aspiration contained in the Preamble of this once Independent a preeminent Nation.

Also not found challenged, and because of the prevailing Bar never so, is the rightful authority, even of the people, to create what in effect is an antitrust violation allowing absolute monopoly by a mere "illegal alien" (person not yet recognized in law) of the intimate Departments in the people's own governance to the exclusion of the people themselves. In actuality, like all things that the Bar Association is connected with, ARTICLE VII (Amended) appears to be another occupation foisted upon the people.

Empowering State Bar Association "legalness" HB 2, 1953 as well looks to be a violation of the Constitution of the State of Oregon providing at Article XI Section 2. Formation of corporations. Corporations may be formed under general laws, but shall not be created by the Legislative Assembly by special laws; The Bar Association sponsored HB 2, 1953, appears to be a special law created by the Legislative Assembly dealing in the creation of a single foreign corporation providing the basis for the Bar Association's monopoly of Our lives.

Prior to these amendments, any of the people, in good character and standing could be a Justice. The people before amendment had benefit of a judge chosen from all the numbers of their kind. The people were not forced, as now, to select from a few of an international brotherhood of private membership and private interest with a private social order. You see from this study that the people are currently prohibited from fulfilling this all-important duty of Justice in their own Court. "Justice" is vested in one self-serving associated foreign brotherhood. And you can verify these racketeering profiteers, by the sojourn you make through a private bar court today, seeing the people suffer exceedingly.

Under foreign private law!

You conclude, this suffrage has no remedy despite their promises to do "justice", for what is mere justice without the foundation of Law applied. How can remedy be had with assurance when the people are further subject to the caprice of a legislature under lobby pressures of still other corporations employing more bar members protecting their profiteering? Additionally, where is the security to the people in an oath forbidding shame befalling the Brotherhood, but not the people; For where then is true accountability under a foreign private law?

One more thing you note from your study of this foreign thorn, the amendment to Oregon Constitution Article VII includes the provision that the "legislature" can modify the constitution at its whim. You note, this would be a very powerful, albeit illegal, tool indeed for any occupying foreign force planning to secret themselves upon domestic shores at some future time. And so it appears is the case concerning the Bar Association and its encroachment and consequential effect 'over' the Property of the people. (See the definition of "in the state".) You begin to understand why most undirected mail is sent to "OCCUPANT".

Since the power structuring between the bankers and lawyers provides 'securities' to rape, pillage, plunder and control the people and each of them continually, the occupying pirates take advantage by imposition assuring compliance through aggressive enforcement. In other words, it is the Newer Deal; you will Comply or Die. Now are you feeling pre-Occupied? Or is it time to Stand giving others a Sign informing them, Time is Now and to come away from what occupies them?

Part III

The Next CCC; a Newer Deal for the next millennium

As can be seen from part two of this article living in an occupied state has its consequences, most certainly not truly beneficial. At some time prior the State of the State of Oregon ought to have been, a Union of free people in a whole State and not as a corporation, a free state of whole people joined together sharing welfare. This welfare concept reaches near perfection in the 'New Deal' and the Civilian Conservation Corps, (CCC) of 1935. Every body works! You noticed this subtle collectivist disclosure (free state/ whole people) enscribed upon the marble at the entrance to the capitol building in Salem, Oregon. This enscription in stone intends and rules as a commune guarding the shareholder benefit of welfare. It does not give notice that it serves a free people in a whole state, rather a free state of whole people. Subtle aren't "they"?

The Corporate Collective Consequence.

You read under corporations law that there are shareholders; those that have voting rights and those that don't. Under the corporate by-laws called 'ORS©' every "elector" has a voting privilege as a shareholder if 'it' can qualify. You think, this sounds quite democratic in a social fascist sort of way. What if you can't qualify, do you die? This is certainly 'proof' of the Corporate Collective Consequence (CCC). Also, it is conveniently consistent with socialism from across the Atlantic. What happened to the choice of not voting and acting independently without the 'benefit' of sharing welfare? What happened to free people exercising true independence. As you have seen if it is not already apparent, Freedom is not part of the perfected CCC Newer Deal for the next millennium.

StAtEmEnT oN cAsE.

In any extensive research on corporations you've noticed the peculiar use of capitalization or 'case' in words of legal documents you have read. Does capitalization really matter? What is this significance? A friend of yours knowing of your research and this question approaches you with a letter from the secretary of state's office which in paraphrase says, "The corporations division disregards differences in upper and lowercase. Our files list all legal entities in uppercase, exclusively. This person you have requested information about is not in or records." Another friend shows you a rule of the Oregon Court of Appeals, "Do not capitalize a word unless there is a reason to." and another reference in the Local Bankruptcy Rules LBR 1005-1 Petition Captions which states, in part, "the caption of each petition shall include the debtor's full and correct name in capital letters". So what does all this mean? Apparently, you deduce, this means that the name of an entity, 'legal' in person (created through act of law, not God), is designated by all capital letters and is a 'person' corporate or a mere 'legal entity' and the courts recognize this distinction or purportedly so and certainly in special proceedings. (continuing receivership of the public bankruptcy since 1933). A legal entity exists in fictional places, i.e., 'OR', 'CA', OH, etc., and is designated in improper form. That is why the STATE OF OREGON is spelled funny on the reverse of the Title pages of the voluminous writing called the 'ORS©'.
The STATE OF OREGON is, pursuant to HB 2, 1953, a foreign corporation and by implication of the various by-laws, habit , custom and Styles standards is by another name a foreign holding corporation, also known as (A.K.A.) the Bar Association. A bankrupt corporation doing business as a charitable government in America 'over' the Land and Waters of Oregon territory called the 'State of Oregon', a title! The STATE OF OREGON is not 'entitled' but for the occupation! By the way, where in God's Creation is the state of "OR" ? And are you an act of law or an act of God? How do you spell your name and where do you admit you exist? Who are you and where are you? Can you prove it? Look at your license or other utility bill "in the state". If you can't make the appropriate proof of ID a state of occupation will as part of the Current Corporate Collective Consequence. And what actually does "ID" mean, did Freud call it an alter Ego?

Corporations to keep records and make books.

To your knowledge, you thought, making books was illegal, but you remember something you read in HB 2, 1953, and ORS© Chapter 57, 1953, that requires a corporation to keep records and make books of everything 'it' does. You realize now that corporations or all legal entities are called "person", natural or otherwise, with designation of such class or status through capitalizing of the name. The STATE OF OREGON is a corporation having, like any corporation, peculiar 'legal' requirements upon 'it' which are, incidentally, foreign to red-blooded American people. This foreign state is further confirmed by a friend who tells you that pursuant to federal policy 26 USC 6001 the Secretary of the Treasury shall determine a 'person liable' for tax and order 'it' to keep records and make books of the activity of the 'person' (corporation) for 'income' (return on profit invested) tax purposes.

So why do you keep records and make books? a free people do not have the requirement to keep diligent activity records. A free people have no liability to account, however, subjects are imposed upon sharing of the benefit of welfare enjoying the servitude of taxation and book making. The records kept by the people prior to 1953 were merely of the law in force which complies with common law notice requirements. Hence, you reason why it is that Oregon archives prior to 1953 are inconsistent. There was no corporate character to require the State of the State of Oregon to keep records and make books. The foreign corporation law under foreign occupation statutes were not yet "substituted 'as law' in a continuing way".

Now from Part I it becomes more clear what the archivist at Oregon State Archives was suggesting about records and books being consistent after 1953. After 1953, the STATE OF OREGON, a bankrupt corporation, identified and designated so in the capitalized spelling, was required to keep records and make books of its corporate activities. That the corporation is an international foreign private entity doing "charitable" works and is entitled to exemption or more aptly exclusion is of no matter. It is a creature of the law deriving its existence and substance from the benefit of the Law provided by the people. It would still be required to keep records and make books. Even if masquerading as a government, it would need to account to the master its creator. In this case the Bar Association or more accurately the 'fiscal agent' for the STATE OF OREGON, the CHASE MANHATTAN BANK in the Empire state, STATE OF NEW YORK! Does that surprise you? Remember, "Westward the star of Empire takes its way"

Who do you really work for?

Is all the foregoing 'proof' continued in the first two parts of Pea in a Cup enough? If it is not what would be adequate proof? You have seen in Bar Association courts of the STATE OF OREGON of foreign occupation a criminal justice and upon its altars of sacrifice, a people suffering conviction upon NO facts or ACTUAL evidence. Victims purportedly 'convicted' by the idiota voting shareholder called juror or a tyrannical 'judge'. These courts are a foreign adversarial arena made by the Bar Association brotherhood, and temples of abomination. A cult (occult) brotherhood that in a moments notice, through dutiful agents and officers, binds up then sacrifices the lives, property, and families of those unfortunate unsuspecting victims from the ranks of the people. Ultimately, who will you answer and pay tribute to? Who do you work for? If you are not outraged enough to throw off your oppressor are you ashleep?

The Crown of Thorns.

When you see evidence indicates the real intention behind the three days "War of 1812", where the Crown of England sent troops merely to burn the Library of Congress, was to rid the Crown of the evidence of a law prohibiting all Titles of Nobility and authorizing penalties, you see what enabled the subsequent Bar and Banker invasion of this country after defaults of the prior engagements to the Crown recognized in the Constitution. You have a new understanding of the function of the Title of Nobility, 'Esquire'; a feudal term the rank of which is given to all attorneys in the brotherhood. You notice that the Crown has had a long-time interest in stealthily creating an occupation of America and the people through corporate takeover. Your reading suggests that at that early time debates in Parliament were of how best to conquer the Yanks. The fact then remained, war was costly and protracted; Besides, there was an easier way, economics. The banks would make an accounting of the debt and the lawyers would preserve superiority and control through legal deception, intimidation, and word-smithing and the 'public' (government) education system. To date this crowning plan has been a total corporate raid and complete successful. The Parliament was right, war was protracted and the Yanks could be taken an easier way, economical development.

Bearing the burden and the unpaid debt; the cross to bear.

It appears the United States still owes the unpaid balance of the prior obligations to the Crown of England! The Crown is merely protecting its interest. To bad you think, those contracts weren't for kidneys instead of livre, for we have two kidney and could pay that debt off in no time and still keep going. (Anatomical donation authorization takes on a new interpretation doesn't it?) These debt engagements precipitating obligation upon the United States to the Crown of England were recognized in the Constitution at Article VI, required by the Contract Between the King and the Thirteen United States of North America, signed at Versailles July 16, 1782, and the Contract between the King and the Thirteen United States of North America February 25, 1783. Some would say these "contracts" were called a "Treaty of Peace". If that is the case then by definition, the country accepting such a named treaty is truly under an occupation. And so since it has been, and shortly after Independence we fell bearing until today our cross under the occupation.

Equally bankrupt.

With this it appears the mere "United States" was formed with other than free people, indentured subjects of the Crown under servitude to a creditor because Congress failed to pay the prior debt. You figure that indicates Congress allowed you into voluntary servitude with the ratification of the Constitutional after Convention in 1789? Could the States actually have ratified a constitution with such a condition? Actually, the united States have been since before this a colony under corporate development authorized through Letters Patent issuing of the Crown of England in 1610, hence the colonies! Voluntary servitude is not illegal but that was not within the authority of Congress or the States to accept as either a precondition in the birth of a free nation or its subsequent enslavement. Is that, you wonder, why the states are required to join the "union" on an equal footing? You are sure it is. They and the people they represent must all agree to come in equally bankrupt! They also must give "full faith and credit". They (WE) did this again in the various and continuing provisions of the "New Deal" for 1933 and hereafter! (See: HJR 192) WE agree to share in the benefit of a welfare state. You continue this agreement by not stopping it. Isn't that interesting? Voluntary slavery. Working your life away for all what you do not understand, to line the pockets of the Esquire elite and corporate pirateering government. Apparently, you have been indoctrinated into the Newer Deal for the next millennium, the Corporate Collective Consequence. Congratulations Conscientious Crown Comrade. It's so U.N.-American!

Not fit for human consumption unless you are Ashleep.

Now who is left 'consuming' this illusionary pea in a cup? Legal tender works only because you believe in it. Otherwise it is, by law, worthless "securities" (USC26165g2C). Legal policy or statute works only because you believe it is law. Otherwise it provides worthless security. It's "as money" by "as law". Remember, before you were to choose the pea in which cup, the Confidence Man secreted the pea into his private care. This is the eventuality of your money and therefore your law. It never really existed. You never really possessed them nor could you. Do you still trust and play this con-fidence game? Have you bought into the 'con'? Are you Ashleep®?
Isn't it time to dis-Trust and Stand in your own right? ".... it does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.." --Samuel Adams, {What are you going to do about it? Who ya gonna call? {Try Ghost in your mind Busters (555-DMA-TRIX); "Waking Those Ashleep!®"}--.

Part IV

Part V

Calm before Our Storm


Part IV was the part not written, the part giving time for silent contemplation. The things not said are as important as the things said, if not more so. The silence between the sound. Did you become Ashleep again or rise up tearing through what pre-occupies you? Your answer produces your intention. If you find the answer unsatisfactory repent (rethink) and choose ye THIS day whom you will serve, the Creator or the creature. This Part V is the snooze alarm for those Ashleep or the gate-less path for those early to rise Wayfarers.

The Journey

We have made a research journey in the first three parts of this Article which expose an historically unprecedented occupation of a people causing the greatest debtor Nation of all time, the United States. Are the words "greatest" and "debtor" in the same sentence Oxymoronic? The answer lies in the context, intent, and purpose, such being the subject of our study. In our study also, we have exposed three adulterating elements which yoke the people with countless servitudes of unmentionable abomination. The naturalness of Life, Family and righteous, actually creative, Intentions have been supplanted by the very real prevalent occupational corruptions of fabricated Emergencies, Foreign encroachment, and the erroneously stated "inexcusable" Ignorance. It is time to return to Divinity, Our true Destiny.

Giving Thanks

For those of you who have made it this far in our research journey: I am honoured at your persistence and thank you for your audience. That persistence is extremely valuable if you intend to throw off what occupies you. I have had to compress, in a small space, very much knowledge; attempting a coherent communication. The knowledge and truths you now possess from this series of articles are just the start. As I have explained in the parts prior, if it is the Will of the people, they must overthrow that which occupies them. This is the singular universal Law which matters at this moment in Time, and, for all intents and purposes has always mattered NOW. It is each our choice; to restore Ourselves to eternal truth of Liberty or UN_live bound to the chains of dead corporate entities known as World Government, its agents, officers, and employees? Look into the mirror. Can you see ‘evil' is ‘live' spelled backwards? And so is the global Corporate Collective Consequence, a mirror of reality within which all shall surely exist as UN_live corpus. Despite this virtual reality We are thankful Our only true task is: Choose ye this day, the mire-or of the world or the Light and the Life.

As a result of this article, I have had opportunity to meet with people who have expressed their agreement with the truths herein contained and all have come to the same conclusion: What now?

My answer? Yes, NOW! ; "what" is any thing your Divine Spirit instructs.

It is no-holds-barred when preserving Self. But the scope of this article is too narrow to encompass the potential the people may intend NOW. That being the case, I will offer some suggestions as to where to start the restoration to the Life we thought We were living, now known by us, revealed though the previous parts of this article, an illusion.

BAR None Now

I have suggested that the problems stem from our ignorance. Only the truth makes free is not a new revelation. What might be is that the Bar Associations and the International Bar Association of which it is part are providing the mechanism for the current continuing defilement of an American way of life. This mechanism which provides also for continuing ignorance is of issue, and must certainly be addressed. These parasitic corporate tort feasor "associations" must be sent packing. Putting our head in the sand will not make this beast go away nor will it provide an escape from the fact of our ignorance, which also, will be in the sand, stuck. But those Ashleep dream this to be otherwise. Their nightmare?--That they might wake-up to the truth of their bondage. We must rise up if we are to experience the Liberty intended through Our Divine Spirit. We do not fear that which We do not know--for in what We do not know is Destiny. We know what is best for our Families and ourselves and this must be preserved. We can secure that by standing perfect and upright, abandoning our fallen nature and those presently 'of the world' order. If we do not recognize and repudiate the pernicious BAR none will survive, surely all is lost.

The Social Organizers

The ‘social engineers' know us well: "Capital must protect itself in every way...Debts must be collected and loans and mortgages foreclosed as soon as possible. When through a process of law the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and more easily governed by the strong arm of the law applied by the central power of leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders. This is well known among our principal men now engaged in forming an imperialism of capitalism to govern the world. By dividing the people we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us except as teachers of the common herd." ---- Taken from the Civil Servants' Year Book, "The Organizer" January 1934.

The ‘social engineers' know more about us than this too. It is written, "Westward, the Star of Empire takes its way"; social engineers know the people are stubborn in their arrogance about what it is the people think they know. The engineers of society have all the proof they need of this fact. The fact that a 'social engineer' can exist and flourish in a "free" society admits Freedom's demise. We The People believe the people are in control, but, it is equally apparent that We the People generally intend themselves ignorant and mediocre serfs. This is proved by the prevailing insistence of the people to believe they live in freedom though they are the most imprisoned and taxed people on the planet as has also been planned by the social organizers.

Impotent Constitution

As seen in the preceding three parts of this essay, Freedom or Liberty have never been the Law of the Land. It can be clearly seen, the Constitution isn't worth the parchment it is written on. It is IMPOTENT! Article VI and the ‘Treaty of Peace' of 1782 proves this. The Declaration of Independence is just sugarcoated Feecadoo; the lack of substantive authority or demand within its four corners evidencing this. The ‘New Deal' being imposed upon "our" (what a joke) Nation manifests sufficient proof of these Truths. In actuality, "The Constitution, canceled due to lack of Intere$t.©94 Yet the people stubbornly hold to their beliefs despite the Facts. The people proving continually they rather choose to live an illusion under wager of bondage and the debt of prior obligation.

Worthless Security?

To show the above statement true one only needs to look and see that "money" is defined in law to be ‘worthless security', lack of specie shows the Constitution is worthless. The people commit to use the ‘legal tender' called ‘federal reserve notes', (evidence of debt), believing they ‘pay' as they go. This could not be further from the truth. And under this monetary policy other than law, when the government 'Treasury' buys back bonds, does the treasury use something of substance with which to "pay"? With what SUBSTANCE or Specie does the government buy back its bonds (obligations)?

And what does the ‘Treasury' purport to buy back with mere evidence of debt?--The "bond" or more aptly, the bondage. Because of this condition, prevailing logic holds: If the government used worthless securities "notes" (promises to pay) to ‘pay' the bonds or prior monetary obligation of the people, then the bonds are not "paid" and the people cannot be any less free of their bondage than from before the worthless so-called "payment". The bondage continues without remedy into our future generations; payment in legal tender means more and continuing bondage through obligation. This is the reason why the United States can never "pay" its debt. This will never, in any regard, relieve the continuing Debt of Obligation enumerated in the Constitution admitted upon its ratification.

The ignorant, mediocre, apathetic stubbornness of the people keeps them blind to this truth. Though the people suffer exceedingly, they would rather remain Ashleep. Additionally, if there is nothing but thin air (promise) to "pay" with, what is the ‘Treasury' for? Is it another cup with which to artificially contain the all illusive pea? Do you think the bunco manipulators of this little wager scheme have the beneficiaries/ people (contestant gamblers) fooled? Can you see the answer to this whole illusion is that there really is no pea in a cup? The "cup", merely a prop of the con-artist BAR members and the other elitist social organizers. If you can see any of this, you are no longer Ashleep and Time is Now for the Restoration.

Destruction of the United States?

These indeed are great times. It is quite amazing to witness the destruction of a Nation first hand; unfortunately it is the destruction of the United States of America. We had such potential.

Is it all quite over?

I think not. That I am able to write this multi-part Article and you are yet free to read it brings the opportunity, even at this late date, to bring about the Restoration. But time is growing short. As impossible, imposing, and ominous as the task at hand sounds, the answer is as simple as YOU! The moment You rise up with the intent to restore, the illusion disappears. The Parasitic Entity Enterprise (PEE= BAR Association /attorney, public, legal corporation, monopoly) can no longer fill the cup. Having no further game appeal, you are free to walk away from the corrupt-table, no longer stunned by the spell in its magic cup.

Your intent to Restoration breaks the mirror and the illusion disappears. You are free and See: The mystery of God is finished. When you See you will Know; Being your proper Position. At your perfect Point, the current magnitude of "reality" dissolves before your eyes. All that is left is Truth. The things of the world loose all significance and those which believe themselves ‘Authority' become the illusions they once promoted. You are not further persuaded by their magic, as it is inferior to your own inherent power and Creation. And this is the answer to the question; in creation there is no destruction and the United States of America is indivisibly indestructible if you so will it. But it will take Courage.

Socially organized hysteria

Remember the prior statement taken from the Civil Servants' Year Book, "The Organizer" January 1934. Specifically, "By dividing the people we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us... ." Think now of divisive emotional issues, and for an example this instance of "abortion rights". If people knew Roe v. Wade was a discussion concerning the underwriting liability to the government of the loss of a producing government property, the 'human resource' of the mother, as compared to the loss of a future resource in a government property after "delivery" of a "viable fetus" minus its investment to majority and potential yield, there would be no argument called "abortion rights". People would be repulsed that "their" government considered they and their offspring property or chattel not unlike those slaves prior to the "Civil War". Since people will not educate themselves to the facts, they have missed the events which made them property owned by the government. A property to be worked and managed, a HUMAN RESOURCE! But as long as the people are focused on the fascists' organized hysterical illusion of "abortion rights" and not the investment versus yield resource issue, the social organizers continue an unabated deception and the people continue maintenance of the government futures and income property status, as resource humans, managed for the highest yield, received by some invested yet undisclosed beneficially interested Principle. If you think that statement is far-fetch, then you must be made aware that there exists in the STATE OF OREGON a benchmark priority "to yield a high return on human investment, including but not limited to greater worker productivity and future monetary savings." And, "(2) The Legislative Assembly further finds that: (a) Oregon's human resources constitute a major asset in the state's effort to promote economic expansion." Does that answer any remaining misunderstanding or disbelief about the human resource work camp construct in this free society? Does it answer why prison populations are rising though crime is falling? Does it follow then why it is the term Human Resource is being changed to "human service". If these examples do not point to the actual applications, there needs then to be a check as to whether the one in disbelief, in light of these facts, is in socially organized hysteria. There is no fence straddling on this one folks.

Non-constitutional police state

As has been suggested earlier, Awareness, a relief from the "bliss" of ignorance, is a wonderful place to start. To that end, let us look at a few more things here. I further suggest going back to the first three parts of Pea in a cup, reading them for the multi-layered content and edification. Obtain a good legal dictionary and use it, extensively.

As mentioned previously, it can be clearly shown that we live in a policy/police state and not otherwise. The term "{Policy }, { Polity }.] 1. A judicial and executive system, for the government of a city, town, or district, for the preservation of rights, order, cleanliness, health, etc., and for the enforcement of the laws and prevention of crime. Notice closely the conjunctive term "and", admitting that if you live under "policy" you live under a governance denying the separation of Powers of three Branches of government. Also notice that a "district" is considered the appropriate situs for a "Nonconstitutional" police(y) state. Which judicial district, water district, power district, or voter district do you "reside" your nonconstitutional "situs"? And, what is "prevention of crime"? Is that an objective authority? In further study you will find the answer is no.

[POLICY] 2. That which concerns the order of the community; the internal regulation of a state. Whose "order"?, Which "state"?, Just for "regulation"?, Under whose authority?, Which objective basis? These words, under this definition, are not further defined and should be cause for great concern. Additionally, it can be shown that this word 'policy' is closely tied in force, effect, and definition to the term "confiscation". And is this any surprise?

In 1939, his work, The New World Order, H. G. Wells wrote: "Countless people...will hate the New World Order...and will die protesting against it...we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents..."

Early in the 1970s, Zbigniew Brzezinski, later Jimmy Carter's national security adviser, wrote, "A global consciousness is for the first time beginning to manifest itself...we are witnessing the emergence of transnational elites...composed of international businessmen, scholars, professional men and public officials. The ties of these new elites cut across national boundaries, their perspectives are not confined by national traditions...and their interests are more functional than national." The one force that can derail the rise of this new elite is the "politically activated masses," whose "nativism could work against the cosmopolitan elites." Is ignorance really bliss? Does all this evidence not show that we have been living blissfully and ignorantly in a confiscated NON-constitutional new world police state for a very long time?

Permission to bear arms

Permission through license to carry versus the Right To Bear arms, is this more divisive socially organized hysteria? PERMISSION!!! In opposition to what many are told, you don't need no steenk'n permission, "license", or even constitution to bear "arms". No Law of the Land requires "permission" of any sort to bear arms, just current occupying nonconstitutional policy. So really, what's the debate? We are either an occupied people, free only upon privilege or revocable license with no 'rights' what's-so-ever or we can rely on necessity and objective Law. In other words, what part of ‘shall not be infringed" can be misunderstood? Any protest proposing to question a necessity portends divisive socially organized hysteria and external control.

The Militia is all of the people all of the time, not just a few independent or select groups. Everyone inherits a "Right to Bear arms" antecedent ANY constitution. Unless you are chattel property pursuant to the 14th Amendment, a public employe, or an alien enemy after the "New Deal" of 1933, you have the unalienable right to defense of self, PERIOD! This necessity comes Naturally before government or its institutions.

Contrary to popular belief, you owe no duty to the government. Government owes no duty to you (privately). You are not entitled to require the government to protect you. This does not dispense with the continuing necessity to preserve self/family/country, hence, your unassailable "Right to Bear" arms (especially in a bathing suit). With the facts such as these, if you so choose, how can anyone lawfully question your necessity to bear arms? Only an amoral extremist bent on your future harm would impose such an unlawful burden as permissive privilege to bear arms.

Incidently, our choice of "arms" is not limited to "guns". Would a tank and some rocket launchers do in exercise of your Right? This enumerated necessity speaks to stopping government Tyranny! Let us not now get embarrassed in exercise of this reasonable and prudent necessity. When government becomes unaccountable, as currently is the case, the right of the people to alter or abolish its treasonous corruption, in any manner they see fit can not be conditioned! This internationally recognized inalienable capacity in all people is not in any governmental interest. It is, however, in a government's interest to cause an emotional collective consequence, implementing divisive social hysteria mechanisms inducing in the people confusion, placing them off point, and further Ashleep, and therefore, ineffectual and defenseless.

Locked and Loaded?

Under escalating government provoked "crisis", fostering oppression of our people, there will be an impetus to hasten Revolution instead of Restoration. This lack of patience can be seen in the oft-heard term ‘lock and load'. What part does the attitude of "lock and load" have in all this? If you understand the purpose of the Second Amendment, you know the singular reason for it is to provide Notice to those in government that they can expect the people to alter or abolish their governance as and when they see fit and the use of "arms" is not prohibited when doing so. Notice "arms" is undefined in the famous Charter. But did you know that this right of government abolition is merely a recognition under the Law of Nations? Every people, everywhere, in every time have this antecedent Right! Again, it is called Necessity. This same Necessity deprives ALL law of Authority! Ask the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini about the right of the people to abolish government without a constitutional right. Oh that's right, the people in Italy hung him and his Cabinet. So you can't ask el presidente' "Il Duce", but you get the point here.

The organized elitist, promoting global order, will insist you believe otherwise, to your irreparable harm. This brings us to those who, though they may intend well, are ready to "discharge" their duty under that 2nd Amendment Right. The suspicion is, because of their delay, they are locked and intoxicatingly loaded. After reading all parts of Pea in a cup you will know that you are under a continuing occupation, some of which has been in effect since from before the beginning of the origiNation. Our lands have been invaded by an enemy, that is a fact. The enemy is entrenched parasitically in our lives. It is of concern that those who are ready to exercise "their" Arms and Second Amendment right haven't already done so. What have they been waiting for? Do they know what the first salvo of salvation is? Is Locked and Loaded merely mock inebriated vociferation?

Child; the state's weapon of choice

This is where the government has chosen the "child" as its weapon of choice. In fact, those of the extremist fascist persuasion insist you are incapable of protecting your family without their help. As with the "gun issue" the government shows, over and over, you are a threat to your own family. These government operatives also prove repeatedly that people will not protect their own from government organized intrusion. Because of this, the social engineers through the illusion called "Rights of Child" can use your own offspring against you to gain more control of your family and ultimately your rights. Most will never ask what this "child" really is, instead they will adopt this ward of the state without further question, as their own. This ignorance of the actual character of "child" will be their demise. Additionally, because of ignorance they will not question, but submit to "juvenile" courts of no lawful authority never questioning how it is a natural Son or Daughter magically became "child" or "juvenile" in the state.

Generally, under the onslaught, the people in their hypnotized slumber ask for more ineffective "policies" to "protect" them from themselves in the abandonment of their responsibilities so they may sleep a little longer. To solve this insanity, if your sons and daughters (as opposed to the state's "CHILD") were properly taught, at home, there would be no hysteria, no government intrusion (if you know to say, "go away"), no lawful taxation (bondage) under a socially engineered delusion and no threat through division of your right of country/ family/self/ preservation! This requires, of course, that you Awaken and take private responsibility of that which is yours, instructing yourself as to your prevailing Authority, the judicial corruption, and the lack of any authority in public servants without your consent. But until then, do-gooders will magically appear at the gates bearing gifts and unwary "parents" (do you really know what 'parent' is?) will 'adopt' this Trojan Horse called "Rights of Child" which is the weapon of choice for government-instigated hysteria contrived to separate you from yours with your Son or Daughter the fodder, your Family the fallout.

Enough is Enough

It would seem that taking this enemy out before its invading infestation would have been appropriate. So, why haven't the minutemen executed their Right? Is it being kept for a rainy day? With the people under government terrorist guerilla attack, certainly Waco, Ruby Ridge, Scott, the Bar Association, Family Services, criminal justice, the organized crime of corrupt Government, police abuses, expedited property foreclosures, the national bankruptcy, and unaccountable public servants are rainy days enough to exercise right. If those in lock and load mode have not yet identified the enemy, I am not so sure I want them to discharge Duty now. There is a downpour of tyranny out here and good people have failed to recognize this! If the "locked and loaded" cannot identify that enemy now among us, and having been so, then anyone could be mistaken for the enemy. If you have ever been hunting you know the caution, "even if you know the buck is in the brush, make sure that's what you are shooting." Our problem is, if those who bear locked and loaded arms are Ashleep to the enemy amoung us now, how will they make sure their munition does not miss the mark when they finally decide enough is enough? To shoot in reaction to the influence of the preoccupying illusion is an irreparable mistake. But if not mystified, why the wait? Enough is enough. The question is not when to shoot, but what to shoot. The taunting occupiers leave you to shoot the wrong ammunition at the wrong target. Only the shot of truth heard round the world sets you free. Now! SHOOT OR GET IN THE melting POT! That "great" corporate melting pot of demo-n-cracy.

Alienate ignorance

Is another answer beginning to form? In Brzezinski's remedy, will global consciousness fail if the cosmopolitan elite globulins be vanquished? Will all be forgotten after one rejected generation? I think not and your world will rejoice in their passing. Action must occur now, not for the sake of the "village" and Globularity, but, for Necessity's sake. And isn't it said that you are to be 'in the world' but not 'of the world'? There is no need to be citizens 'of the World' and of corporate governments. We have been granted a higher Honour, that of the creator. But this can only happen if you re-member, ceasing division in yourself with the proper Orientation; alienate ignorance, turn toward the light of the Sun.

Another lesson found in this Article, "Pea in a cup", is reflected in the following quotation, "What society thinks of as reality today is the hypnosis of social conditioning, an induced fiction in which we all are collectively participating. It is the melodrama of a humdrum existence, filled with trite obsessions and trivial pursuits, wherein our only fate is to be born, grow old, and die. If we could realize it, the keys to the miracle of life lie in our own consciousness." --- Dr. Deepak Chopra.--- In the current "reality", there never is Pea in a cup. Cease bunco bedazzlement by the government (public) "servant" (welfare recipient) purporting to give you a "chance" (law) to "win"(protect) the "wager" (You, the government investment and resource property). The "win" is nothing but a bad bet because the "chance" was never met before the "wager", but to bind it.

Your Purpose

In the time between Ashleep and Arisen and thereafter, it is imperative to Express your Knew Sight. We can not let the shadows of this world occupy us any longer. We will make Expression Our works. There are others needing this Example, to shake them from being Ashleep. There is a Remnant after Truth currently charged in this task. In this Truth, You are not alone. Seek them out. There is an expanding wave which radiates and you are a part in your Position.

Your Expression may come in any number of forms. For example, you might feel the need to carry a Signboard publicly, a reciprocatingly enjoyable experience. There is also Television, Radio, Newsletters, and Newspapers, or websites like this one, to express through. Most importantly, there is properly Oriented fellowship with others; Love thy neighbor as thyself. This Love is timeless and not merely the trite 'New Age' conceptualization. Your Action will radiate harmoniously with the Others and does so as long as you are Oriented correctly intending it. Do persist, shining the Light. This will not be something you learn.

It will be at times difficult to maintain the task at hand; most do not want to awaken. There is much resistance to change but, if We The People intend to live in Truth, Life and Liberty change must happen. Almost as if back to the future. When Virtue, Honour, Compassion, and Respect Ruled. This occurs when you are courageous enough to honour creativity and "just do it", stopping the insanity by traveling the unconscious. In other words, in absence "of the world".

Victory; The Restoration

This Part V signals Our Victory under any evil occupation. The restoration to life Everlasting starts when you "wake", celebrating the death of this socially organized hysterical hypnosis. The Restoration happens "in the twinkling of an eye" when you release your unsubstantiated beliefs of the world and its governments and their private laws which at-tempt and occupy you. The current false "reality" dissolves before your eyes. The mystery of God is finished. Do not eat of the fruit and you shall NOT surely die. Come, let us Stand, then, perfect and upright, take the Walk; Expressing, "Now Here I Am". Re-member; Viva La Restauración!

Pea in a Cup

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